Tuesday, February 28, 2012

High Maintenance

Remember my dog si Kapas yang demam tu ari. 
Ni la anjing breed biasa yang sa rasa high maintenance betul.

He fell sick on December because he was bitten by my other dog Jem ( the senior one ) and Kapas had his belly blue black ( well sort of lah ) and also bengkak because of the bite, tiada luka but bengkak only. So, went see the vet, took meds and of course pay for it.

Then come January, the blue black has gotten less but his stomach is so big but he is losing weight juga. Haiya, risau ni. Then he also demam that time. Very weak, mesti jaga and all. So, went to the vet again. Vet said could be Kapas got stressed out with the firecrackers and everything during CNY week.

Come February, his stomach is still swollen and for that one week, he seems having trouble walking around and also bernafas pun susah. Haiya..risau betul. So, bawa lagi pigi vet. Itu vet pun sampai hairan mau every month pigi clinic - ada saja sakit. Third time visit to the vet, terus tu vet suspect ada liver problem because his tongue and paws macam very yellow ni. ( but of course, I thought Kapas looked so pucat saja ). Plus vet said the bengkak at his belly due to the fluid accumulated because the surrounding organ bengkak ka or whatever it was..sa pun nda ingat. But the fluid now is pressing against his diaphragm then susah mau bernafas.

Kapas very weak, blood sample was taken and the vet said that his blood also very kurang and cair already. ( Ahhh, no wonder kalau dia jalan2, dua tiga langkah lepas tu baring sudah pening pula ). Again went home with several medications.

After a few days, the blood test result came out and memang confirm Kapas' liver got problem. and MAYBE his kidney also got problem; and all of this could be due the force cause by the bite by Jem-jem.
So, Kapas is high on drugs definitely and has become the extra sibling for the cats inside the house. Sakit kan then he is allowed to be inside the house.

He is getting better now but another new problem he developed, his front right paw is swollen at the joints. ( Sigh! ) and now he is limping. Macam-macam la bah sakit. But it seems that the swelling joint macam ada kurang-kurang sudah la.
Kapas basking under the morning sun...tapi lepas tu dia bangun pigi singud2 sana rumput pigi cari taik kucing then dia makan...Silanat pengutur punya puppy. Buruk perangai!!!!!


Amanda Christine Wong said...

aw...hope he gets well soon! makan tai kucing lagi tu. haha

Jesse Tan said...

eee ya true tu pasal the firecracker..my home in kb kan everytime come to CNY mesti ada yg mati cz takajut tu fireworks..they all bertapuk2 lu sana belakang pintu dapur then sekali check2 suda mati..pdhal b4 CNY lumpat2 sihat..kesian kan cz we cant do anything bout the firecracker ba..

Joan said...

amanda..on the road to recovery sudah la si kapas tu. the limping also getting less sudah. but still bengkak la the kaki

jesse.. wah teruk juga tu kalau sampai mati terkejut firecrackers tu kollo. telampau takut sampai sesak nafas dorang sendiri kali. kesian