Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween y' all!


Yay! Been anticipating for this weekend since like ages. Haha, well not that long la. It's SBG tonight. 2nd time going. Hopefully I wont be so shy like I did on my first time going.

Looking forward to meet everyone. Still not telling am dressing up as what, because I scared the character tidak jadi when I dress up later and I end up being another character. I don't wanna people go like ~ Urm, I thought you supposed to be "...." but you looked more like "....". Hahaha. So, just see lah. ^_^

For those who haven't thought of anything yet, just come with a mask pun okay sudah bah. Oh! here's a helpful site. Top 50 worst Halloween costume of all time. Haha, just don't dress up as any of those in the list.

Here's a few example:
talk about being thrifty, use cutleries from home.
Wolverine miskin. kekekeke

this squirrel is definitely not cute. Plainly strange. That "thing" down there is disturbing.

what the? FACEBOOK??


Friday, October 30, 2009


what is bertapa in English? * yea, my England sucks *.

Spent my morning and afternoon until the sun really set~ back to back doing things that I have to do in order to clear my mind before I go crazy.
Managed to finish up 2 classes. 3 more to go. ~ Sigh. Fyi, 5 classes with 40 over students each class. Felt like puking. Overdose marking papers.

Looking for relief..went for this event in Damai organized by Page One. * I have a very vague idea of what/who/why and the because ...haha*

Enjoyed the night but I didn't expect to have much Rock stuff going on until I came back home with a massive headache. Haha. Anyway, brown sugar caught my attention.

Btw, these people played a more easy listening music. and that heals the soul a bit *yea, plus the headache too*

Thursday, October 29, 2009

manja manja

tiba-tiba bah ni kucing pigi minta kasian sini sebelah saya time saya online...kesejukan mangkali..

piku yang manja kenen..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hari Selasa

and I thought today is already Wednesday. Trying my best to fast forward the time to this weekend. Hell yeah! it's SBG this Saturday.

Ready with your costumes already. Mine? Hmmmmm. Maybe this?


In the mean time, I still have the real things that I have to take care of within this few days that is marking exam papers.

Just started on marking Maths ( Paper 2) . One word for this : effing-ly agonizing! *oops wait.thats already two..haha, if only you consider the first one to exist*

Hopefully can finish it before Friday, I doubt it anyway because ..because..because.. *ah, excuses again!*

Oh btw, this morning..the one question that annoyed me the most is "Ko di sekolah ka, mengajar ka now? "

Be it via fbchat, ym chat, or even sms.



~bikin panas.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


For an upcoming project @ Papier Mache's Music House. Funny but it was quite an experience. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, I present you...

~yeah, underqualified kan kami..haha

Saturday Night Peeps!

Did anyone of you went out to have some fun? yeah, I did.
*we* actually. My cousin + me + colleagues

Halo Cafe was the destination.
Btw, City Mall on a Sat night = jam! Why you all wanna go there don't car pool one? aiya..

Anyway, it was My Story #3 night there. I missed the #2 edition because I was away. Rugi oh, then it's sort of a payback time this time around. ^_^

4 acts for tonight

1) Kevin Tan
He is the guy with flute. I never know that chinese flute can sound so nice like that. hehe. He, playing the instrument pretty much reminded me of the flute played in the bamboo orchestra. Oh ya, love the fusion of the chinese flute and modern music for the opening number. "I'm yours"- Cool!

2) Cherry L
At first when I saw her, I thought she is one of the waitress at the cafe. Jalan sana sini saja. Then I get to know that she is a part time singer at the cafe as well. No wonder la so biasa with the place. Hehe.
Anyway, love her sound. Sentimental and very straight to the heart kinda music. Just don't know how to describe that. Just that her Malay diction for the malay number is kinda disturbing. Haha..adui, jahat oh saya.

3) W.O.R.M
Such a catchy name, not to mention the band members appearance. Black eyeliners. The masked guy looking like a bandit. The hairstyle. Cool! I wonder who style them..
But, as "ganas" as they appear. They sound not very ganas also.( the act accompanying Joanna funk sounded more ganas than them. hehe) They are launching their first album soon. I guess their first number that they sang can sell la. Pardon me for not remembering the song title.
And the vocalist, he is g.o.o.d! hehe

4) Joanna Funk & Friends
I have been longing and so curious to see how the melodica is being used as a major instrument in a performance. Well, I saw one tonight. Her first performance with the 4AG band was awesome! That vocalist for the group is crazy!
He can be the guy and the girl in the song. Don't believe me? Click the video !
The Sayang Kinabalu song performed after that was a bit not up to my liking though. Don't know why.

It was a fun night, glad I went to this one.

Totally missing out the fun on #2. Huhu. Anyway, I am so looking forward for the christmas edition of My Story on December. Jonathan Tse had done a good job on organizing this. Btw, my friend, Suzi, wants your phone number..haha (as if he gonna read this...LOL!)

Just one thing that spoiled a bit of the fun, the cafe just don't have enough food la. Now my perut masuk angin because didn't get to eat properly. I had to order snacks only. The big and colourful menu that the cafe have, don't really serve any function because they don't have almost all of the things on the menu.


I ordered a rice dish at first, then got cancelled because "habis". Ordered something else, a club sandwich. Then cancelled also because "habis".

But, I saw across the table, a couple who made their order later than me got a club sandwich. Cilaka.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I bought em' yesterday at City Mall after walking aimlessly in search of food initially. Was there too early, the shops were just about to open. Ah, well and I end up buying things that I don't intend to in the first place.

Impulse buying = Bad Bad Bad!

Somehow, I think the umbrellas are uber cute and its kinda cheap compared to the ones I saw online. The shop sells RM 15 each if you take more than two. Online sites selling these at RM30 each.

So, what the heck. I bought four! Haha. For me and my sisters la actually. Yet, all technically belong to me cause I bought 'em. Lalalala!

Owh, Saturday la pula kan? What shall I do today...hmmmm

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just leave it in God's Hand

Well, for this case. A different God's Hand.

I bet some of you saw the advertisement already. For those who have not, this is just for your information~ so that you know which hand that I am talking about.

Funny la bah. I almost can't believe it! Haha..

Well. the bra works with the same principle of adding paddings to the bra and voila! Va va voom. It's just that this one has a built in padding that can supersize and downsize your tettas in just matter of seconds. Haha.

Imagine go church size A only; then wanna go shopping and see leng chai(s)..Push the button once you go size B and push the button second go size C.


Anyway, I don't think I need that kind of God's Hand. I am blessed enough with nice, good genes I mean. Haha.

p.s: tettas = my own term for the organ with mammary glands. ;P

Thursday, October 22, 2009

RIP Montoku


I guess if one hear the name, the thoughts will definitely goes to the drink that a lot of people "adore".

As for me, Montoku is the name for my dog. Or rather "was" now.

He was one of the 3 dogs that we have. The famous one because of his unique name.

Wogok died early this year. (black dog)...Now Montoku is gone also. (brown one)
Uncle Tua~ the oldest pet at home, is now the sole survivor.

That morning, I woke up to the fact that Montoku is gone.

You know when you live in a kampung area, the dogs are all anjing kampung also. They fight with each other for territory. So did Montoku.

And so, he was injured. It started with a small wound near his ear. We tried to help him and give treatment. But he refused, he even wanted to bite my dad and sister who tried to put medicine on the wound.

Then the wound got worse and at last he died of infection after suffering for almost 2 weeks. A slow and painful death I suppose. Wish could put him to sleep much earlier so that he wont suffer much. Yet, there's nothing much we can do because he refused any help given. He became thin and frail in around 10 days like that.

The last 3 days of his life, he didn't eat anything. He can barely drink water.

I remember that final night, after I came back from my badminton game, went to see him. He was lying almost lifeless on the road. I thought he was dead that time, called his name. He responded by wagging his tail and he lift his head to look at me and after that continued sleeping.

Reminiscing that moment, it just bring tears welling up my eyes now. That wagging of the tail. Its the last one.

Montoku. Rest in peace. 2004-2009

Love this song

The female version of the song by a band called the Parachute.
This rendition is by LisaScinta. I like her voice. In comparison with Marie Digby, she is not as pretty as Digby but her voice wows me more.

What do you think?

rumba wednesday

Wednesday night as usual, it's rumba night. I was high with the smell of newly painted dance floor at the dance school.

Freshly painted, the smell was overwhelming. Can't focus! Not too mention the 'sticky' surface. Can't really move my feet.

Well, excuses-excuses. Cakap saja nda campin bah kan.ahaha

Anyway, jumpa my cheese cupcakes today.
Thank you to orang yang baru balik dari KL tu, jangan ko mintapuji cakap semenanjung sini Sabah.

Pure bliss! ( multiply with millions )
~ Bahagia nya ~ sampai nda sedar apa berlaku di keliling oh time makan. Uhuhu!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

bloody inspiring

Issues and my heart

Me and my heart we got issues. Oh yes, definitely

~ Don't know if I should hate you or miss you

heyho tuesday

just wanna start today with a clean slate even though I just don't feel like waking up at all this morning.

well, like it or not. everyone have to face the day whether they like it or not.

I guess I better start praying again. *bluek~haha*

btw, the image I got from Jasmine's Tumblr page. Awesome-ly inspiring.

Monday, October 19, 2009

venting out the rage

its not exactly rage but its more like a panic attack and the mixed thoughts that come from it.

well, i have been at my workstation since this morning trying to settle the mess caused by the makcik. yes I kept blaming her for almost everything. Peduli apa saya.

at this moment, the Maths paper is on going and I need to channel my negative thoughts here sebab saya stres ni sekarang, if not I want to go makan for comfort and it wont do me any good.

At 1610 hours the paper started and I went for my rounds. I totally can feel that there will be something wrong.

3 classes complained they don't have enough papers. So, walking or rather almost running in my heels, I have to go to and fro from the classes to check for extra papers to redistribute them.

And yet...there are like 4 students without exam papers. That moment was like OMG!!

1) I have no extra questions anymore.
2) I only have the leftovers which means the cacat papers all stacked together that is

I have no choice but to rummage in the cacat papers to make 4 sets. Have to do it at the corridor. OPEN AIR.

That time, the storm is coming, wind getting stronger. DANG!!!!! I wanna scream because of the pressure. I just don't know where the heck that the will power came to calm my nerves.

A colleague passed by, asked him help to take stapler. He just walked away and asked me to call somebody else. Felt like shouting. But never mind la, I just don't have time for that.

Sweating like hell, I persevere because there's nothing much I can do except to get this done by my own.

Luckily I did. Phew!

But why am I still not relieved. I am still fuming mad.

all good things come to an end

yes. for example the weekends. sigh! I have been sigh-ing non stop for quite some time. It's more like all the time now.

I should be sleeping now because I need to go to school in the morning to settle the un-finished exam papers.

Sigh *again*

The Maths Paper have 32 pages altogether. Yes, it's a lot but the makcik didn't do her job. It's all her fault! Benci betul lah. She photocopied like 18 pages only for 300 sets where in the first place she have to photocopy 32 pages for 300 sets. And the paper is tomorrow!! Argh.

1) i sent the papers for photocopy like a week before PMR starts. Lama sudah tu.
2) i personally reminded her to get it done before last friday
3) i again reminded her to do it fast because the paper is on Monday which is tomorrow

Since its a very tebal paper because of the effing billingual option, I need time to do the sorting out and clipping. Not to mention the pain of finding several helpers and the "bribe" I have to give so that they will finish it fast.

Again. back to the makcik. She! Tidak kasi siap the photocopy part. She did half and pack it nicely maybe..maybe... doing it on purpose because all she care is she can go home early.

No one goes back at 4.15 pm if you still have tons of work to do and you are on a deadline! At least if she stayed until 5pm, the papers will be photocopied all. Sudah la kalau after lunchtime she tend to drag hers until 2.30pm, 3pm baru start work padahal orang lain was counting on her to do the exam papers.

If got people wanna do photocopy on their own, she sure bising also saying the machine rosak cos of the irresponsible hands la and what not. How la? We got work to finish okay!

I don't care whose mother she is, whose relative she is and whose friend of my colleagues she is bottom line .. I am totally pissed off! If I am the boss, I will give her 40-50% marks for her appraisal. or even better suruh quit kerja saja.

Everyone has their own "lazy" time at work but she practically having her "lazy" time like all the time. I am so fcuking mad.

Certainly all good things come to an end after this weekend. Hello stupid monday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

alam dan manusia

I bet those who are born around the 80's and who went to primary school in the early 90's will surely remember the one subject that combines science, geography, a little bit of history and what not.

ALAM dan MANUSIA it was.


That name even sounded so funny now. LOL!!

Our daddy's time they used to learn Ilmu Alam, Ilmu Hisab, Tawarikh. Owh that classic names. Lagi la lucu.

I wonder 1 or 2 decades down the road what other evolution of names the subjects at schools will undergo. Not that it will change anything with the knowledge because what will be learnt are more or less the same thing anyway.



come on? hehe.

Talking about nature and human, yesterday, I went around town plus some kampungs to do a survey project for an upcoming event. Also, an early training for me to be the upcoming YB for Tamparuli. haha

So, went off-road several times with my Green Viva. She is tougher than you think you know. Tapi..


Injured juga at last.

I was driving downhill on a rocky road. Loose rocks I tell you. and that metal + rocks grinding sound. Unbearable! Sending cramps to my stomach muscle. My friend went down from the car to check, he said everything is okay.

Drove on flat road for like 15metres and the funny sound is still there. We stopped. Guess what?

There was a rock lodged between my tyre and the car body.

And check out the size.
OMG! I didn't expect it to be that big. Not much injuries to my Viva but more to myself.

Aduina~ cedera bah kereta sebab pigi round2 kampung. Saya memang YB berjiwa rakyat

Friday, October 16, 2009


I realized that I don't blog like I did a few years back. I mean, uhm. the content are much filtered out now compared to then when I used to pour out everything what's on my mind.

I lost my mojo I guess. Gah!

Rants and ramblings are a common thing on a personal blog. How I wish I can blog like Elfie. *lovin' the attitude girl!*

Ugh. Head spinning now. Weekends is here but am worried sick about the exam papers that are not ready yet. NOT my fault! Totally NOT my fault.

I have done my part but the makcik at the photocopy room is OTT with her attitude at work. Lazy and inefficient. I am totally saving a blog post about her.

My head throbbing now and I am sleepy.

Btw, me dad bought a cowboy hat from Familia@ Wisma Merdeka for RM5.90

Tapi dia nda muat jadi sa curi untuk mintapuji ambil gambar sendiri. Haha!

Cool eh?

An outfit for SBG..

Uhmmm.. I don't think so

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tuesday the 13th

At first, it was just a thought in my head.

Chilled guava juice and not long after that it is in my hands already. *Powerful thoughts eh*

Yeah, I went to town not long after the thought came. Hehe. Chilled guava juice on an hot sunny day. Pure bliss!

But, I don't like this brand. It smell funny. Like Shandy. I still prefer guava juice from Peel Fresh.

It is Tuesday the 13th, funny that JJ and Ean on were making such a big fuss about it this morning. Moronic fun. Haha.

A fine day for me so far.

Monday, October 12, 2009

what to write? The writer's block

I guess when you don't have anything to blog about, you just don't post anything. Hmmm. Maybe I should stop typing now. But am seriously bored now.

Tomorrow is the last of day of PMR invigilation and I do have things to blog about that. Save it for another post then. Anyway, there's a mini Raya celebration for the invigilators tomorrow. Just our own mini party. To celebrate that our work is finished I suppose. D'oh!

Btw, my cat whom I said had been missing.
He came back this morning. Guess the cat has come to a phase where he started to wander outside the house more often than he used to. pigi clubbing maybe tu. Haha.




Seriously writer's block.

I wanted to sing and play the guitar now but I am just not in the mood. Someone is away and sort of unreachable at this point. Facebook is boring tonight. Youtube hmmm. Flickr sien~

Panas lagi ni. Need aircon in my room la.

p.s: This is funny!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


of sleep. Slept too much over the weekend.
At first, it was all about the food on friday.

From Big Apple to Old Town to Vedablu to Secret Recipe. Food overdose!

and of course Saturday was agony day.

Of frequent trips to the toilet and induced vomiting just to make myself feel better ~ Damn, I sound bulimic now. For the record, I am not bulimic okay.

So sleeping was the best remedy yesterday.

Oh ya, my cat hilang la. Missing for 24 hours sudah. huhuhu.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


my favourite flower
pics credit from here

after roses..hehe

so in love with..


as a continuation of those pin up girls story. This site really caught my eyes. I am loving almost every single item on their site. Too bad everything is in foreign currency. Pound Sterling to be exact.

A girl can only dream for this...

the 1950s rocks!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Sirens Wailing

It is so odd today, since afternoon, sirens wailing from the vehicle going up and down the highway. On and off actually yet it invokes much curiosity.

I was a mess this morning when I went to teach extra class this morning. My colleague said my hair very buruk. Hmm. Biar lah. Hungry and dehydrated, I didn't realize that I left my first class early by ten minutes. Hehe

Still coughing, my thoughts are so powerful today that I am very determined to go on the treadmill after school today. Lemak bertingkat 5 sudah after Raya ni. Macam kek lapis..

Guess what happened? the temptations of the net lured me and am here blogging. Rambling is more like it. Thoughts sudah sampai but physically I am not on the treadmill. Okay la bahkan..LOL

You-tubing, facebook-ing, flickr-ing.. gosh, bila lah I can discipline myself not to procrastinate so much?

Sunday, October 04, 2009

If only

retro pin ups

Isn't this cute or what?

Been thinking to do some photoshoot or artwork inspired by this soon...need some collaboration with the experienced people though for this one.

I am so loving this poster!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Good morning Friday

This clip kinda ruined my mood for the day.

Have you felt the heart wrench of seeing someone being injured right in front of your eyes. It's as if your own brother or sister being assaulted and the rage that you felt after that?

Well, that was my feeling after I watched that clip. And it lingers for a while and I felt so disturbed. Siao! Because macam saya kenal juga itu budak yang bertumbuk itu~yang pakai singlet. Macam saya guru kelas itu budak lah saya rasa..cessss.

But really, I know this fights at schools has been there since forever and this street fight trend is getting more rampant day by day; why choose that place and time? And why fights on youtube? Mau famous ka? Adui. Immature and childish to the max.

Also, the person who uploaded this video on the net has a channel which features a lot of kid fights around town and their fighting practice session with their own self-made boxing gloves.

WTH? I think this town needs a boxing ring la seriously because the existing martial arts classes are not sufficient to cater the needs of the raging youth blood that are flowing with ferocious energy.

Fong Fei Kei = FFK

Up until now, I am still wondering on how to use that phrase properly. Moreover, I don't understand the meaning let alone using it. It sounds cool though..So, someone please enlighten me with this. Haha.

On a very unrelated topic, I somehow thought today is a Friday (well, technically it is since it is 1.30am now), the Thursday that I had was so laid back that I thought it's gonna be the start of the weekend tomorrow. Well, it's not. Boo hoo!

I was "pretending" to be free the whole day that's why. Haha. After my class ends at 2 pm++, went out to town to have lunch for a while. I noticed there are a group of guys were drinking beer at the same restaurant. Too early for beer, (I thought to myself). But maybe for them it was just nothing.

Not long after that, I realized one of them are sleeping upright with his head bobbing from side to side like an egg balancing itself and another one dropped his glasses on the floor. In the process of bowing down to reach for it on the floor, he slammed his head on the table. Alamak. Memang lah. LOL
The third guy, not so drunk but he I saw him a bit too "joyful" while babysitting his son. Yes, he angkut his son, whom I think is 5 0r 6 years old to go drinking with his buddies. Drunk some more. I won't be surprised if the son will grow up to be a drunkard too.

Anyway, cute kan this picture...Taken at the hall where I played badminton this evening.
Hehe ^_^