Friday, February 23, 2007

Helllllooo people!

I am back! Yes...I am back... Life been SOOOOOOOOOO extremely hectic these days. Assignments..test..bla bla the usual stuff. Just finished the mid term holidays. But my mind still not in tune to the studying and working mode for the next lap of the my final sem.

As I had predicted, everything that will happen this year, must be low-key and kept in a hush-hush manner yet those things will have a big impact and greatly significant.

New year...slow and silent

My birthday...low key and memorable. * I guess if you grow older everything seems not to be loud and so party like when you were in your adolescent that the sign of "aging" or "maturing"? - I dunno *

Valentine's day...glamorously discrete *as how I wanna describe it*

Gong Xi Fa Cai ...kinda "sien" at first but ok la..after all it is all about gathering with your loved ones from far and near.

and now...February almost gone. March coming soon and that means I only have two months to be a student here. *Is that a good news or bad news..not sure*

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