Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mood swings

I finally break the "no-fast-food" regime today. I manage to fullfill my promise to keep January off fast food. So bulan dua bulih la makan. Hehe. Maybe I should be a vegetarian during lent this year. Hmmmm. Maybe.

Prosperity burger (beef) tastes way better than the chicken version pula. I never knew. All this while I always opt for chicken. But it seems this year they are having beef only. 

And I am having some emotional swings today. I just don't know why. I feel like crying while watching entertainment news in the midst of chewing my burger. I guess I need a nap. 

I did my medical check up (again), for my studies registration (again). This changing of course for the sake of the scholarship is kinda troublesome. But it's worth it. I need the MONEY to live. Haha

RM300 for the pre-university medical check up. I did this at Kiara Medical Centre in Mont Kiara. Actually i don't know where should I do my medical check up because I did the last one in Sabah. 

Anyway after reading some blogs and research online, I found out PPUM (UM medical centre) don't offer medical check ups. I dread government hospitals medical check up actually. So not really an option there. A lot of nearby clinics offering medical check ups but most don't have X-Rays. So Kiara Medical Centre I went. 

The experience was pleasant. Everything was done quick and smooth. Staff also very helpful. 


Just said...

I on the other hand, never try the chicken prosperity burger. Hahaha..
Klinik X-ray should have medical check up with xray. I guess so la.. Hehehe..

Joan said...

Just... Banyak yang saya call tiada mesin xray durang