Monday, August 29, 2011

Holiday mode on!

Siem Reap Airport Flight awal pagi masih mamai2 lagi terus pigi berjalan. Sakit kaki sudah ni. Kepala pun pening sudah. Siem Reap, banyak motor, banyak manusia ganjil. Almost everywhere semua menjual sambil berteriak "one dollar, one dollar" Budak2 lari teda selipar. Fish spa dia punya signage cakap no piranha. Atukoi! Haha Bah, everyone have a great hols ahead! Peace!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hectic Final Week of Work

The final week before the Raya Merdeka Hols. I just can't understand why my school hasn't provide us with the password to log in for the SAPS. And the extended deadline I heard is gonna be on the 2nd Sept. God, please save me.

A lot of paperwork need to be done during these several days ahead - and also a  whirlwind of various emotions. Work. Personal. Music. Career.

Damn, the dream-catcher wind chime is moving eerily and producing such a scary haunting sound. "ting..ting.." - and now it stopped pula. Ah, better go to sleep, I am scared!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Online World Blunders

I chat with a friend recently, a friend from college. Just some random stories lah, then she said that she heard my boyfriend is coming to KK to see me. And said yeah, he is. "On and off, pula kamurang oh kan." she said.

Hmmm. What did she meant tu? The relationship la mungkin tu. I just replied with a " Hehehehe "

Then she continued on saying that she and another bestie of mine said they all are quite puzzled over my relationship status on Facebook. Yeah, I am separated. Separated by the sea. Hehe. Those who are friend with me on Facebook can see that.

Quite a number of people are like "si Joan masih lagi ka sama boifren dia tu?" or "si Joan sudah break ka?"

Facebook should have this new status option - pic source

All I can say, on Facebook, I can be single yesterday, separated today, divorced tomorrow and married the day after that. These days there are no things that you can take word for word especially in the online world. For example, on twitter, some may appear to be very talkative via his/her tweets. But in the real world, if you were to meet that person, he/she maybe otherwise.

Seriously, not all the things that you see online is true. Some I think may have dual personality. One is the cyber persona and the other reality persona.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Musical Monday : Jonathan Tse

Here's one very talented lad who hails from Labuan. A good friend of mine as well. Haven't seen him for quite some time though. He is as busy as the bee. Here and there.

I'd like to share with everyone his latest official MV of his two songs from his recent album. La La Love is a song with infectious beat ( almost like sumazau, but its not ), sung as a duet with a major local powerhouse talent; Mia Palencia.

I personally love the whole story line of this MV " I have decided ". Really touched me. Am loving the first scene where the buildings' outline draw out a giant cross over the sky.

Both these MV are produced locally as well. Sabah is indeed a melting pot of various talent in so many ways. You agree?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Interesting? Not...

Recently, I found that blogging seems to be no fun anymore. Reason is I don't really have to blog about.

It just hit me, one question. Why do you blog? 

a) is it because you want to share your stories with people, regardless it is will spark interest or not
b) attention seeking blog posts then of course will lead more traffic to your blog
c) or your blog is practically an online diary to document almost everything in your life

I can't answer this. Seriously. When I started blogging, ideas and topics will surely pop to my head and blogging is such a breeze.

Now, most of the time, it's writer's block.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm a mess inside

I ran amok inside 3 classes this week. Hell yeah! No joke. This is like the worst week of my teaching career ever.

One homework. One question. Duration spanning from two days to over the weekend homework. Yet, they can't finish it?

How could you not blow up like a volcano upon seeing this kind of attitude?

This is not merely shouting and yelling at the kids but also includes sending rulers, books and marker pens flying in the air.

YES. I AM THAT MAD. I am MAD MAD. ( and indeed I have turned to a mad woman )

All because, in this 3 classes, they didn't do the homework that I gave to them. They didn't even try and worst of all some said they that they lost their exercise book. Owh, come on! The reason of my dog ate my homework or whatever nonsense is not acceptable.

Some merely said I do not know how to do. Yeah, but you could at least try. There's no such thing as copying questions only. Or worst some didn't even finish copying the questions to their exercise books.

When I came back home, I regretted my action for losing my temper till to that extent. But, God help me; you just imagine if you have given everything to teach them and  the simplest thing that they can do is just to finish the work given ( regardless that they get it right or not ). But the students are too arrogant to finish it.

What can I do? T_T

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ( Ideal Weight )

Kalau sa berabis diet sampai kering pun nda akan sampai 50kg balik ni. :((

Monday, August 08, 2011

Musical Monday: Aishiteru vs Soba Ni Iru Ne


Punya men bida mo tiru lagu urang kan? Lepas tu jadi kegilaan lagi sini tu. First time saya dengar tu Aishiteru heran juga sa napa tu hook dia sama macam tu lagu Aoyama Thelma.

Kalau mo tiru pun jangan la bah berabis kasi sama kan. Bida setengah mati. Hahaha. Don't bullshit me with coincidence. Soba Ni Iru Ne lama sudah famous tu; like 5 years before the Aishiteru came out lagi. Pui pui pui pui! Plagiarism..

Anyway, this may not attract your attention much I guess, there's another news thats hot trending the facebook and twitter timeline. Those yang makan gaji are all rejoicing for the 'gift' news by the government kan. Syukur lah... But I sense the PRU13 is definitely around the corner.

Friday, August 05, 2011

8TV Ramadhan Advertisement

8TV Ramadhan advertisement, I posted that on my blog a few days ago. I received quite a mixture of comments and remarks from it.

Frankly, when I saw the title of the link shared on one of my friend's wall. It already appear quite insulting. Bah, sudah dia punya title is 8TV ad insulting chinese or something like that. So, I watched the video with a perception that it is already insulting. 

And yeah, when I finished watching. It really confirm the pre-conceived idea I had in mind. That it is insulting indeed! When I read some report about the boss of 8TV said to Malaysians "to chill" about the whole idea and not to over analyze everything - I  became more insulted.

But hey, come to think of it. Yes, I did over analyze everything and hell yes, I need to chill about the whole thing. And it slaps me right on my face that we are indeed racist after all. 

If you showed the ad to an innocent young kid whom parents won't tell them that a certain race may behave like such and such, I guess the race issue will never be an issue. It's just that the programmed thoughts 
( thanks to our surroundings and upbringing ) of a typical Malaysian will make us to react in a negative way.

No one should be blamed on why we can have that negative thoughts or insulted feelings, just face the fact that almost every Malaysians are actually racist. Though a lot of people may deny it, but its actually the truth. If only we are color blind, the 8TV Ramadhan ad is not an issue at all. Well, just my two cents here, don't start sending me hate mail now.

But, hey since the racist  public are outraged about this, a public apology by 8TV is somehow the most appropriate thing to do. Well, urm, since business needs to run smoothly as well kan. 

Saw this parody for the 8TV ad. Funny!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What's your take on this?

Do you think this is insulting? YES / NO?

Comments please...