Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Round Up

So, as I said this 2013 will be based on monthly achievements review instead of having long term goals. Here's January round up

1) I survived the first month of working - it's super hectic though!

Netball practice, preparation for the student exchange program, rombakan jadual waktu, buku catatan rasmi sekolah, meetings and what nots. Am still so grateful that I am not a form teacher. Just so looking forward playing host for the Korean students next week. Here's the banner I design for the program

2) I got engaged!

Well, technically I was engaged almost 10 months ago after I said YES to a wedding proposal but since its the local custom to have an engagement ceremony. So, 26th January was my engagement party. And finally people for once will stop asking when am getting married. Sabarrr... nanti baru saya kasitau itu wedding date. Lain pula perasaan ni kalau almost off the market sudah. Ohou! Like my manager said, "You'll be breaking lotsa hearts in the music scene, banyak la budak band kecewa ni" - LOL

Here's some photos of the engagement party. Thanks to all for making it happen and those who were there to attend. These awesome photos was taken by Pastels & Cream team. Highly recommended to all, find them on facebook.
iPhone5 belongs to Flora, hehe. The cake is from Secret Recipe decorated with fresh flowers by yours truly. 

Felt so blessed to have lots of family members around. I just can remember being so sleepy that time. Gosh!
I am lovin' Mr Andre's shirt color more than my dress. Bought my dress at

Saw the fingerprint hearts idea on pinterest and utilise them on the program book.

those DIY crepe flowers also done via discovery on pinterest. I just love pinterest.  But the process of making it requires a lot of patience.

Chocopops by Pastels&Cream. And they design the tags for you as well. Love love love!
Those lovely cupcakes and chocopops were also by Pastels & Cream. Seriously, do hire them!

Oh yeah, cos smiling to the camera is too mainstream. So, as wedding date's announcement - jadi don't ask

Till then, have a good new month ahead ya!

Resolutions for 2013

Is it too late to start having new year's resolution now? Its already the last day of January. Life has been a rollercoaster ride right after 2013 came so it's time for catching up now.

So let's just review about my 2012 resolution

1) Scuba diving licence
Recycled resolutions. Yea I know. Hihi -
STATUS : still undone. I was so close to going but the timing just wasn't right.

2) Get my band's EP done
Soon..soon..soon. Crossing fingers for this -
STATUS : DONE! yeay!

3) Blog more
Yeah, serious! Also do follow my 365 days oops its leap year; 366 days ( a photo a day ) 
: Done! Well, at least I blogged about 130 posts for 2012 compared to 128 in 2011. Hahaha.

4) Learn a new musical instrument
Bongo! Come on... hehe. Am so bad with rhythm. So let's see. Haha -
STATUS: ah, kensel! Nda payah la ni. Hopeless.

5) Get at least another RM2000 saved in my savings account
A specific target, its a must. If not, I will only be bank in RM1 every month in result, I only have RM12 savings per year. Saving money its like the hardest thing to do. Its a battle of will power. Even if you have saved some in the bank, the tendency to get the money out is always there. Again its always will power -
STATUS: Done with savings but the amount is pathetic! Huhu

6) Eat less meat and exercise regularly
God! please help me on this. Don't take away my meat from me. I love meat. Must have it all the time but the diet must be well balanced right. Adoi, eating healthy is totally a challenge cos I LOVE MEAT! Exercise...yeah, I start tomorrow la. Today rehat dulu. Ngehehehe..

STATUS: Halfway there. Gosh! I did maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly but the weight just can't be shaved off. WHY????

How about 2013 then?

Am not setting any resolutions this year I guess. Yeah, seriously. I declare this year is the year without resolutions.

Like it will ever make a difference kan. With or without, one never keep their words anyway. Hehe. So, am just gonna live by monthly accomplishments reviews instead of setting a long term goal over a new year.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

20 something days to sober up

And just to realized there's gonna be a party to celebrate a proposal done maaaaaannnyyyy moons ago.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 2013

Selamat Tahun Baru 2013 semua.

Ok ni tahun sa kawin!!! Ahahahhaaha.

Am clearly drunk !

Don't drink and blog. Have a happy new year all!

I will write more when I am sober .hehehe!