Tuesday, June 23, 2009

making headlines

That is something unusual for me. I was really anticipating for yesterday, which was the first day of work after 3 weeks of long holidays. Hehe.

First, when I reached..I forgot my punch card number. I took some time to find my punch card. Ahaha. Blur to the max.

Then encountering my colleagues. It's either " Hello Joan, how are you? Sihat sudah ka?". Almost every colleague that I terjumpa will have the same question. OR. Some the naughty ones will start to close their mouth with their hands and say "Jaga H1N1 datang!".

Oh, the whole day was like this. It was fun though. It's not everyday you can have something like this happen to you at work right?

Anyway, my mind was in a chaos yesterday. At the sight of my workstation, I started to freak out.

Students' homework were there, backdated letters and what not. I forgot what I suppose to teach, what notes I have given, which homework I have given and not knowing to expect within the first two weeks of the new semester is certainly a culture shock now. Meetings, some registration la apa. Adui!

Okay, mo buat lesson plan dulu ni.

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