Friday, July 27, 2012

Etude Bubble Hair Dye

Mocha Pink ( kunun la )
Before ( the uneven hair color  - the bottom part of the hair was leftover of the Etude Bubble Dye , brown color )

After : Where's the Mocha Pink colour? least the un even hair color isn't that prominent lah.
So, my review on this product :

  • The brown series colours are better. When it says Mocha Pink. Expect a Mocha colour. No pink hue at all. Well, of course I didn't leave the hair dye more than 30 mins ( I have super dry hair ends already due to the previous colouring )
  • I love the conditioner / treatment cream they provide with the hair dye. It made my hair so soft!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I don't trust fitness trainers with perky boobs

You can exercise and be lean, you can get your muscles toned with weight reps, you can have your body fat decrease by a combination of cardio exercises and HIIT.

But you will never have perky boobs that defies gravity even you do workouts. Women with naturally big boobs DO need support. Like a lot of support for the extra weight in front.

With a body like that and those melons being so perky without any support, I am guessing it's fake melons

Don't tell me you can workout without a bra even with those assets.

IMHO, they are banking on sexuality to sell these workouts. Check out the suggestive video names and camera angles being used to document the workout videos.

Macam porn kan.. haha...Lagi-lagi the video no music in the background and all you can hear is her heavy breathing..Kin panas! That's BodyRock workout

I still prefer this Insanity Workout to the BodyRock workout that's being led by a fitness trainer who looks like a porn star.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday

Everyday I go to work at 1230pm and the clock in time is actually 1200pm. Bad employee kan. But since ada principal baru sudah, I think must change lah. Nanti kana marah susah lagi.

So pasal kes lambat-lambat pigi kerja until the last minute baru mau pigi. Then rushing la kalau mau mandi and get ready to school. Kejadiannya hari ini saya terhempas dalam toilet. Facedown. Nasib baik sudah pakai towel. Entah macam mana when I turned back to get something, terus..splat! terhempas di lantai.

Lucky my head tidak kena the toilet bowl, my God! bikin takut oh. Bulih mati punya accident in bathroom.

Now my right arm ada sakit sikit. And hopefully my ribs ok saja ni. Krem kali otot interkosta saya. Cam susah la sikit kunun mo bernapas..ka perasaan saja ni.. huhuhu...

Totally a manic monday. Time management at its worst.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend: Sisterhood and colourful windmill

Ya, kami sot. I don't know why I really love windmills. It gave me the sense of being calm and at ease whenever I look at the rotating colours.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Facebook Videos

How on earth can I share it here?

I just wanna share this video of the girl with sore eyes and she was given 5 days MC by the doctor plus some weird face reaction. like Oh My God!!!!! Why? I am having sore eyes now watching the video.

Here's the link on facebook videos, I just don't know how to embed it here

And another one, this boy trying hard to speak in English to confess his love to his girlfriend while his hands are busy all over her. budak-budak ah. Here it is

This is one of the reasons, why smartphones shouldn't be in the hands of not-so-smart teenagers.

Enough of this nonsense, I had my own share of teenage nonsense at school today when I have to handle a drunk teenage girl. Yes, she was drunk at school and mengamuk lagi sebab the rest of the students ejek dia. So, high with alcohol, berani la dia mau mengamuk sampai cikgu pun dia nda peduli.

Ahhh, bagus lagi tinguk my dog ( Mr. Kapas ) and his own "magnetic" wall.

p.s: after I clicked on like two to three videos at the second link ( scroll to the left and right ), it actually came out from the same person, Nur Feetri nama dia... omaigad!!!! ) - but I gotta applaud her effort to speak in English. Maybe English teachers should encourage vlogs among their students and submit it to their teacher for English oral assessments. ^_^

Her video link down here

Friday, July 20, 2012

The list

Goes on and on and on but the feeling of crossing out the task one by one is definitely liberating!

Btw, how do you like my mint green blog layout? Hehehe.

When the timeline sucks big time

Be it on facebook, twitter or blog list.

Some may say I want "babe" photos not "baby" photos on their Facebook timeline

Some may say I want "party" tweets not "pantry" tweets on their Twitter timeline

Freedom of speech is everyone's but I know my times are changing and am left behind but that doesn't mean I have to catch up right?

Tra la la la..skips to the next page. Enough ranting as for now. Exclude me from everything not common please.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Otak kuning ka saya?

Seriously? Like seriously? Or am I the only who thinks this way?

Like seriously???? Pumping something like that? Hmmmmm...

RWMF 2012

It moved me to blog about this after reading Jasmine's post on the event. Yeah, must edit photos and blog about it while the excitement is still there. Teehee! Too bad tidak terjumpa si Jasmine or Amanda . Met a few of my other friends though. Ter-jumpa.. Siok ni. Unplanned..jalan-jalan terus terjumpa.

Anyway, I traveled with my sisters and cousins. 6 of us actually. Purposely flying in there on Friday itself and plan to go around Kuching city in the evening since my cousins are there for the first time. But then after dinner, we were so full that we don't feel like touring the city. Somehow, this is a must-take-photo-place.

We have no tripod hence the two versions group photo all the time
Went to Sarawak Cultural Village by bus the next day, RM15 per way by bus. The organizers are really making money from this event. The good thing is everything is so organized. Then checked in at One Hotel Santubong which is like 3km from the SVC. We tried walking to the SVC and back after the event; man it was so tiring!!! Should try to stay within SVC next time, just like Jasmine did. Anyway, it was a good experience to stay at One Hotel because almost all the performers are staying there as well. ^_^

We missed the workshops on 14th July though. Too busy being sakai all over, so we totally forgot to check out the workshops. Then at night, was the concert.

I love love love love the Mongolian throat singing. I never knew that if you sing sounding like Ju-On it will be awesome too! Also we danced the night away as if we were in Brazil. Hehehehe.

While we were there we didn't go to the sea to bermandi-manda.. Malas. But we did invade the swimming pool of our hotel. Jumped into the pool and went crazy like little kids. Yeah, the beauty of having a group of people who is sama kepala.

Talking about the hotel, I'd like to share this. Check out this "locking" system of the sliding doors at the hotel. Haha. Ancient but innovative

I love the atmosphere of the whole event! Definitely will be coming back next year. There's a lot of interesting + weird people that you can find.

During the final day concert, there's quite a few couple taking advantage of the green grass and sort of like making out at the concert ground despite the people walking around them. Ngeh!

There's also this uncle who is always with the "CS Party Animal" placard and he is only clad in a sheer scarf with printed skulls on it. Throughout the weekend we thought he has something underneath his scarf, manatau on the final night he was dancing away in front of us and when the stage light shone brightly - terus wayang kulit. My sister was like " Eee...teda seluar pula dia tu...nampak pantat dia. " - Hahahaha. Tapi that uncle memang happening.

All in all it was a happening weekend!

I love the confetti at the end of the show...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not a wordless Wednesday

Current mood: a little anxious.

Yea, I have an interview tomorrow. So, I totally don't know what to expect. One of the things I must get myself prepared is about current issues. Apa la current issues. I rarely read the news now, Facebook and twitter are sort of my "newspapers" these days. Haha. LOL.

Anyway, I had quite a rough day today with so many errands to be done and now I actually need to do some reading but I am just so lazy!

Having to deal with people at the PPD also a major headache. One thing I can't tahan with government office is the staff attitude. Not all lah but there is some. If you are unlucky like me then you will have to deal with them a lot.

So, I need to take my certificate from this lady because I missed the cert giving ceremony the other day. This morning, I went to the office she was not in. Then I come back in the afternoon after setting an appointment time.

Came on time and she was actually talking to another client. So tunggu lah. She saw me but tidak say anything. Pretend I am invisible ada lah. Saya berdiri there next to her table like tiang for 15mins and they kept on talking saja. Jadi, I gathered all my courage to potong the conversation and said "excuse me Puan, saya datang mau ambil sijil saya saja ". Then she gave me the talk to the hand face and kasitau saya to wait lagi because she havent finished talking yet. Maka, itu cerita dorang ni macam more to gossiping saja ni. Apa pula urusan rasmi begitu.

After waiting for 20mins from the moment I sampai the office then she went to take the sijil and give to me..

The whole urusan to take the sijil and give to me is just around 30seconds and after that I can go already. But she chose to do it in 20mins and made me suffer. Silaka la ba betul.

I don't know how my expression was like when I have I wait that long and I am not sure whether I did thank her or not. I guess I may look very rude to her already. Jadi biarlah, she can't be the only one who can be a diva right?

That's why I hate having urusan with the PPD office. Very mafan!!

So this is the cert that I susah payah mau ambil.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inspire Me

1Murid 1Sukan..

Sukan untuk kecemerlangan..yada yada yada...
1Murid 1Sukan, badan sihat otak cerdas..yada yada yada
Majulah Sukan untuk negara

This was in the morning. Before the arrival of the PPD to the school. Getting the students ready is like asking a  herd of goats to move about in a large field

Teachers gone wild! When everything ended, the Tanak Kampung karaoke was on and these colleagues of mine partayyyyy!!! Haha
It was a good workout in the morning and as I have to be the "instructor" konon. I got the steps simplified and just don't care about the guideline moves that were given by the Ministry. Biarlah, yang penting gembira kan.

It's just that I hate the 1Murid 1Sukan keep playing in my head in loops ni. Harap nda masuk dalam mimpi.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run

Snip ..snip..snip..XXL tu..

The rain can't stop us. Haha

Still early, so duduk2 dulu la


Zumba as warm up but the people are like sardines so no place to move around. So we watch only la. Hehe

me and my oily face. The first 1.5km I walk only

Si Didi yang risau dia nda bulih habis tu 7K

Enjoying the sunset sambil jalan-jalan

Dua perempuan gumuk..

Let's run to the horizon, run to the setting sun. Am totally loving the sun rays during this time of the run.

On the way to the finishing line.

First attempt to take photo. Fail

Argh! Macam apa saja.

Ah..a decent one. Vanity attack..hehe. I finished the run around 1 hour.  It has been 3 months since I last ran, so imagine the kaki sakit after that. Huhuhu!

My tagap sisters!!

We did it!! It was a fun run..Should do this more often.

Friday, July 06, 2012

My School Rocks 2012 !

It has been almost a week since the competition had passed only I have the time to do the post on this. Also, at the same time I got an invite from Mr Dinoza about being one of the blogger to cover the event. Well, hey, since I am gonna be there to accompany my students, why not right? It's killing two birds with one stone. So, here's my take on the whole experience during the competition.

This was what in the bloggers goodie bag. Awesome stuff. I love notebooks for doodlings!

1st July ( Competition Day )

Woke up bright and early and went to school before 7am. The students and Dazeree were already at the school. Talk about dedication. Getting ready was chaotic and we left the school around 8am and arrived at venue an hour later when the getting ready session resumes there until the registration time comes for the students.

Getting ready! Nasib baik ada cigu Des yang sampin make up. Sa tulung siring2 saja
My school sent two teams. Team A ( the seniors ) and Team B ( the juniors )

Team A .. some of them have had the experience of My School Rocks back in 2010

Team B.. the cacing kerawit gang sebab semua ramping and very fidgety. Baju dari bundle, leggings from a sale and the hair accessories are hand sewn by yours truly.
Check out the crowd!!

Meriah kan. The idea of having the Sekolah Paling Bersemangat and Best Cheerleading Team competition also made the hall very very very meriah!

The whole day was divided into two. Morning is for primary school category and the afternoon is for secondary school.

Some random photos taken during the competition.

In the afternoon, they have like 28 teams from various schools, so I was almost in a brain coma due to the various dances I saw on the stage. But some are VERY good you know! Dance moves were sharp, choreography was so exciting and creative.

I got so excited for the Team A performance that I forgot to take photos. Video ada but very far and the quality so bida. Lucky my sisters came and I handed them the camera and these are the photos of the Team B performance.

As expected, the winning team for the Secondary Category is SM La Salle and the primary is SRJK St James, Likas. We must work harder for the next edition of My School Rocks.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Make Sabah proud !!!

So, what we did to console the broken hearts? .. photo sessions lah

My fave shot of the day!!