Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekends of Weddings

Sang at a wedding service ( Dr. Judy's wedding ) with my sister + cousin and straight after that attended my bestfriend, Trinna, wedding mass.
Weddings are always beautiful and always there's the teary moments. Worse if you are singing that time, and emotions started to get in the way, its quite hard to focus on the vocals. I had the moments today. ( again like usual - am easily overwhelmed. heh )
Btw, check out Trinna's ride to the church. Cool oh!

More wedding receptions coming up for the coming weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Everyday got reception and all at the same place. Hoho.

Macam tidak la dapat pigi semua ni tapi ada la urang mengaus nanti ni. Huhu.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses

Flowers are nice if they are around. It calms my senses.

Therefore I have one on my work station at school.

It's just me and my smiley flower ( also smelly juga la ) --> collects dusts a lot too.

I was so busy today. It was supposed to be relax and chill day because my timetable is the best on Tuesday.

But because I am totally behind schedule to finish my syllabus, I only have the first two periods free.

The rest were just teach teach teach!

Looking forward for tomorrow for the same shit. La La La!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vain Tuesday

Just want to show off..

Haha, God makes no mistakes when He made me.

But still I need to depend on hair extensions, nail extensions, hair products and make up.

Well, thats what humans.. (eh, girls ).. do

p.s: Yes thats the pink Sony Bloggie with me. Pics not so great la but the videos are good. Its very compact; I bring it wherever I go now.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Songs of camaraderie

Syawal is one month all right, and last Friday I went to my aunt's place to celebrate. I was so surprised to see my 12 year old cousin so grown up!

She look like she is 14 years old already and I was thinking.. " Whoa! where was I for the past few years? "

And all this while I thought she is only 10 years old.

Hah! That was 2 years ago bah. Memory lapse. Signs of getting old.

No.. ( saying it with denial ) - I think it's just that there are too many memories to be stored over the past few years. Hehe

Anyway, this weekend I can't help not to reminisce about the past years. My sisters also joined suit by talking about our childhood memories.

Damn, I seriously feel old.

Those children in diapers are already dating and having girl/boyfriends now. I can't imagine the feelings of my parents or my grandparents.

Damn, they are OLD. haha.

To add salt to the wound, my bestie, Cath, reminded me again about the moment when we did our senior performance during our final year. Lady in black dress is Cath. She is always the crazy one. Hehe. Pics courtesy of Yen.

And it feels like its light years ago. ( padahal baru 3 years ago pun )

OMG! * Yeah, you can yell out another OMG because I was "lighter" then. Ooh here's the video of the performance. Shitty audio though. What to do, technology back then was so different compared to now.

2003- 2007 was for singing at annual dinners for certain clubs/societies in Uni.

2010 onwards will be the years of singing at friends' wedding.

ARGH! I don't wanna grow old!

Anyway, here's a performance of me and Sheila at a recent wedding. Hehe. Funny!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Things that can make...

me go awwwwwwwwww....

1) Pretty Lights!
The northern lights ; Aurora Borealis
Chasing lights..
Just pretty-pretty lights...
Candles..Tea lights.. Chandeliers..anything you name it

2) Cupcakes

Pink ones will be the bomb of course! hehehe.. Hearts..

3) Cherry Blossoms

Apparently these pink blooms have won the number one spot in my heart these days.
Number two is shared by Roses and Gerberas..

Number three is Bunga la..just kidding. No number 3 spot. Just Number One and Two saja..

You throw in any one of this 3 things to me. I am very sure I can be very nice to you. *smiles and bat eyelashes*

You combine these 3 altogether...awwww, I might say YES to everything that you ask me to do.


p/s: I just spammed my tumblr blog with too many Cherry Blossoms pictures just now. Friday is my Cherry Blossoms Day. Have a great weekend people!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So the Joan is back

I am back people. So what has been happening lately? A lot. A lot...

*my pink collection stuff has increased. A pink Sony Bloggie is in the list already. *big grin* -mau gambar? sabar ah...

*and so its even harder to find any misplaced things inside my room because
almost everything is in pink. Love the color. So, don't whine while reading this.

Anyway, a very slow post about the mini-all-girls-bloggers-gathering the other day.

it was at Sailors Cafe.
I was so lost with the location of this place but thanks to world wide web, everything is accessible right at your fingertips. yatta!!

Love this place, glad that the girls chose this place. Check out some of the deco on the wall. There are lots more actually but I am too lazy to go around and take pictures. This particular one really caught my attention..hehe

Good food, great company.
It was a great night. Nice to meet you girl-bloggers in person. Things are quite different when you socialize in real world as compared to the virtual world eh? This is the start of a great friendship found online perhaps..yes yes yes.
Keep in touch girls!

I was there with my sister, Amy, she only knows to eat and eat only. Talk less and eat more.

And also with this bride-to-be, bestie. Si lalat putih with her tagline after each photo taken.. " Cantik ka? " .. hehe
Until next post..take care everyone!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

blog hiatus ~ Laziness

One word - LAZY!

hehe.. will be back when am not lazy..

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I already knew that Thai massage is quite unique due to its nature that the masseuse will pull-pull or fold-fold your limbs.

And the fact that I am going to try one, was a scary feeling.

So, being very paranoid about my limbs being folded and what not. The tukang urut also only ask " Oil" or " Thai ". Oil - aromatherapy massage and Thai - usual Thai massage.

I quickly said "oil!"

Initially the massage was great. Then towards the end, they started folding and what not. Tension creeping up to my head.

I can only remember the thought that I thought I almost die when the tukang urut hold my head and don't know my neck went prak-prak. My spine went prak-prak. My ankles went prak-prak.

Oooh, I hate the sickening popping sound. It felt good after that though.

This is my first and I guess I wouldn't want a second one. I am truly traumatized.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Happy Merdeka Month

Us being patriotic and silly as well. Haha. Check out the ending.

Anyway, let us not argue about the 31st Aug or 16 Sept being more significant.

The independence of our minds are more important these days.