Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sad sad sad country

For every time there's an issue towards something, religion is usually the best weapon to build up people's wrath towards something.

I am not gonna say anything about the Erykah Badu's concert issue. I am like speechless towards how people can react to a temporary body paint that spells out Allah can cause such chaos to the point where they can claim that it could misleading. There are so many ways to overcome this and just let her do the concert but instead some people choose the option make this nation very close minded.

And reading some articles and comments of others over this matter, it saddens me because people are again fighting over religion. It's as if seeing kids fighting among each other telling one another my dad is more hebat than your daddy. It's totally childish!

Also I saw someone hurling a question to the other over twitter. Something like "can you explain what benefit can Erykah Badu's concert bring for the Muslims in this country?" - Alamak! How shallow people can be. And some are calling Erykah Badu as negro or nigger. Hey, can you all just grow up?

Just stop thinking about what others can bring good to your religion or to your country or to your community. Start growing up by thinking how you can help in the first place?

If you think condemning others be it by picking on religion or race somehow will protect your religion or race - think again. What good does it do to you first? Dosa saja tu. haiya! Itu pun nda bulih pikir ka.

P.S: Erykah Badu, do have your concert in Singapore. Many Malaysians are willing to cross over just to watch it just like any other big superstars concerts done there. The government over there is less judgmental. Also the Singaporeans will be smiling ear to ear because always the money will come to them. Malaysia always choose to be the "wiser" brother.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

High Maintenance

Remember my dog si Kapas yang demam tu ari. 
Ni la anjing breed biasa yang sa rasa high maintenance betul.

He fell sick on December because he was bitten by my other dog Jem ( the senior one ) and Kapas had his belly blue black ( well sort of lah ) and also bengkak because of the bite, tiada luka but bengkak only. So, went see the vet, took meds and of course pay for it.

Then come January, the blue black has gotten less but his stomach is so big but he is losing weight juga. Haiya, risau ni. Then he also demam that time. Very weak, mesti jaga and all. So, went to the vet again. Vet said could be Kapas got stressed out with the firecrackers and everything during CNY week.

Come February, his stomach is still swollen and for that one week, he seems having trouble walking around and also bernafas pun susah. Haiya..risau betul. So, bawa lagi pigi vet. Itu vet pun sampai hairan mau every month pigi clinic - ada saja sakit. Third time visit to the vet, terus tu vet suspect ada liver problem because his tongue and paws macam very yellow ni. ( but of course, I thought Kapas looked so pucat saja ). Plus vet said the bengkak at his belly due to the fluid accumulated because the surrounding organ bengkak ka or whatever it pun nda ingat. But the fluid now is pressing against his diaphragm then susah mau bernafas.

Kapas very weak, blood sample was taken and the vet said that his blood also very kurang and cair already. ( Ahhh, no wonder kalau dia jalan2, dua tiga langkah lepas tu baring sudah pening pula ). Again went home with several medications.

After a few days, the blood test result came out and memang confirm Kapas' liver got problem. and MAYBE his kidney also got problem; and all of this could be due the force cause by the bite by Jem-jem.
So, Kapas is high on drugs definitely and has become the extra sibling for the cats inside the house. Sakit kan then he is allowed to be inside the house.

He is getting better now but another new problem he developed, his front right paw is swollen at the joints. ( Sigh! ) and now he is limping. Macam-macam la bah sakit. But it seems that the swelling joint macam ada kurang-kurang sudah la.
Kapas basking under the morning sun...tapi lepas tu dia bangun pigi singud2 sana rumput pigi cari taik kucing then dia makan...Silanat pengutur punya puppy. Buruk perangai!!!!!


Come Monday and all the nice things seems to go away. Don't you think so? Just the thought of going to work send some bad vibes up in the air for me. Semua orang saya mau marah ini hari.

And so like usual, I will go to work late. It is on rare occasions only, I will be early on time to work. Adui. Mana la mau cari motivasi ni.

Thoughts of relocating to another new environment is always there but things are quite unsure still. And there's a lot to sacrifice because I have to be with my sisters to sing. Singing is the only way to keep my sanity these days. Going to work is just like a daze and it is just a process to get the food to be on the table and to get the bills paid. Oh, how I long the teaching career is something that is satisfying for the soul.

I can see some of my colleagues are all aim-driven teachers, aiming for DG44 or DG48 or some Guru Cemerlang and what not. Me? I am like I-will-do-whatever-what-is-being-given-to-me-and-continue-living-because-I-do-not-have-goals.

Kenapa lah saya nda bulih bercita-cita mau jadi Guru Cemerlang kunun ni? 4 years into this career and I still don't know where to start...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saya bakar itu hujan

It has been quite warm these days. Bukan lagi warm I think. Its like scorching and burning hot especially in the afternoon. And so it was the MSSD Tuaran Athletics meet this week. Bah apa lagi. Sun burn lah. I guess most teachers who are "actively" participating in the effort of making the champions of their school has increased their level of tan for their skin.

Mine is not very severe this time as compared to previous years where I became the Red Panda. This time pandai bertapuk from the sun sudah.

Almost one week missing from work, my focus is rather screwed up. I sort of forget where did I left my lessons with the students.

Anway, here's some pembakaran of the hujan. Enjoy a cover from me and my sisters. Ada tersumbang-sumbang skit tu voicing sebab nda fit tu sora..kenen..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stapler gulung2

saya pernah buat ini time darjah 4. saya ingat lagi ada satu tu budak nama dia Si Mahadir. Sudah pindah skejap time darjah 3 trus tiba2 datang pindah balik pigi skul kami sama duduk dakat mija saya lagi. Kin panas.

lapas tu sa sama tu kawan berkomplot mau kasi kana dia. pigi bikin tu stapler gulung2 trus pigi letak atas kerusi si Mahadir time rehat. Tunggu2 dia datang, nda sampai pula. Last2 urang lain yg terduduk ni.


Damn. Those were the days.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Go go Valentine's Day!

2 candles next to my name there and 1 candle next to my sister's. Umur kami 37 tahun kunun. Haha.( My birthday was yesterday and hers is today )

My sister said "Eee..kakak tua sudah oh"

Ah cilaka punya budak. You think you are getting any younger too? green eyed monster mode now. Haha.

Life's like that. When you are about to enter your 20's everything is like so fun and energetic and you can't wait to have your 18th birthday or even better your 21st birthday. Legal drinking age la konon. Pui.

But when you are at the other end. Adoooiiiii.. Macam year by year makin in denial ni. Ah? Help me!

Yeah. People say age is just a number but I still like to think I am 25. *chuckles*

Anyway, hope everyone is happy this Valentine's Day. I always thought that Valentine's Day is a universal day not necessarily meant for lovers/ couples. Love is for all isn't it?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

What happen to Joan?

I am still here. Kicking and alive! Is there anyone wondering where the hell did I go suddenly disappearing without any updates here on Joan says. *cricket sounds* err, no one is wondering. Bah, anyway I still wanna let everyone know that still blog everyday.

Through photos on There the updates are daily. Almost daily lah.

Adoi sakit perut ni. Too much eating seafood at Gayang just now. Dinner with the family is the best but I stuffed myself silly and now suffering the consequences. Talk about kiasu eating. Gah!

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Stupid Cupid

ultimately from

Hello February!

Mr January came by very quickly and Miss February is already here greeting everyone with a big smile today. It is a public holiday for those who are residing in KL and Labuan today right? Envy envy envy.

It's only Wednesday and am so looking forward to Friday. Weekends is always the best and to make things better this coming weekend is a long one. Monday is off! Cuti Maulidur Rasul. Nasib baiklah Sabah tidak celebrate Thaipusam kalau nda sampai hari dua lah cuti. Huhuhu.

My cats tidur dengan kasih sayang
I am happy today because it's already February. It's my favourite month. Month of Kasih Sayang kunun. Ngehehehe!

Here's Love Dovey by T-ara..

A birthday shoutout to my good friend too Dazeree, Happy Birthday mama Adelise!

p.s: Friday!!! Please come fast...huhuhu