Saturday, January 31, 2009

muddy week at work

Jadi buruh, baked under the sun *well, not really la cause it was kinda cloudy most of the time*. STILL!! Panas ba tu kalau ada matahari.

It was the school sports day. Yes, for 3 days. The rainy season doesn't really help much either. No skin tanning effect but the mud- was so unbearable!

My perbarisan team is also full of mud. Itu budak-budak la. The costumes worn by the 3 girls here. OMG, mud everywhere! Really like kerbau. And, I have to cuci the costumes after the whole thing finish.Nevertheless, everything paid off. We won the best marching for sport house and overall champion. YAY!

The most fun event for the day was the interhouse teachers' relay event. Seen there are Connie and Dazeree. More pictures on my FB, those who can access go and tengok2 la k.

In the meantime, I totally need rest this. The back pain that I have since after CNY is getting worse after the badminton game just now. Damn it. Cacat. Help!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

post cny updates

work resumes right after 2nd day of chinese new year, which is today. *other schools have a week long holiday- sigh!*

somehow am not complaining that much because instead of a normal school day, it is the sports day. need to teach, just have to bear the tanned skin or rather burnt skin after a couple of days. Thank God to day is a bit cloudy. But the field is almost like a paddy field. So, no need to wear nice-nice to the field la because later sure will comot like kerbau also.

fireworks still can be heard from afar scaring the wits out of dogs outside. It is the mating season for the dogs now, so dog fights is so inevitable. Damn it is noisy, but thanx to the firecrackers, this will quickly put the fight to an end.

But, one of my gatal dogs has his penis swollen now. Swelling + Bleeding. Now he can't walk properly. Probably was involved in a fight while mating. Nah, baru ko tau...siapa suruh gatal butul! Stupid dog. Somehow, kesian also la. Dunno how to treat the dog, maybe later have to hantar to the vet to fix him. head seems to be very empty now. After much eating, drinking, gambling and what not during the past few days, I cant seem to tune myself back to the working mode. I have to somehow. Kalah judi ni masa cny. Cilaka betul.

I hope my unlucky streak for the Ox year will just end at the gambling table. Hopefully lady luck will always visit me throughout the year. It is my year anyway, so give me some money or whatever that can make me richer la...Harap2 bulih la kaya2 sikit ni tahun.

This is supposed to be a short update, jadi panjang pula. Anyway, it is still Chinese New Year until Chap Goh Meh kan. So, it is not too late to wish everyone... Gong Xi Fa Cai.

*I am thinking of rearranging my bedroom for better feng shui la*

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reunion Dinner

In another hour, gotta get ready now.

Rainy late afternoon. Been busy "washing" the house this afternoon. Supposed to bake some cupcakes but no mood already because I was so sleepy. Nap time won over baking project. Yay..haha!

Have a prosperous New Year people. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I want Rihanna

Rihanna's concert live in Kuala Lumpur...on my birthday...huuu.. I can only dream. Working day lagi time tu and so far in KL..why not KK? Why? Why?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What do you do if?

If you are in dire need to shop, but you just don't have the green(Well if here, our money is not green la). Ugh..don't even consider saying use the plastic money a.k.a credit card. Debit card = plastic money, Credit card = buku hutang plastic.

Victoria Secrets Monokini
Spotted monokinis at 1B but...but.. need to lose like 10kg to look great in it. (Sigh, sudah la my vegetarian week a failure. Double sigh!)

Super chic pink and white laptop bag
I have one laptop bag already tapi suka mau bergaya la kunun ni. No, la the real reason is it is super bulky. Now, am using a much smaller bag. Yeah, the tupperware punya dealer bag. Yes..the black bag with white TUPPERWARE print on it. :)

Owh again. I can only drool.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

blog hiatus

short and super busy weekend.

planning a trip for march. hope this time can really make it happen.

i think i wanna go vegetarian for the coming week. 

i think onli la. good luck to myself

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not for the weak heart

Eh? Weak heart...Got such word ka. My English is buruk already now. Later I might sound like a China punya signboard.
Anyway, I just don't know how I came across this site. On-d-scene

It is more to journalism kinda thing on a blog, but..but..the accident stories, they have visual aids., I tell you.

I scroll until the 4th story, I can not stand the pictures already.

Maybe not for you, but it is too gruesome for me. And the pics is definitely not fake..

Owh, the twisted in an awkward angle limbs...and blood..

Aaaaaaaa. I close the window without even finishing to the end of the page. 

I might have nightmares tonight.

saya mau makan..

lecka lecka gelato ice cream......mmmm mmm mmmm
why no outlet in KK yet????

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

dont read, ini kerja orang bosan

This is for the new year...

Will you be looking for a new job?
--> Anyone offering a job paying more than am earning now and can provide less hours to work, i am for it!
Will you be looking for a new relationship?
--> For business purpose, that one is a yes...
New house?
-->Got a new house last money for another new one already.
What will you do different in 2009?
--> less... LMAO!!!
New Years resolution?
--> Eat less...LOL!!!
What will you not be doing in 2009?
--> Cutting my hair...hahaha..Wanna be rapunzel...
Any trips planned?
Wedding plans?
What's on your calendar?
---> Numbers...
What can't you wait for?
--> Getting a mudpie, a very delicious one coming my way sometime this March
What would you like to see happen different?
--> My spending habits
What about yourself will you be changing?
--> My weight...wahahhahaha
What happened in '08 that you didn't think would ever happen?
---> Can;t tell you...TOP secret
Will you be nicer to the people you care about?
---> Owh , hell yeah!
Will you dress differently this year than you did in 08?
--> Depends on the fluffiness of my backside and the flabbyness of my arms
Are you going to be in school in 09?
--> Yes. I already am in one.
How will you make more money in 09?
---> Jual jual jual...
Will you do charity work?
---> Maybe...
Will you be nice to people you don't know?
---> Depends...
Do you expect 2009 to be a worse year for you than 2008?
---> NO, i give happy thoughts for 2009
How much did you change from this time last year til now?
--> I am heavier...miahahahaha
Will you still be friends with the same people you are friends with now?
---> Oh yeah, and new friends to come...
Major lifestyle changes?
Will you be moving?
--> To where?
What will you make sure doesn't happen in 2009 that happened in 08?
---> Yes... DIet GO! GO!
Wishes for 2009:
---> Optimism and discipline...

How old is your brain?

Dont  cheat ...this is really interesting  and the first  time answer  is the most accurate.  enjoy!!!!




Don't worry about the Japanese characters. It works.  

This is interesting !!! See if your brain is as old as your body ~ or ~ (perish the thought) ~ OLDER !!

Procedure of  Flash Fabrica Game:

1. Touch 'start'

2. Wait for 3, 2, 1.

3. Memorize the number's position on the screen, then click the circle from the smallest number to the biggest number.

4. At the end of game, computer will tell you how old your brain is.

Got this from someone, hehe, quite interesting. Bah pigi la cuba!

Mine is 28...ish tua betul punya otak.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wedding on tv, Raindrops on the roof

No idea to blog about what today. Heavy rain, so stay inside the house the whole afternoon. Gotta get some things done but as usual la. Procrastination.

Got tagged by Sheila, but that also a bit lazy to do now.

Owh, I watched that Mawi and Ekin wedding live on TV.

Faulty PA system,CD jump..luckily those AF stars know how to perform under this circumstances. Particularly during Amylea and the other girls were singing Cinta di Akhir Garisan. Impromptu accapella to save the show.

All the hoop-la about the 'big' event is not so perfect after all.

Anyone who watched the bride and groom grand entrance must have noticed the white horse pulling the kereta kuda went berserk at the sound of fireworks. Almost throwing Mawi and Ekin out of the horse carriage if the penjaga of the horse didn't come to the rescue.

And the funny thing is at the same time, during the live telecast of the wedding, RTM1 is having a talk show kutuk-ing the wedding shown live on Astro.

Ooh! they even have a poll about what the viewers think of the extravagant wedding.

74% said it is just a waste of money...wahahahahaha!

Mawi and Ekin, the puppets of the media. Pity you too. oh, I mean congrats..ahahahaha :P

Why do I even bother to blog about la la la. 

new start, new everything

Now that everything is slowly sinking in, I come to accept that this IS 2009. The year of the ox is coming at the end of the month. My year also, so if you can do the maths, you'll know how old I will be this year. 

Next month, I will be 24 and a year later from now, I will be so scared to announce the year that I was born. *blergh*

Anywaaaaaaaaaay..enough about the age thingy. 

Moving on to another thing is that I can't stop playing that silly apps on Facebook called Pet Society. Well, blame my sister for introducing it to me and now we are so much like competing with each other to advance to the next level every time. Too free? Not really. I am procrastinating way too much.

Chinese New Year around the corner, but didn't do the blog layout to have any CNY feel. Just feeling more to a clean, monotonous color choice, not very simple but not so loud. Hoping that my life this year will be more or less like that also. The "eventful" hopefully is just history going once and no twice. 

*praying for all good things to come this year*

Money-money please rain on me..wahahaha

platonic please

one thing in common that most guys that I encounter is..

that they always have hidden agenda.

when you wanna be friends with someone, why can't u keep it platonic?

after all the first thing that one is looking for is friendship and not more that...

that is why I really don't trust guys who usually said "Hai, boleh berkenalan?" or " Can we be friends?"

Itu mesti ada udang di sebalik batu la tu...menjengkelkan betul!

That pick up line is so 20th century man!

Friday, January 09, 2009

the waiting game

For it was a shitty morning today.

Supposed to send the borang induksi to Federal House this morning but need to get the form signed by the principal first.

I arrived at school just a couple of minutes late and by the time I arrive there, all the VIP of the school is having a meeting. 2 meetings back to back to be exact. That time was 9.05 am already.

So, the waiting game starts..
One hour plus...

10.20am, meeting done. Managed to get my forms settled.

Rushed to Federal House, the journey took around 40 mins plus the jam and some very stupid Sabahan drivers *who just love to hog the fast lane with a turtle pace~damn you slow drivers!*

Reached Fed-House, I took around 10 minutes to find a parking spot. Damn it! Lama lagi tu. Sempit punya tempat. I kinda wrecked the bottom part of my car when the right side of the car wheels jatuh in a very deep lumpur, the side of the asphalt made the besi sound like what only..
Double Damn-it!

Parked my car, walked up the building, 4th floor. 2 minutes going up.

Hantar the form, cant see the people in charge because the person that I need to see is not free. Damn it, damn it, damn it! So, just leave the form to the person at the reception.

Go down and make a journey home and mind you this is a Friday! Afternoon, jam everywhere. School kids going out, people go sembahyang. Jam!!!

The real urusan is actually just sending the form at the counter which happens around 1 minute. 1 minute at the counter! One Freaking minute! The rest of it is just waiting and caught in a jam. 

Gosh, why don't this government body has an online system for this kind of form?


Thursday, January 08, 2009

liquid nose

liquidated nose. Yeah, seriously, water just like dripping from my nose.

Anyway, wasn't feeling well the whole day today. At work especially, tissue for stopping "leaks" on my left hand and a pen on my right hand writing. Sneezing...countless.

To add salt to the wound, I just so happen to bump to a 'somewhere' over the 'rainbow'. To my horror...Something is so freakingly the same.

Well, this is not the first time la I saw that 'somewhere' but I have been observing that place whether the 'rainbows ' are the same like my ideas. Day by day, it is getting worse. Geddemmeet!!

Enough said, cursing aside...Copycats should just rot in hell.

Back to work issues again, falling sick for the first week of school is just not the best thing to happen now.

Somehow the fact that tomorrow is Friday has lifted my mood a bit.

Again..Damn you copycats!

Monday, January 05, 2009

reminiscing a super silly christmas

kinda late to post anything to do with christmas. this is a delayed post due to lotsa travelling before this..

anyway, christmas of 2008 was one of the most retarded yet super fun moments ever.
It was definitely a season to be jolly...

Fa la la la la la la la... ahakz! ...*click on the image to have a larger preview of what is goin on*

Sunday, January 04, 2009

argh! school!

To do list tomorrow
~prepare for school on Monday *well, it is not ONLY for Monday*
~take off my deep red nail polish *gotta appear berdisiplin this time around, new principal just settled in*
~clean up the jungle in my room *which I doubt I can do that*

I could prepare for all these very much earlier. Between finishing whats on the list




Come on positivity, come on motivation, come now!!!!!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

ko sudah kawin ka belum?

Are you married already?

Whoa..Easy on that question man. 

Well, that is a compulsary question that willdefinitely come up when you are chatting to a friend that you haven't been talking to for quite some time.

You see, the Happy New Year wishes are being sent everywhere to the near and far ones. So, it is a great opportunity to start a conversation with a long-time-no-see friend. Catching up stories.

But why, oh, why 'that' question is a must?

Is it because for the last two months, a lot of people especially my childhood friends and ex-schoolmates are getting married?

Is it because the girls my age, this year will be 24, fit to be married? *haha, got such thing ka pula?*

Is it because all my friends and colleagues mostly had reached or just reached the quarter life stage?

Don't get me wrong la, there is nothing wrong to ask that question but I prefer other questions or warm up questions that doesn't point out directly to marriage... *hehe*

Cuba la ba tanya berapa kilo sudah berat badan ko naik ni, nampak sihat ja ~ wahahaha, this one if you ask a girl sure kena slap.

Or u can ask... Kaya sudah ka? *giggles*

oh..the dreaded M word on ~nice read

transition 08-09

The clock is now half an hour past midnight. Happy 2nd day of the New Year. *just wanna be different konon*. ~ Nah, truth is I was so swamped since last year. This is my first post for 2009. yay!

It was only on the morning and afternoon of the new year that I manage to get the rest that I need since laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast year. I really spent the whole day sleeping.*hehehe*.

Not only the year 2008 has come to an end, the school hols is gonna end soon. *Sheeeeeettttttttt! Ask any other educator whether this
 is a pleasant feeling or not?* 

And OMG reality gonna hit back soon. Well, it is sooner than I think. Tomorrow morning at 8am * technically later in a couple of hours since now is 2nd Jan already* I gotta attend a meeting at school. Adui! I am so in need of a meditation session to prepare my mental to the working pace again. Now, I am very much in the holiday mood still.


A quick look back on 2008.
~just one word for me : EVENTFUL in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ways.
There is no need to elaborate on what had happened or anything because that's for me to know and if you really kay-poh just go and find out la.

Resolutions for new year 2009.
~hehe...malu lah wanna tell. 

*check the words on the button below..muahahaha*
Diet..Go! Go!