Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Platonic Tectonic Shit

There are some things that really irks me a lot. As much as I like to believe that platonic relationship really does exist. It always send the same shiver to my spine and at the end of the day it's the heart that do the talking and not the head.

Girls out there, how do you like your man/partner/spouse to be close to another female creature that is not his sister, mother or grandmother? And if you are not in the loop of the conversation and its a private thing between them. How can you not be a green eyed monster.

It made me feel like a queen sometimes to be all diva about this but I have rivalries with the concubines. Hmpph!

Kill 'em all stupid bitches. Concubines shouldn't exist at all.

Happy Tuesday you all. I am just having a  bad day that's all. Thank you very much. K bai!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh my kapas!

My dog, si kapas. He is always prone to sickness. After the bouts of vet visits when he was a few months old, he recovered well and he has grown to a healthy naughty dog. This photo was taken months ago.
But recently, he lost so much weight because he lose his appetite. We went to see the vet and had his blood drawn for blood test and his blood is like so thin and little that the vet had a hard time to take his blood.

The result of the blood test turned out that he is having a condition similar to leukemia. Huhu. He has been given several meds and seem to be responding well to it and we can see him running around already. Playing with the other dogs as well. 

But today, we realized that he can't open his eyes. His right eye especially. We are just not sure whether the eyes area turned swollen and puffy or he had conjunctivitis. No red eyes seen, it's just the white "selaput" around his eyes become more prominent. At one glance,it seem as though he is going blind.

We know that he can't really see now because he sort of just langgar my sister tadi when my sister was calling him. I also saw him terlanggar the kaki of the table outside my house. And he seems so worried if he can't feel the presence of people around.

Huhu. Oh my kapas. Get well soon

Sunday, August 18, 2013


My heart tend to beat faster than it should whenever my thoughts hover about the wedding preparation. The stress is higher now. My room is messier now and my skin are all prone to breakouts.

Anyhow, I am numb about thinking to go to work tomorrow. It just felt like there's so many things to do. PBS? Say what???? Hahahahaha.

Attitude is the word. I need to tell myself to keep a positive attitude towards all these challenges.

Easier said than done though. But I will try.

Almost school again

It's gonna be back to normal school days  in a couple of days. I am actually quite beaten after coming back from Penang. There wasn't actually a time that I get a proper rest during this 2 weeks holiday. Anyway, that is a good sign that I am actually being productive. Hehe

The mister is still in Penang and out having his bachelor party. Lucky he doesn't have his passport with him if not he might be somewhere in Phuket maybe. Nasib baik la. Haha.

Today the traffic in the city was more congested than usual. The back to the city rush I guess. Hmmm. I was so sleepy when I was trapped in the jam this afternoon. The headache still lingers till now. So I better get a proper shut eye now.

Good night. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

W - W is for Wednesdays (ROM)

Registration of marriage. Legal stuff and for me it is just a formality. Although technically am actually married now but I just don't feel that it is "official" until everything is solemnized at church.

And the experience prior to the registration... Ok. Let me sum this up.

I arrived in Penang yesterday and as a preparation to the event today, I slept early. But around 1.30am, my dad woke me and my mom because he has discomfort and numbness over his right side of body especially the arm and the pain at the back of his neck. We were worried sick.

Thinking of the place to seek help at that odd hours I called the hotel reception for help but all I got from them is "Pegi Klinik Tajudin, just go straight straight only" - punya la tu jawapan minta ampas! Sial butul. Lucky the mister ada kasi pinjam kereta to us. So I drove to the hospital (just relying on my memory of the roads a couple of years ago)

And you know the drill with government hospital. Queuing and what nots. 

Basically, my dad had ECG, CT scan and blood test done on him and all this in one night. It is kinda certain that my parents can't make it to my ROM because he has to be warded for the night and need to be diagnosed by the specialist early in the morning. Sleepless night. I left my parents at the hospital and got back to the hotel to catch an hour sleep then get ready.

So it was a lonely feat to be at the ROM. I just have to smile through the storm.

The mister and his parents and his aunty. That's all. I went through the whole thing like a dream. Still pretty much dazed and lack of sleep.

Just looking forward for 14th of Sept now 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meteor Rain

Nah. I didn't even waste my time to look up the night sky last night. Sleep is more precious. Haha. 

Bagus lagi buat light painting photography begini. Ada hasil lagi. Still it's pretty lights.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

W - is for Wednesdays ( First Dance )

Some couple take dance classes for their first dance. Some just "goyang-goyang" saja.

Some love to have it more fun and lively like Cha-Cha or Jive

Some love to have it more romantic like Waltz or Rhumba

But I guess whether it is impromptu or not, it is supposed to be shared as a memorable and fun moment for the couple.

As for my first dance, me and the mister gotta practice. Hahaha. Ada la tu urang sort of having two left feet sometimes but I love him for that. Haha. Never fail to make me smile.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

PMS Alert

It's the shit you say to people when you get crossed over petty things

Things you might break when it doesn't work the things it normally does

The view that can be suffocating even when it's a normal sight when the hormones don't push you to the edge

I have PMS ! So, me and everyone around me have to deal with it. Or rather I will have to stay away from everyone for this couple of days. The mood is so volatile. I can be very hostile

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Holidays are back

Okay time to switch to holiday mode and perhaps focus more on wedding stuff. I had headache yesterday due to a few stuff concerning work and also the news reading practice.

This Saturday and Sunday am actually refraining from the Big Three of my social media distraction. Facebook + Twitter + Instagram. Puasa dulu la this weekend. Let's see how productive I can be if I am not that distracted.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend peeps!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thursday - Things I like #5

I like getting parcels! Especially the ones that I have been waiting for it for so long. Yes, online shopping and it's thrill. The excitement. Hehe.

Today, I received this parcel from US. A purchase I made through etsy.com

Heartstrings. Wedding ring holder that can be reused as a Christmas ornament. So practical. Me likey!