Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hello February!

Mr January came by very quickly and Miss February is already here greeting everyone with a big smile today. It is a public holiday for those who are residing in KL and Labuan today right? Envy envy envy.

It's only Wednesday and am so looking forward to Friday. Weekends is always the best and to make things better this coming weekend is a long one. Monday is off! Cuti Maulidur Rasul. Nasib baiklah Sabah tidak celebrate Thaipusam kalau nda sampai hari dua lah cuti. Huhuhu.

My cats tidur dengan kasih sayang
I am happy today because it's already February. It's my favourite month. Month of Kasih Sayang kunun. Ngehehehe!

Here's Love Dovey by T-ara..

A birthday shoutout to my good friend too Dazeree, Happy Birthday mama Adelise!

p.s: Friday!!! Please come fast...huhuhu

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TaQuiLa said...

February is a lovey dovey month, plus birthday ko ba tu moi! hehehee