Sunday, February 25, 2007


I want to kick your balls... ;p

This was supposed to be posted earlier...but was very busy for the past few weeks. These are some pictures that we took for the futsal competition held weeks ago in USM. Well, o course, with a very dysfunctional team (no training, and not all can play) we didnt win la of course. But we had so much fun though. and of course since we are a bunch of jovial people, so it was SO much fun and entertaining to watch us play.. Hehehehe *check out the video!*

and... this futsal reminds me of the interview I did at one of the school here in Penang for our Education Paper. Some research based thingy and I have to ask the Penolong Kanan Ko-Kurikulum, who is by the way, a woman as well, about the extra-curricular activity in that school.

So, I happen to ask her about the membership of the football club in that school wether it is open to all gender or only for males.

This what she said

Cikgu: Of course, it is only for boys la. U see, pompuan kalau main bolasepak kan tak manis dipandang.. (girls if they play football not so nice to see)

Me: Oh.Ok *hmmm...kolotnya fikiran cigu ni!* So, the club only meant for boys la? Because some school they open it to girls as well . * Yeah, like my school last time*

Cikgu: Tak...Kami tak buka untuk pompuan tapi kalau futsal maybe buka untuk perempuan la. (Maybe futsal will open for girls la)

Me: Oic...ok2

Alamak! Punya la...futsal and football to be played by girls sama saja kan? Everything is the same, just that futsal the court is smaller and more to skill and ball control. Somehow, the players still have to run around and kick the ball. Apa pula yang tidak manis? Hmmmm...

Maybe she meant foosball.that one everyone play also ok.even the grandmas oso can.still manis?hehehe..

Football, Futsal, Foosball.... Hmmmm.. :)

Janda Oh Janda!

Check this out people! A very interesting ad I saw at the shoplots at Sungai Dua in front of USM. I saw this when me and my sis was walking back to campus after attending mass this morning. My sis saw it yesterday and indeed- this a very interesting ad... hahaha..

p/s: so if u r interested...ring the guy..akakaka..remember only JANDA!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hantu Kacang?

Have been celebrating CNY not in my home town for the past four years... It has been a while since I can get together with my relatives during that day. *Sampai got one time I came back home nda kena ingat lagi ini...adaka buli2 my uncle ask my dad while pointing at me..."ini anak siapa?"..erks...punya la*

Forgotten until to that extent..or I have grown up that much until people tidak kenal..hahaha

Ok2..back to this year's celebration. Everything is low key ... normally my reunion dinner is wit my friends and we will pig ourselves with KFC because no chinese shop are open and we can't cook cos stay on hostel onli.

But apart from the normal tidbits like kacang, sweets and all. Then these tidbits tidak habis makan... So much. Can't finish. Then I store it in a plastic jar where I usually keep my cookies.

On the first day of chinese year, I didn't remember eating those kacang in that jar- and I went visiting for a few days and wasn't in the room for that few days.. No one was.

But when I am back on wed evening, to my surprise the kacang in the jar left only this..


The coke in the bottle I havent finish drink also kurang sudah. The sweets in the container tinggal a few only.

Strange and creepy!

My roommate was back in the room on that wed morning and she told me that the door was locked also when she arrived.

Hmm...Weird, strange and creepy!

well, maybe to rationalize this there are a few ways

1) My roommate ate my food and pretend she doesnt know anything

2) I forgot to lock the door the other day and got people masuk and curi makan, went out and lock the door back *but so strange go makan my food onli but din curi anything because all my valuables are still intact- nothing went missing*

3) Got hantu who go and makan my kacang and drink my coke and took my sweets..

hohohohoho...if it is the 3rd one that I should be worried la..

Helllllooo people!

I am back! Yes...I am back... Life been SOOOOOOOOOO extremely hectic these days. Assignments..test..bla bla the usual stuff. Just finished the mid term holidays. But my mind still not in tune to the studying and working mode for the next lap of the my final sem.

As I had predicted, everything that will happen this year, must be low-key and kept in a hush-hush manner yet those things will have a big impact and greatly significant.

New year...slow and silent

My birthday...low key and memorable. * I guess if you grow older everything seems not to be loud and so party like when you were in your adolescent that the sign of "aging" or "maturing"? - I dunno *

Valentine's day...glamorously discrete *as how I wanna describe it*

Gong Xi Fa Cai ...kinda "sien" at first but ok la..after all it is all about gathering with your loved ones from far and near.

and now...February almost gone. March coming soon and that means I only have two months to be a student here. *Is that a good news or bad news..not sure*