Saturday, June 27, 2009

Don't know why

Am I turning to be like Xia Xue? ahahahaha. She has too much pink stuff but I like her. Her character reminds me so much of Amanda in Ugly Betty series. :)
Btw .. to julie, i think your pink-aholic thingy is contagious la.

Woo hoo! Later tonight am going to watch Mr Kaamatan state level, thanks to Boy for the invites...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

technology race

Now that the swine flu is like all over the place, *literally*. The media now is riveting their attention to help school to show off their latest technology in allowing teaching and learning process is not distrupted at all by all this quarantine thingy.

Students using Skype to communicate with their teachers, school such and such is the first school to adopt a one to one learning with each students having a laptop in the class, school such and such has the e-learning platform that will allow students to study from home. bla bla bla...

How la if the quarantine is imposed on schools that is not "rich" enough to prepare all this. Then boo-hoo, they'll be a week stupid-er than the rest of the nation.

By the way, this photo *from* is over-rated I think. With the bars and the padlock.
Kudos to the photog to create the mood but ... sigh. We know that the student is being asked to pose like that just to accompany the news with the title "Not much fun staying at home".

Anyway, one week quarantine doesn't kill you. I survived. hehe. So, embrace the holiday mood and take lots of rest. Work and studies aside. Just enjoy the "free" hols la.

Talking about the usage of technology, I can't play Restaurant City now!
Argh.... *Bah, tangkaplah saya - for I am a bad teacher, yang pemalas...Hahaha*

I have no class bah today.

A nightmare too

The man, a foreigner in his 40s who lectures in Cyberjaya, was arrested at about 5pm after a victim lodged a report with the MACC.

It is learnt the woman, 24, sat for a qualifying exam to enable her to continue her Masters’ degree.

After sitting for her papers, she was allegedly approached by her lecturer who told her she did not do well in her exam.

He then allegedly told her that he could help her provided she agreed to give in to his demands.

He was said to have initially asked her for sexual favours but when she refused, he demanded money as well if she wanted to pass the exam.

The lecturer was also said to have uttered words that caused the woman to be fearful.

This story on today just freshen up the nightmare that I had when I did my degree a few years back. Well, not as bad as this one. It depends how you define being asked for sexual favors and almost being molested by your lecturer. *ugh, now ugly memories came back..damn!*

I understand the helpless-ness that the girl felt when everything is in the hands of the lecturer. Everything is at stake.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

14 year olds are a nuisance

I seriously need to get a new hobby or something to make life more interesting and not redundant as it is now. This could be the damage done from the 3 weeks holiday that i had before returning to work. Sigh.


1) Been so sleepy at work *saya tidur saja sana meja saya, really malas kan*
2) Keep looking at the clock to check when is the time to go home from work.
3) Really don't feel like teaching, rather be studying at this point now.
4) So addicted to the internet especially facebook and its apps, games la bah tu. *astaga, i need to get a life*
5) Starting back on my fitness routine, but the half an hour jog yesterday was killing me already. * hard to start when you have stopped more than a week~sigh*
6) Thinks that swine flu is so over-rated.
7) Have a helmet style for my hair, very buruk.. Don't dare to not tie my hair up.
8) Not liking 14 year olds. They just don't wanna listen, rebellious age and most volatile being ever.
9) Having issues with heart matters.. *apakah heart matters ni? very direct translations..ahaha*
10) Still..not liking 14 year olds. Its better off talking to a tree rather than talking to them, at least the plant will still move its leaves. 14 year olds don't do anything!

14 year olds are a nuisance.

Gosh, I need to get a life!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Choices to be made
The problem is you will never know what is the best option.
The path showed that it is not supposed to be.

Things are showing and telling me
You, can't go there
You, don't think about it
You, are not supposed to be there
You, ...just don't make things more complicated

If only one could see the future.
Then everything will be easier.


making headlines

That is something unusual for me. I was really anticipating for yesterday, which was the first day of work after 3 weeks of long holidays. Hehe.

First, when I reached..I forgot my punch card number. I took some time to find my punch card. Ahaha. Blur to the max.

Then encountering my colleagues. It's either " Hello Joan, how are you? Sihat sudah ka?". Almost every colleague that I terjumpa will have the same question. OR. Some the naughty ones will start to close their mouth with their hands and say "Jaga H1N1 datang!".

Oh, the whole day was like this. It was fun though. It's not everyday you can have something like this happen to you at work right?

Anyway, my mind was in a chaos yesterday. At the sight of my workstation, I started to freak out.

Students' homework were there, backdated letters and what not. I forgot what I suppose to teach, what notes I have given, which homework I have given and not knowing to expect within the first two weeks of the new semester is certainly a culture shock now. Meetings, some registration la apa. Adui!

Okay, mo buat lesson plan dulu ni.

Monday, June 22, 2009

government hospital

It was kinda funny at the moment when I entered the doc's room, I was greeted by a thumbs up and a question-mark face from the doctor.


I replied with a thumb up gesture also.

*Doctor good mood la I assume, nda marah-marah lagi* Well, who can blame them.

Government hospital. Alahai. It is a place that I want to avoid.

Reached there around 8am. My turn to see the doctor only come around 10am. 2 hours of misery of waiting. A lot of people also. Almost all are sick looking ones. I can't imagine how the doctors and nurses are coping with this. Their passion and calling maybe. Thank God I changed my mind last time and chose to be a teacher now.

Anyway, after the routine check up. I am officially healthy now. Hehehe. *note the officially word ah*.

Ooh, I hope people don't start calling me names like H1N1 or selsema babi at work. Because my friends are teasing me with names now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First school to be closed

A(H1N1): First school in Malaysia closed (Update 2)


KUALA LUMPUR: SJK(C) Jalan Davidson is the first school in Malaysia to be closed after an 11-year-old student testing positive on Friday for the Influeza A(H1N1) was found to have transmitted the virus to two classmates.

(taken from


Thank God I am not responsible for something like this. Phew!

Good news that tomorrow will be officially the last day of my home quarantine. Yay! But it is also the end of my free holiday and now gotta go back to work. Boo hoo.

pagi sudah

Yes. it is 2.19 am right now. I am not sleeping. My quarantine week is almost over and on Monday I must meet the garang doctor again. *tapi kira hensom juga la sebab muda lagi saw his ic born 82 ~ wah itu pun boleh nampak ka..hihi*

Yeah. On Monday, I must go to the hospital again for another check up to make the confirmation that my workplace need. Just to be safe than sorry. But, I am perfectly healthy now.

I am kinda sad that life will go back to normal again starting next week. My sister is going back, the Optimus Prime is going back too. My other sister is going back to school too. I have to do all the house chores with only one help. Ohohohoho.

I am sad. Yes I am.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

i like this

the perfect definition of a good day + good friends + good times

kicking and alive

Those who have been reading or at least following my blog would have noticed that I don't change my layout in a monthly basis anymore now. Why? I also don't know. I am lovin' it (maybe). Even though green is not my fave colour.

KK jazz fest is on this weekend...Oh, someone please bring me to one of its event. Anyone? Hello? (Oo..Oo.. echo can be heard). *Cricket sounds* . Me = sulk, sulk, sulk.

Ah, well then. This whole week at home made me so melancholy and starts to love all the retro things around me. Zee Avi's music. Vintage fashion. etc etc. One of this one.
Oh my, oh my. I almost bought this when I was in Melbourne last week, but not knowing anything about lomo photography. I decided otherwise.
the complete kit..drool..drool *images courtesy of

Anyway, again.. KK jazz fest? Anyone? T_T

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the elation

of seeing someone you like

of seeing someone you think is cute

of going to a new place and just be amazed

of experiencing something new and exciting

of blushing when your crush is around

of looking someone in the eye and loving every minute of it

of enjoying that person's company

of learning a new skill

of .....<>

elations that made the (my) world go round...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

emcee on mc

despite my house quarantine, there is one job that I have to do today. Emceeing for Mr Kaamatan Tuaran 2009.

was coughing my way since last night, this morning my condition was not any good either. no back ups so I just have to do it.

It's a little bit awkward though, not the emceeing part. But, I can drag myself to go for this event but not for work.

Well, I wanted to go to work but given the safety procedures that i have to follow in order to ensure everything is safe. Quarantine is the best way. But, I broke the law today. Oh, forgive me.

Tried my best not to be in the crowd and stay isolated at all times. Even on the stage, my mouth was so dry at one time and I have to hide behind the big speakers to cough.

After the event, dehydrated, I came back home with a headache and a mild fever. I said to myself, SHIT. No fever please.. no fever..

I sleep it off. Drank a lot of water and took my meds.

Thank God, no fever.

I am on the good track for recovery and having fever is the worst thing that could happen to me.

I seriously don't wanna be the 2nd confirmed case of H1N1 in Sabah.

Monday, June 15, 2009

stay at home

I got an MC today actually, so I texted my superior to notify him that I am on MC. Then it turned to a big hoo-haa after I told him that I have visited Melbourne recently. Immediately, this matter came to the principal's knowledge which lead to the following encounter.

The school wants a clarification that I am free from H1N1 then only I will be allowed to go back to school.


Off I go to the Tuaran Hospital. I asked the receptionist to see the doctor but then I was only referred to a Medical Assistant. Okay, fine with me. But it still gonna be a doctor's call for my case.

In M.A room

M.A: sakit apa?
Me: flu + cough
M.A then do routine check ups then only I told the M.A I have been to Australia recently and I need a clarification that this flu that I am having now isn't swine flu. He then referred me to a doctor. *See, just as I thought ~ now double the waiting time*

Two things that really amused me in the M.A room *sorry for not translating, I am lazy now*

Ko ada cakap-cakap sama urang putih ka sana? Kalau tidak, ko tiada la bah juga H1N1 tu..

Masa sampai KLIA ko teda kana tinguk guna itu CCTV yang boleh kesan suhu badan ka?..


In doctor's room

Doc: Ko sakit apa?
Me: Flu + Cough
Doc: Itu saja? *with annoyed look on the face*
Me: Last week I was in Melbourne.
After that then only the doctor wanted to listen to me properly. Told him that I had taken meds because I saw a GP yesterday but then my workplace needs a confirmation that I am free from H1N1.

So, doc said it is not easy to determine whether I am free or not from this Influenza A given that I have visited Melbourne a.k.a capital of swine flu and I have develop this flu prior from coming back from that place.

I am just missing the very important sypmtom that is high fever above 38 degrees. I have mild fever yesterday but it has gotten better from the meds by the GP that I went to see.

But, I guess the hospital doesn't wanna take chances. After, referring to a senior doctor and the regional director for H1N1 case, the doctor who is attending me put on his mask. The nurse inside the room too. Mask plus the plastic apron.

Upon seeing that, I thought I sure kena inject by needles or what la. Manatau, the doc cepat-cepat ask the nurse to give me face mask. I was still coughing on and off that time. *Haha, tau pun takut*

So, I am now in a week long house quarantine. I hope this suspected case won't be on the news. Bikin malu saja.

Argh, so benci. I know I don't have THE flu but my workplace wants a confirmation. Jadi, ini lah jadinya. Well, for the safety procedures, *being an optimist now..teehee* I will gladly follow it. Haha.

One week off more. Yay!

Out and About

Where have I gone into hiding? I have been neglecting my blog since my last post about my delayed flight.

Wanted to blog from down under but it was just too cold to do any extra activities after the whole day of touring and walking. It was around 5 to 10 degrees during my stay there. Thank God it's only early winter, can't imagine during middle of winter next month. It was freezing enough already.

Oh, and also my skin cracked under the dry and cold weather *again~ just like China trip also*. It's just that I am smarter this time, to wear moisturizer and makeup like everytime I go out to the cold. The damage wasn't so bad then.

Anyway, I am enjoying the cool and chilly weather with tours like The Great Ocean Road.
Beautiful places and scenery along the way. Plus the heli ride. It was awesome. Check out more pics in my facebook page.

Yeah, and the trip to Australia isn't complete without seeing a Koala.
Well, not that Koala though... the real one la of course. This marsupials sleep MOST of the time. They practically sleep and eat only. Oh, what a beautiful life!

Cute right? But, if you are thinking to touch one. Think twice or maybe more than that. One thing that you should remember that they are wild and hey! check out the claws that they have...Just imagine ~ imagine ~ imagine.
Definitely cute and adorable but really not all nice and cute when you touch them.

Australia is really well known for their unique animals, an isolated continent and island it is, made it very special. From kangaroos to wallabies to wombats. Platypus also is something not to be missed.

Anyway, see this one..

OMG, this fella looked freaking real man! We *stupidly* had to poke that fella several times with our umbrella just to make sure that it is fake. Haha, thinking about it made me laugh. *Buduh oh, imagine two people walking around a statue while poking that poor thing with an umbrella*

And the surroundings and scenery are just marvellous. I give two thumbs up for the scenery I saw but people say that New Zealand is far more nicer than Australia. Jadi macam mana la mo bagi thumbs up for New Zealand la nanti? Guna ibu jari kaki la mangkali kan..
The Melbourne city itself also are full of historical values and vibes and the incorporation of modern and historical elements in the city is just WOW. Let the pictures do the talking. More pictures on facebook.

Melbourne also is a cultural and arts hub. Definitely! Bridges are designed creatively, they have splendid graffitis, refined architecture, nice galleries. It is a city with a flowing creativity energy and vibe.

One should see the contemporary arts section in the National Gallery of Victoria, there are very "stupid". Too bad cannot take picture. I say it's very stupid because there is one painting which is just a black square hung on the wall and there's a label written at the side

Title: Secret Painting
This artwork has a secret picture that is only known by its painter.

Awwww.. WTH???

Contemporary arts are plainly ridiculous sometimes. We were laughing our heads off in the gallery until the penjaga there look at us one kind. Miahahaha

Check out the toilet with an artwork inside it. This is called THE THRONE and it can be used as usual. Ada juga sa pi guna tu tandas tau. hehe

All in all, from 4th to 10th June, my days *or rather our ~ me and my other half* in Melbourne was filled with an awesome experience and so much fun.

Not too mention that, the moment I touched down in KL from Melbourne, I had a slight fever and coughing and blocked nose.

I just hope it is not H1N1...

p.s: People, I already went to see doctor okay...Doc said it's normal flu, so don't look at me one kind okay?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


flight delayed..have to wait another 6 hours..oh oh oh.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Oh. Mengantuknya

..Tadau Kaamatan is over. 1st June is Gawai. Happy Gawai to those celebrating.

Anyway, I am in holiday mode now. Like literally.

So, off to my vacation days. There's so gonna be a delayed post about the happenings before the hols (i.e : teacher's day celebration, unduk ngadau, kaamatan etc).  Well, come to think of the kaamatan stuff, if rajin then blog-lah, Facebook so many pics about the recent event already.

Will blog again when I have the time. pun busy kunun

Something interesting to share - 

Of bleeding breasts and an escape from a prince.... read here and here

Monday, June 01, 2009

siaran tertunda

#Some delayed updates#

Teacher's Day celebration

2nd year being a teacher, Tough is the word but I have learned to enjoy it. Speaking of the devil, school will start tidak lama lagi. Ohohoho.