Thursday, December 27, 2012

Third day of Christmas

How was Christmas for everyone???

It's good to see everyone back at home and shared the precious moment together. Family gathering during Christmas is always the best. And its even better when you have BIG family.

The tradition for us every year is to have the exchange gift activity and for the past two years it has a color theme. Usually the color theme is chosen by yours truly because it has to match the deco of the Christmas tree at home. Hahaha. So, this year is Yellow or Gold colour.

This was the aftermath.

We just love giving out odd things for the fun of it but sadly for the little kids, those who get the "odd" things like chopstick or torchlight - it will made them sulk. Hahaha. Kesian.

And one thing that I can't forget was one of my second cousin, saying this to his brother " Eiiii, jangan ko duduk sana ikut dorang tukar hadiah, ko muslim tu "

Punya lah, mo katawa sa dingar then ada lagi bisik-bisik when one of my other cousins dapat hadiah "Eehhhh, bukan si Ika muslim ka? kenapa dia ambil hadiah? "

As innocent as they can be, I guess there is something wrong somewhere. I remember growing up with my Muslim relatives, kena babysit by my Muslim nenek, it's a big family and nothing was an issue or even cakap-cakap like that keluar. I mean, we respect each other and we tolerate each other needs. I just wonder who taught them this ideology.

For a Sabahan ( or rather Borneo ) kid, this segregation mentality shouldn't exist at all. I may understand that things over in West Malaysia is not the same here, but kids should learn how to be colour blind towards religion and race. Siapa la yang racun pikiran dorang tu.

Anyways, I felt happy to have such diverse family and I am sure every other family here in Sabah, they always have the 1Malaysia concept celebration for almost any festive season.

Merry Christmas! ( or rather Happy Third Day of Christmas ) - School is opening soon. Should I start to freak out now? Haha.

p.s: BIRTHDAY shoutout to my bestie. SHEILA ... Happy Birthday my friend!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Busy Christmas

This is the only tranquil moment that I can have. The hour before the mass start. Been so busy with stuff for my band and also the church, I didn't really have time to just sit down and enjoy the Christmas solitude.

This year the mass at my church starts at 10pm, so we are not really expecting a big crowd. The first Christmas Eve mass to be done so late.

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas all. I won't be blogging for the next few days. It will be hectic for quite some time.

Friday, December 21, 2012


I managed to learn some of the basic stuff of Adobe After Effects. I have never used my brain so much since I left college, I felt very smart once again to gain some knowledge from the YouTube tutorials. Hahaha.

No! Am not gonna talk about doomsday. Kin panas jak tu. Come what may saja la bilang. Panjang lagi komentar yang teda guna-guna sana.

Here's how am gonna spend my Friday afternoon. On my bed with laptops and ukulele.

Spot my cat! ada dia bertapuk dalam gambar ni..hihihi

Oh ya, and a birthday shoutout to Chegu Carol! Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss Universe 2012

is Miss USA. Yes! she is one of my top 10 picks.

I really do want Venezuela to win initially but after the QnA she was like "$%^&*(&(*)((_)^$#@@$#% and i like to surf $^%&^$#^^*))&&^$@ , thank you!" - tidak faham langsung apa dia cakap ni. Lawa tapi macam utak kusung. Akakaka

the top 5

Anyway, Miss Phillipines did a wonderful job. Her answer was the most brilliant one. Though I think she may have scored lower in other aspects compared to Miss USA.

Miss USA is also a hero for petite girls. Well, not too petite though, she is 5' 5" by the way but for the Miss Universe standard she is petite. And of course she is gorgeous! Congrats Miss USA for being the new Miss Universe 2012 ( though I don't really like her evening gown for the finals but it really matches the red jewels on the crown, plus the hair updo, it was so meant to be! )

p.s: I just don't understand why Miss India is in the top 16 though because I think Miss Malaysia is more deserving. Boo to Miss India.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Busy December

The internet connection is forever wonky. The bills ripping me off because it doesn't really give the service it promised. Pui!

Have to get ready to decorate the church. Taking inspirations from everywhere.

Getting ready for a Christmas gig in Sandakan. Nak Hotel to be exact on the 22nd. Huhuhu.

Practice for the show tonight in 1Borneo, Grand Ballroom for Pesta Krismas UMS. Sepa free datang la. Kasi ramai2

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Fever

It's almost Christmas soon but at the same time I got the MU fever too. Owh yeah. Miss Universe 2012. I forgot to watch the live streaming of the preliminary just now. Now, while waiting for the video streaming to load I am typing this post.

My top 10 picks for MU 2012 in random order

Miss Malaysia ( well of course, I am being patriotic here ^_^ )
macam burung merak oh ni baju.. a blush coloured burung merak

Miss Tanzania

Miss USA
biarpun macam baju kurung tapi masi juga lawa. I love her!

Miss Venezuela
glitters and sparkles all at the right place

Miss Mexico
love her dress! OMG

Miss Vietnam

Miss Brazil

Miss Jamaica

Miss Kosovo

Miss Ecuador

And as I was browsing , I was stunned by the evening gown shots. Here are some lovely and interesting evening gowns from random contestants

sparkly and glamorous

elegant sparkling lace

it's pink and dreamy... need i say more? 

angelic and the design too

blush pink and floaty will never go wrong

glittering and glamorous, the mermaid cut made it so elegant 

photos are courtesy of and

Friday, December 14, 2012

Good morning and good night

I can't fall asleep actually. It could be the nap that I had this afternoon. Afternoon siesta is always refreshing but it will also cause me not to fall asleep according to the normal bed time hour.

Check out who is getting so comfy on her own bed on the pink carpet in my room.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I am one and always will be. Macam mana la ni? 12.12.12 has passed ( am more excited for 13.02.2013 ) and its already like towards the end of the school holidays and am still busy as ever. Gosh! How can I divide time properly and stop slacking off when I am not supposed to.


* carolling
* christmas preparation at church
* christmas eve choir practice
* christmas show practice
* party event planning

December is always a busy month. Anyway, it is a good month too in which there's quite a few of christmas shows coming in. I am happy with that. My sisters and I gonna be performing two songs at the Gaya Street Christmas Carnival on the final evening of the event. 13th Dec.

I am just wondering when will be the payday date for this month? Kering sudah poket ni. Sudah  la terbeli dress online and then sa nda muat. So am trying to sell it back. This dress is brand new, just wore it once for trying purpose. Sa nda boleh zip ok. My ilmu penuh di dada. Huhu. I really like this dress, but sigh! So any takers?

Bought this from for RM78.


Now sold out sudah tu sana cos this is a hot selling piece because it is inspired from Kate Middleton dress.
from double-woot fb page

Boutiques in KK are selling this for RM85 like that. I am selling it for RM70 saja. Tapi kalau minta pos then I kira RM78 la. CODs is RM70. This dress is size L and in white.

courtesy of

Cadwell Lace Pencildress

RM78.00 (MYR)Classy vintage lace pencildress exudes an elegant aura.A perfectly crafted piece for work or for an unforgettable evening. Emulate Kate Middleton's style with this piece !  Woots!

Material : Good Quality Mixed  Lace with inner lining.

Details : Featuring boatneck, intricately sewn lace, detachable waist band

Measurements : (measurements are taken laid flat, x2 for circumference) 

SIZE L :  Length:91cm, Bust:44-46cm, Waist: 36-39cm,Hips : 46-48cm

If you are interested, email me at :

So, for the time being, I think I can only opt for full skirt dresses with stretchable fabric. No pencil skirt as for now. Maybe I am destined not to muat in pencil skirts.

Blast from the past photo, find me!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Love Education, Not School

This video is an eye opener. I always thought that it is only my own opinion that education is something more than pen, papers and exam.

How many of you who went through college and still remember/ apply what you learn during the 3 to 4 years of your studies?

A lot of us, (well the norm and qualification needed for the "normal" world) we studied because of the paper qualification.

To put colours on your CV so that you are in the right mould to be the perfect candidate of a job.


I really love this quote because it made me realize that most of us, fall to the category where we work for the people who have dreams.

As being said in the video, EDUCATION is not about filling their heads but to inspire them.

That's what I think most educators and educated people should come to realize.