Saturday, February 28, 2009


my idea of a lazy evening.

early dinner + an hour of playing PS2 + reading magazine while having the Balinese aromatherapy oil burning (scents filling the whole room) + easy listening music


Thursday, February 26, 2009


sober thoughtfulness

i guess a full day rest at home really made my brain tuned to the things that I don't usually think about on a daily basis.

for the first time, after teaching for quite some time. I am learning to love my job.

As much as I hate the politics at work, the workloads, the lesson plans, the expectations from my superiors.

I can say that I love being a teacher.

All this while, I am only a teacher... I view everything from the managerial side.

But, the thought of knowing that I have inspired, I have taught good values, I delivered knowledge, I helped some to be better.

Most of the time, I focus too much on the negative side of being an educator.

To remember that I am an inspiration to the young minds - that is the best thing that could motivate to keep going.

*okay enough of being work to do now. nazir ada pigi skul*

It ended!

The MSSD Tuaran ended!
 and H.U.R.R.A.Y!!
My school won the overall title.

Yet the red panda is here to stay.

Not only that my skin is so dry and red and painful, I am very RED now. Jerawat pun mau keluar. cis. 

I am so gonna be short, fat, and ugly...and also RED.

I guess its better off to be tan and gelap cos of the sun rather than being red and not gelap at all. It is just weird and funny looking.

I look pretty much like a lobster

A very cute, fat and expensive lobster *self consolation*

Monday, February 23, 2009

Red Panda

A rare species. 

Have you ever seen one?

If not..Then, today is your lucky day. 

You are one of the luckiest person to see it alive. A newly found species.






Only can be found after the whole day being baked by the heat from the track of Likas Sports Complex.

Thanx for the sunglasses that I wear. Now, I am a RED PANDA.


Didn't realize it was 'that' bad until I saw my face in the mirror once I reached home. People was saying that I look red but I didn't know that it could be that red! Funny thing is the red part is not painful, but my lips does. SUNBURNT lips!

Urgh..and guess what

I have another 2 days to be baked. 

I think its gonna be a permanent.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Joan says 

that she is hungry, food all tasteless, no appetite, perut masuk angin, head feels like swollen, freezing cold.

stupid fever. my tonsils also painful.

Therefore Joan says

Goodnight and don't bother me, am cranky now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I had a bad day

7am- rudely woken up by a phone call from work. 
press end call, switch off my phone and continue sleeping

730am-wake up for real
transit on the sofa in the living room, body aching, fever.

8am-rushed to school
to settle some stuff, this is prior to the wake up call. some shitty bussiness,that I have been sweating out to settle it for the past 3 days... I swear next year I don't wanna be in the committee anymore.

9am- to tuaran
run some errands for my sis
did some phone calls to settle my online business things. parcel delivery late, customer fuming. gosh!

10am-home again
too weak to do anything. fever mau mampus. my eyeballs also jadi kering already. dont wanna take mc cos my bank account is super dry now, cant afford to go clinic. for real!

11am- ready for school
rush like mad to prepare for school. just remembered that 1130am got meeting. skipped lunch.

meeting, kena query by the boss because of the low pass rate for Maths. wth?? it was not solely my fault. then more responsibilities came in order to overcome it. projects projects projects.

1215pm-class started
Class was so noisy. My tonsils sakit, swallow saliva also cannot. I was not even respected although I stood in front of the class trying to calm them down. Those cina kids memang la ba.

I was such an emotional wreck. Yes, for the second time I cried in class again. Thank God for the tears, if I didn't cry, I might end up slapping and injuring some of the kids inside the class. Parents will bring me to court. No no no

Again thank God for the tears. I don't care, I cried. SO be it. I had fever. Head was pounding. I didnt had lunch. Am hungry. Tonsils painful...boleh gila oh!

and I have to 2 classes with 2 periods back to back. I felt like dying. The fan inside the class is freezing me, my stomach empty asking for food. At one point, I was close to fainting..Luckily I was sitting down that time.

3pm- went home
Ate late lunch, pop in some pills, slept for one hour by 430pm back to school. 5pm-535pm got another class.

Super shitty day. Thinking of taking mc tomorrow...but..but..but..*sigh!


On another note, prior to my yesterday's post. I also like to share Daniel's view on that. Read that. Enriching.

Why they have to fight over Language problem ALL the time. Now, ALLAH then the PPSMI.

Why you wanna abolish the Teaching and Learning of Maths and Science in English? Those silly parliaments reps has nothing better to talk about la these days.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The A-word

Exclusivity of the Allah word to some religion?

I understand the difference of the general name and specific name. But other countries like Indonesia and Arab is not making any big hoo-haa about it.

Some may hate me for posting this but I gotta say what's in my head. Biggest culprit in this matter is our governing ruler now. Just that, I don't want to elaborate more.

Oh, btw, the RTM show on this matter which is airing now. Panels invited is very smart indeed but they didn't play it fair.

In short, it is twisted. Fcuking twisted. 

I stopped watching by the first 15 mins.

I can name my God, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears...for all I like as long as I know who what and how I follow my religion.

So, stop this-is-my-God's-name-and-you-cannot-use-it-act. Eee.. bikin panas. 

Crazy country that I have here. 

Sex scandals, lies, froggy jump, murder, just doesn't stop anywhere.

My Yellow Cat is gone

I guess the regular reader of this blog could remember who is Yellow Cat.

The only family cat after Miawtut's death.

My fave subject for my photography practice.

Lover of durian and papaya.

So bossy when he is hungry or thirsty.

Super playful when he was young. He practically never leave the house until lately.

Mechanic we call him because he adores cars so much. He love to brush his body against parked cars at the garage. Sleep on them as well
It was just the other day that we started to bathe him because he always come home dirty.

It was just the other day that me and my sis was talking about when was his birthday. So we decided to give him his birthday the same day as my youngest sis since she is the "mother" of the cat.

It was on my sister's birthday that he spent his last moment with us.

And the day after that, he went missing.

He never leave home more than 24hours. 

He always come back. No matter what. I know the 12-1am call at the door each night, he meow outside knowingly that I am still up in my room. Asking me to open the door for him.

He didn't come back. My cousin said he saw a yellow cat dead on the divider of the highway near my house.

My head says its him but trying my best to deny it until I saw it myself. My sisters went to see with my dad.

When my sisters came back. 
Crying especially my youngest sis. 

I knew it was him. I just felt numb.

My dad brought back his remains. At the sight of it, tears rolled down my cheeks and so now while typing this.

One thing so clear that I can remember about this cat is that he sleeps a lot and he love the store room so much.

We will miss you Yellow Cat. (2005-2009)
May you rest in peace. 

We buried you near the store room that you love so much. (pic showing him at the stairs of the store room)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

dizzy busy moody me

A not so happening Sunday.

Church as usual in the morning. My stupid contact lenses were creating problems again. Dry eyes. Damn it!

My skin allergy on my scalp resurface again. Thus adding to the appearance woe. 

In dire need to get a new hairstyle yet I want to keep my hair long this year. New hairstyle means cutting hair. I don't want short hair.

Can't colour my crowning glory because of the skin irritation that I am having against chemicals like hair dye. Sigh! Maybe need to see doc before it get worse now.

Caught the sight of myself on a mirror at a makan place during lunch and man! I look ugly. 

Where's the healthy glow? Well maintained hair? Great skin? I don't even really bother to use make up now because my skin has so many problems. Oily yet flaking *cos too dry* on some area.

Metabolism rate also declining since age is increasing. I love food and I love to eat. How la?

Okay..okay enough of this... I seriously need to spend more time loving myself more.


Just a little story to share,

Went to 1B to teman my sis to visit the Jom Masuk U campaign there.

So, I grab the chance to get more info on scholarships available for postgraduate programmes.

Situation --> At KPT (Higher Education Ministry) booth.

Me pointing at one chart for the scholarship of postgraduates, while asking for more info on that chart.

Person at booth: Oh, that's for postgraduates if STPM leavers is this one. *pointing other chart*

Me: Err, I am a teacher.. *i guess i don't have that look la, need to explain myself again*

Person at booth: Ic...Ic...*hastily answering me again*. That programme is for lecturers only.

Me: *in my head ~ damn it, I saw the qualifications for applying there is DG41 and above la, I know which shoes I am in la, that is the post I am in now*

But instead of clarifying things, I just said okay.

Then the girl at the booth pandai2 tambah her explanation

"Here is Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, if you are a teacher you can inquire more at Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia booth over the other side."

I know la the KPM is at the other side BUT the booth only serve info on MATRIKULASI KPM.

Bodoh girl. Didn't she know that some teachers may also fall in the DG41 category. and NOT only lecturers. Title only different la, it is the same thing...

What? Teachers are a lower class than lecturers is it? Hmppph...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-day 2009

Can you feel the love in the air?


Somehow Valentine's Day kick off with a wrong start. Here's what happen today

1) Caught in a jam at inanam punya simpang empat tu. 

There was a sudden unusual count number of cars today. Saturday + Valentine's Day + Traffic Light rosak... JAM!!!!!!

2) My side mirror kena langgar

Yes, while crawling in the traffic jam, this super-cilaka fella on bike zoomed past my car in lightning speed. Langgar my side mirror. Nasib tidak patah...twisted in an awkward angle saja. Jahanam punya motorist, harap kau langgar anjing nanti and jatuh masuk parit. Nah kan kena sumpah sudah.

3) Warisan Square is full of cheesy couples

Me and my sisters were there to buy a birthday cake. *my youngest sister punya birthday lagi today*. Reached there. Parking lot saja pun ada sudah sight of couple yang menjengkelkan. Inside the building no need to elaborate more la.

Reached there noon. Cheesy couples radar detected this.

After lunch time. Cheesy couples radar shown this..OMG.

The sight of flowers --> Ok to me

Couples holding hands --> Ok to me

Same outfit for couples --> Erkk...

Blue contact lens for You and Me --> Double Erk...

Dating at the stairs --> Let me pass through, I need to use the stairs.

Bermanja-manjaan at the book store --> Adui, get a room people. Can't afford ka? Bookstore is the best that you can do?


4) Left Warisan as soon as possible

Drove back, on the way , of course more couples to be seen. Funniest is the pilak-pilak dating at Teluk Likas. Should have brought camera tadi. Got a couple dating next to a over-turned tong sampah with sampah scattered around... Awww, so romantic! They love each other no matter where they are.

5) Almost hit another car

Yes, I was driving past the Anjung Selera in Likas, overtaking a car on the left lane with a car sticker "Bah, Jangan kau Laju-laju!". Sarcasm at its best.

Anyway, I went to the right lane and was about to picking speed when the crawl on the bridge near YS started to move. But the red Iswara in front of me seems to be stopping abruptly *approx 200m ahead*. No brake lights seen anyway. I was confused.

Slam in the brakes while glancing at the rear mirror *lucky no trailing cars behind*, managed to stop in time before I hit the red car. It turns out the red Iswara had crashed into a Myvi. The Iswara was definitely travelling fast before that. The car zoomed past me before I overtook the car with sarcastic sticker. Myvi was crawling because of jam. Kana sungal pula pantat tu kereta.Marah betul ba driver dia. Perempuan lagi tu.

I should thank my lucky stars today for not adding up to the crash. It might be a chain accident if I didn't stop in time.

Sarcastic car sticker...You are definitely right!

5) Afternoon nap like there's no tomorow.

Home sweet home. Nap is like heaven. Pure bliss. Muahahaha

6) Celebrated my sis birthday and a belated one for me also.

How was your Valentine's Day?

For the record

Friday the 13th, Year Of the Ox.

My Fave number [13] on the infamous 'auspicious' day on my 'year' according to the chinese calendar.

The much anticipated day is here. *been waiting for this since ages*

Btw, for the record. 2009 minus 1985 is 24.

So, please don't say I am 25 or 26.... I am just so not ready to be in that age group.

I am still below 25 years of age. 


Thanx for all the wishes peeps! Can't thank each one personally. I am just so overwhelmed by the many2 birthday wishes.

I used to have my phone flooded with Birthday SMS but now thanks to FB, I got even more there..*haha, friendster are so yesterday*


Happy Birthday to me! Yay!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

oh gawd, help me please!

Alcoholic --> needs help

Workaholic --> needs help

Insomniac --> needs help

Shopaholic ---> *me*


I am Joan, I am an online shopping addict.

Help me please.


Funds are running low but I can't stop myself from the temptation of those online shops.

Especially this.


Help me please! 

Someone please buy that bag for me please....please...please



wat la..

I cannot access

I cannot access Facebook also

Die la....

Luckily still accesible

What is wrong with those sites??????

Is it just me or everyone else is experiencing the same thing.

It is late

and I am supposed to be in bed now. But I am still up, uploading pics to FB, as promised , to my colleagues.Went to watch Bride Wars just now. A chic flick, comedy. Not bad. I had fun watching. Somehow it send me a very notable message to my head that marriage is not an easy thing. The pre-wedding time is certainly a time when it will break you apart.

If anyone had watched the movie, I was so touched by the part where Emma (Anne Hathaway) broke up with her fiance on her actual wedding day. OMG! Finding out that your fiance isn't THE ONE on your wedding day itself. I can only faint!

Somehow, I definitely didn't have any fantasy like those little Emma and Liv to have a dream wedding of their own when they grow up. My other half had asked me what is my dream wedding gonna be like *as most girls do imagine and fantasize how their wedding gonna be someday*. (Un) Fortunately, I don't have one. Should every girl have one? Hmmm. I am just wondering .... because I am scared that I may deviate from the typical girls-with-fantasy-weddings-in-mind type. Am I not normal?

As it is February, I rate the movie to be 3.5 star out of 5. I had a good laugh with my colleagues while watching.

I consider this outing as my early birthday celebration though none of them knew that the reason I asked my colleagues to come and watch this movie with me is for my own little celebration.
 Anyway, I had fun, they had fun. Everyone is happy and so am I.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tag, you are it - Ep 3

Facebook tag tagged by Sheila.

I post it here because I wanna tag the people who read this post. Very susah wanna tag this on Facebook. 25 people. Ramai bah tu!
the "rules" :

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Once completed, tag 25 other people (including me!)


Opening Credits:
Stay My Baby : Miranda Cosgrove
- wah..stay..stay..stay! Bubblegum pop music

Waking Up:
Big Girls( You are Beautiful) : Mika
- Hey big girls you are beautiful!

First Day At School:
Still there for Me : HSM3
- Alamak, apa ni? Puppy love betul

Puppy Love:
Kudus : GMB
- Gila lah, lagu rohani ni!

Fight Song:
Holy : GMB
- Astaga..haha..translation of the previous song saja ni. Don't fight.. Be holy! Miahahaha

Breaking Up:
Nike Women Mix (Workout)
- Break up and Exercise...Get a new body, new look, new life..hehe

All or Nothing : HSM3
- Napa bah ni High School Musical saja..ish2..ngam also la. Prom kan

Life is Good:
Won't go home without you: Maroon 5
- I won't go home without you..oh..oh..oh

Easy to love you : Shayne Ward
- Breezy song

Stay: Estrella

True Love:
Out of Reach: Gabrielle
- Alamak..such bad news ka?

Mercy : Duffy
- Yeah..yeah...I am begging you for mercy...why won't you release me. Astaga..tragic juga.

Moment of Triumph:
Seperti Waktu yang Dulu : Ungu
- Bida!

Death Scene:
I can do Better : Avril Lavigne
- I am better off without you anyway...haha

Funeral Song:
Selamat Tinggal Kekasih : Kertas
- Odoi...kesian juga

End Credits:
Heartbreaker : Will.I.Am
-Oh..yeah!I am a heartbreaker

Monday, February 09, 2009

tag, you are it - Ep2

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

I got tagged by Daz, Sheila and ada lagi but tidak ingat siapa. Sorry that I break the rules, nanti la post there, post it here first.

My 25 Random Things.

1) My initials is JVM and that's the code name that is being used in my work place.

2) Tv is my best educational tool while growing up...and still is now.

3) I lied about No.3, hehe. My best educational tool now is the net la of course. Duh!

4) My grandpa taught me, sister,and cousins how to climb a coconut tree when we were small.

5) Loved Suria Baja Hitam so much when I was a kid that I have a file to record all the titles for each episode and can even remember the names of "raksasa' in each episode. LOL!

6)I got a bronze medallion in life saving. -certified lifeguard here- but the licence has expired 4 years ago. haha

7)I want to learn how to scuba dive by this year...*Jeremy, capat la urus!*

8)Wogok is my dog and Montoku is his friend. 

9)I spent my adolescent years away from home. *boarding school, college, uni*

10) But now I am working in my hometown. *5 minutes walk from home...huhu*

11) I am scared of heights!

12) Lover of sunrise and sunsets

13) Always amazed by beautiful lights. *Candles, Chandeliers, Superb lightings, Aurora, Fireworks*

14) I am turning 24 on the day before V-day. *sigh!*

15) The girls in my family has big assets...hahaha. if you know what i mean :p

16) Winning a paegant is one of my dream, but now I come to understand that I am NOT paegant material. *what a stupid dream that la..haha*

17) I used to have an ambition to be an astronaut. I even filled in the form to be one. Haha. Now, that fact is joke that is always used on me.

18) Loves jazz music. Never fail to soothe the soul.

19) I own an online store -->

20) Swimming is the first sport that I learned and I practically grew up at Likas Sports Complex swimming pool. 

21) Love arts. *Performing arts/ Visual arts/ arts and crafts/ martial arts*

22) I tasted Moet and Chandon once and I like it! Tapi mahal bah tu

23) Working in RRR was one of the nicest opportunities that I have in life. *short tapi siok*

24) Currently addicted with Pet Society on Facebook...

25) When I sleep, I dream and most of it will come true...and that freaks me out.

Okay, habis! Most people find this 25 Facts seems to be hard to think of but I have a lot more than 25 in my head now. Haha. Somehow I better stop. It might not be interesting to you people anyway. Maybe.

Am not tagging anyone here. Just do la if you are interested.

tag, you are it - Ep 1

Rules & Regulations.
1. Do not copy the answers.
2. The tag questions must be 100% same.
3. Tag people after doing the tag.
4. No tagging back.
I am tagging these people

#1 Amy
#2 Jasmine
#3 Julie
#4 Chin Fern
#5 Ying Tian
#6 Crystabel
#7 Cynthia
#8 Serra
#9 Dazeree
#10 Onderay

How do you know 1?
-From my mom, she introduce this person to me as my sis.
What would you do if you never met 2? new blogger friend
What would you do if 3 & 4 dated you?
-Wahhaahaha..No thank you
Would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
-As friends, yes maybe
Do you think 7 is attractive?
-Owh, semestinya..haha
Do you know anything about 8's family?
-Of course, I do..
Tell me something about 9.
-My childhood friend, good friend, colleague, jiran sebelah meja at work
What language does 2 speak?
-Oooh...jasmine. I dont really know what languages you speak. Malay and English is a standard answer la.

Who is 3 going out with?
-Julie..sapa gerek ko kinek tok? ehehe..
How old is 4?
-19 right? 
Who is 6's favourite singer?
-Crystabel, who is your fave singer ah? Jay Chou? Jason Mraz? Jonas Brothers? hehe
Would you date 7?
- Why? Nanti si greg marah.
Is 10 single?
- Definitely Taken! Taken! Taken!...muahaha
What is 9's last name?
Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
-She is my sister la
Which school does 2 go to?
-Some school in KK. Where ar Jasmine?
What do you like about 3?
-Creative and she loves PINK!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

life in a daze lane

this blog is quite picture-less for quite some time. the visual stimulation aid is nowhere to be seen lately because i am not inspired to put any relevant visual aids in my post. So, don't complain. Just bear with the words.

late last night, i have this things that i wanted to blog about but right now, the ideas and thoughts just dissapeared. Damn! 

in the mean time, i am downloading some stuff to valentinize my blog for this february look. haha. don't hate me for remembering that day so much. eat your hearts out you non-loving people of the earth.

anyway, to my friends who had tagged me. i will do the tags when i have the time okay or when i feel like it because it is kinda hard to those things if i am not
 really into it. hehe. better late than never right? Handwriting tag, random facts, etc...i can't remember what are the others. Sabar ah!

on an unrelated note, (really..really unrelated to the above things)

1) I want Kim Kardashian's shiny black hair. How on earth she can make her locks looks so bouncy and healthy?

2) Does anyone know where I can find this skirt cum tube dress? I saw this at 1borneo but it's retailing way too much for the price and they only have display stocks left so really not worth buying there.

3) So in need to workout more and eat less. Why? 
I was at a family gathering yesterday and my cousins and aunties was like "Eee, kenapa ba ko gemuk sudah ni?" *dush-dush~ two punches to me...One to the face and one to my self esteem*

Almost every young ladies in my extended family are sort of crash dieting, they just don't 'really' eat and DON'T workout...but they do look thinner and slimmer than me. WHO, by the way.. do workout and eat normally. Not to mention, I am by nature do have not-so-slim..ahem..muscular legs *footballers' legs anyone, I am ready to donate*

Not too mention my other high school friends who really turned heads in town these days because they are showing off their slim thighs and arms with minimal clothes and dolled up face. Pigi kadai saja pun mau juga berlawa...Cis. Mintapuji, mentang2 sudah cantik sudah sekarang. 

A jealous remark from a plump girl? Maybe. But the pressure to be slim and pretty is way too much sometimes until it can kill the highest self esteem around.

Anyway, I am a true believer of fitness and natural charms. So bimbos keep away! Don't pollute the air around me with your fake attitude and look. You all are nothing underneath the make up and the diet pills.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

sakit belakang oi!

The back pain that I have been having is on and off throughout the week. It didn't hurt that much during the badminton session last week, also the same during my last Karate class. But, today. OMG...I think I felt the muscle or bone or whatever it is just slip from its original position. The back pain became worst.

From bad to worst during another Karate class just now. Was doing some warm-ups, doing kicks, then S.A.K.I.T. I immediately just walk and .. and.. I just can't explain how the pain was. All I can say is, I walk: sakit, I sit: sakit, I lie down : not so sakit. That's why I am blogging now while lying down on my bed. I hope when I wake up tomorrow, I still can move my leg. Gila ni.

I guess those of you who knew me personally might be wondering why the sudden change of martial arts. It is not a change. It is just an addition. Learning is a whole-life process. You are never too old for anything. But the transition between skills in Taekwondo and in Karate : not easy. Need practice la.

On another note, just need an opinion. 

My close friend (X) has been dating another friend (Y) for quite some time. Yet, things are not always on cloud nine for these two lately. So (Y) seems to have interest to another friend of mine also (Z) and there are chances that someone maybe dumped and hurt. So, what do I have to do?

Ignore this situation --> Kasi biar saja
Tell X about what I know --> Jaga tepi kain orang la ni
Or anything else that you people may suggest..

Hehe.. I sounded like those "heart to heart" column in those magazines la.

p/s: my back still hurts..very much

good night post

time and date is a concept made by human beings. 24 hours is never enough. One year just pass just like that. Distance also...why do we need that concept? why? It made my life complicated.

super hectic day, tomorrow will be to. Needing someone to hear me. Just here to rant about nothing. How nice of this blog can answer me back. 

Dependency on something, someone, somehow, somewhat, somewhere. Complicated life.

I need someone to talk to. *before this blog becomes an online personal journal-and i don't want that to happen.

Monologue again. *two punches to the face...dush-dush*

Face it. We are alone in this world. 

Huargh *yawn*. Goodnight  

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

drink your sorrows away

2nd feb, the first schooling day on the month of february. Post CNY and school sports day which was last week, the kids are like monsters in class. Not too mention some of the really rude and biadap kids in the class.

I lost my temper and the devil in me was released. I was close to slapping some of the kids yesterday because of an incident in the class. My fault anyway, I was too lenient on them during the start of the school term this year. Trying the different approach does not work well with kids raised from a family with gangsterism background.

Solution: stop nagging and walk away. *literally just leave the class in the middle of a lesson*
If not some kids might be slapped and the parents will go after you with their kongsi-gelap-kinda-style gang.

Thinking of starting February in a positive and happy mood but it started off like that. Geez...Anyway, thanks to the invitation of a friend to a party last night. It was booze and gambling till midnight. Yes, drinking on a Monday night and am working today. Nonetheless, I had a good time. Haha.

The aftermath:

Headache when I woke up this morning...Check!

Stomach not feeling well and turning like a washing machine...Check!

Finance report not done...Check!

Hair smelling like tobacco and BBQ smoke...Check!

So much for the detox day and washing my hair before that. Not to mention, work piling up and am in no mood to finish it.

carpe diem..

Sunday, February 01, 2009

get away from me!

I always like walking alone when I wanna buy things. Especially when the whole family or group go to a shopping mall and everyone has their own thing to look for and what not.

I used to to do this a lot when I studied in Penang a few years back. Just hop on a bus and go straight to a shopping mall. Yes. Alone.

However, this afternoon, i didn't go alone to the shopping mall. the whole family went,but we go our separate ways since it is too troublesome to walk with people who have many-many directions. the part where so tiring.

so, I went my own way. It was quite crowded in Karamunsing just now. Banyak orang la bah, ada main tu tong-tong chang lagi tu-bising!. 

I was in watson, walking up and down the aisle looking for one particular shampoo. Then, one guy i noticed seems to be playing hide and seek nearby. *ish, apa ni*. He doesn't look familiar so i didn't pay much attention as i was busy looking for my shampoo.

Then he came near me as I was just walking out of Watson. 


Then I looked at him. *in my head--> eee. who the hell is this fella?*

"Saturang saja ka?" /are you alone

Still puzzled and don't know how to react because I was thinking ~do i know this guy/long lost friend or whatever~

I just smile and walk away. Clutching my handbag tighter than ever. Went out of Watson, and just walk into the crowd where the tong-tong chang is still performing.

I just don't know where the rest of my family is.

Looked back, no sight of that stranger. Huuuu..Maybe just false alarm. Paranoid me *slap-slap*

I went to 1st floor, saw my sisters there in Signature. They were still busy with their stuff, so I wander off alone la.

Then. AGAIN! I saw that fella. With the same "Hi!" and eerie smile and gaze.

WTF...get away from me! You weirdo!

I walked to my sisters and asked them to finish their shopping quickly. 


p/s: tong-tong chang : lion dance