Wednesday, July 15, 2015


This is one seriously super delayed post. This took place like in May but I never have some time to sit down and write about it.

So, for the event Bailar Contigo , the organizer managed to get Reebok to sponsor us (the instructors involved). Top, bottom, socks and footwear. I was SO elated of course!!!! Felt like a celebrity. This is much better than cash money because the top to bottom attire by Reebok would easily cost RM500-800. 

I was the first one in the list to actually arrive at the designated shop. Hahaha. Talk about excitement! Also I get to play as the personal shopper for my instructor friend, ZIN Chacha Garza as she will only be flying in on the day of the event. A happy shopping experience for me!!! YEAY, double excitement!!

This what I chose for Chacha! Hey, I think I can work as a personal shopper too. It is really fun!

And this is for me. Well, the pink shoes is something that I bought for myself and I could not resist the green one too (plus that shoes cost a bomb like RM350++). All in my head was like... need to be kiasu, need to be kiasu. Grab the expensive ones!!! LOL

And this is me with the stars of the Zumba Party. It is NEVENA and GORAN flown all the way from Serbia. Woohoo! Youtube Dance Fitness Sensation!!!!

ZIN Clarvie and ZIN Flora (my two besties) in black meanwhile my sisters Didi and ZIN Amy in neon yellow

Me and ZIN Chacha!