Friday, May 30, 2014

Crossing it off the list

Yeah!!!!! Finally I get to cross off "Learn Scuba Diving" from the I WISH list

I took the lesson at Diverse Borneo. 3 days course is rm900. Google Diverse Borneo if you need more info.

The first day started with a classroom session that took like almost 4 hours. All theory stuff were taught during the 4 hours. I tell you, for any 3 or 4 days scuba diving course it is always a crash course. So many things to learn!

Then the second day is more to practical skills and a confined water dives. I am still pretty much terrified that the fact the moment you started being introduced to the equipments, the next thing you know you are doing the back roll from the boat. Going down tank first with the air supply (regulator) in your mouth.

God damn! It's like a shock to me! And being a swimmer I am not good with fins.  If you swim without fins you are not supposed to kick so much (as in swimming in the pool) but if you are wearing fins, you gotta do big kicks. Everything is a shock.

Thank God for the perfect weather, it was so sunny and I got baked. Lagi la tu urang putih in our group. Memang burnt! 

I am nervous for every dive and when it comes to certain skills where you have to take off your snorkel mask and just breath with the air supply. Oh my god! And not to mention putting the mask back while you are underwater and clearing it with a blow from your nose. From this moment, I started to have second thoughts already as my friend decided to give up on the course and it's just me and the orang putih will continue. 

I started the final day feeling demotivated. I was already thinking to actually give up if I am having another panic attack on the final day. I usually will have panic attack when I feel uncomfortable with my breathing using the regulator (air supply) or if water start to flood my mask sikit sikit. 

And to my horror, the final day dive started off with a dive in the open sea not at a confined area anymore. And we went down almost 20m like that. It was awesome down there but I struggled to find my peace. Eventually I could keep calm but it was after much of a "if I decide to do something foolish, I might die" kind of thought.

This is a fake smile to cover the nerves. But all one need is a lot of practice and the trust to the equipments. Because at the end of the day, that's the only thing that provide you the life support down there.

I saw turtle today during the final dive. It was awesome and surreal. It made me so pumped to do more diving PROVIDED I will go and dive with someone who is more experienced than me. I just need to feel safe. 

And yeah, I made it! Big thanks to my instructor, AhPeh for being patient and to hold my hand whenever I got anxious underwater. Childish as it seems but I feel like a little kid who is so scared if I am underwater.

Learn scuba diving (done!)

The first three days of my school break is really really productive. Learning to Scuba Dive in 3 days is not easy but it is possible. And this is something out of my comfort zone. 

Tomorrow is the highlight of Kaamatan. Who is going to KDCA tomorrow?

Teacher's day celebration at school

This is definitely a celebration to remember. As the ex students who are now teachers have to dress up as students again. Thank God for having younger sisters who went to the same school as you. The perks, they still keep their school uniforms. Hahaha. And Thank God I still can fit into their form 5 sizes. Ahahaha. Some of my colleagues even took the hassle to go and BUY the uniform for themselves.

School shirt ( checked )
School skirt ( checked )
Neck tie ( checked )
Socks ( checked )
Shoes ( checked )
Name tag ( double checked )

So, when we entered the school hall in one big group of teachers of course all you can hear were laughter and loud cheers. Malu juga la. But it was fun though. We had a standing ovation from the rest of the school.

A few tear jerker moment was when the students brought out flowers while one of the Special Need kid was singing some "terima kasih" cikgu song. Then the moment when the Principal led all the teachers to sing "Biar ku menjadi lilin". Punya la. Mengalir la air mata. Cesssss.

It just dawned on me that this might be the last time I celebrate this kind of event in this school. That was the main reason why all the tears can flow freely. T_T

Anyway, it was a fun day. A group photo aka class photo for the cikgu-cikgu with identity crisis is a must!

Memorable teacher's day celebration. Thank you to the Students' Body and Prefect Board for organizing it. ^_^

Anyway, sa ada menang award. Award guru paling sempoi. Apa kah erti sempoi tu. Haha. Sa pun nda paham.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Angin tidak bagus

When you don't really have a choice. Compromise. When you don't really have a voice. Vocalize. Errr no. Just shut up and live your life.

It's funny how excited you can be about something and you did sketches of it in your head and notebook. Pinning boards for inspiration. Digital scrap booking to gather ideas. Just like how excited I got to plan my wedding.

But wait, you don't have any moolah to get it done. Sigh. Not your call. The last time everything was done almost close to my sketches in my head were welcomed with I hope you are happy statement.

Ah well, I am gonna burn the sketches now. Bye

One can only dream and get burned in their dreams and also in real life. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday yang hectic!

There's just so many things to do today.

Drove to KK in the morning to do some urusan at the Federal House. Damn! I hate it when there's no parking available. I just had to double park and leave my phone number on the dashboard ( just in case someone need to go out from their parking lot )

Went to the JPN Sabah to take the pengesahan from Ketua Jabatan which is the Pengarah Pelajaran ( whom is always not in ), the Penolong-penolong Pengarah also just happen not to be in yesterday and I have to postpone all my urusan to Thursday. I pity those teachers from Beluran who were there also yesterday. Imagine, they have to travel that far JUST take the signature of the Ketua Jabatan ( who is always not in )


WHY the hell that the application is not available online. I mean. They ask you to submit an online form but there's more offline forms need to be filled in and certified and stamped by some big shot in the Jabatan.

Aiya, I complain also no use. Won't change anything. But bottom line is I pity those who have travel far and take a day off to get the signature of someone "up" there and just to know that no one is in. Tsk tsk tsk

Anyway, there will be a Teacher's Day celebration at school tomorrow. All the teachers who are the former student of the school are required to dress up as students. Hahaha.

Bah, saya ada name tag sudah untuk bisuk. Old school kan. Pakai typewriter lagi tu nama. Haha. Semangat ni. Mo tidur awal.

Wanna see how do I look in school uniforms? Murid tua...hahaha . Will post it up tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Wednesday : Bohemian Concept

Oh my God! This is so pretty. It is so organic!

Check out this page for more photos. 

Major hearts for this concept.

I did something similar to this concept for my E-Sessions last year. Photos by Jofanna Bridal. 

Ada gaya-gaya Boho juga bah kan?

Saya bukan urang putih, tapi bulih la bah kan... sampai juga tu konsep. Ahahahaha.

Midnight ramblings

It's midnight and I am supposed to be sleeping. Was kinda exhausted with the Zumba session just now (substituting my sister for her class). Just finished marking the paper for the Science subject. 3 more classes for Maths. Yes. I am talking about exam papers and school holiday is definitely around the corner. Looking forward for it!

But the busy days are also here right now. So many things going on in my head right now. Two important things that I really need to finish up now

1) the HLP/CBBP application. 

hunting down signatures of the appropriate person is an agony. Oh well, just gotta get through it. Nothing comes easy

2) exam papers and analysis

really really really need to get this done before end of the week. I hope I can keep up, I can be a total slacker most of the time.

On another note, the mister has transferred to KL. It has been a month since he relocated. Gotta get used to the frequent travelling now. We have found a house. Not buy lah. Rent only. Tiada duit mau beli rumah. Too broke because need to travel KL-BKI all the time.

p.s: I have registered myself for another running event. The Putrajaya Night Run. Oh komonnnnnnnnn.. hahaha (what sorcery is this?????

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Social Media frenzy

As if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, Tumblr, and Pinterest is not enough. I am adding another one into the collection. DAYRE!

Hahaha. At first, I am contemplating whether or not I should have another blogging platform (these micro blogging sites are killing this blog. Haha ) But I gave into temptations because "dayre" has the number of days count. Punya la.

I started a blog on tumblr.  This was to document everyday in photos in 2012. I didn't continue for the 2013 edition because it was too troublesome to do the day count. I discovered "dayre" a little bit too late for 2014. But oh well, better late than never.

So, follow me on dayre today!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Rainy days are here

It was a rainy weekend. And it continued to be very wet today as well. How did your weekend go?

Mine was very productive I must say. I have been planning to bring my grandma to go out and "jalan-jalan" in KK. She mostly stay at home all the time and I seldom get to see her too since she is not living with us.

My grandma used to have a fruit stall at the Pasar Besar Kota Kinabalu. And me and my sisters as well as cousins call her Nenek KK. I remember fetching her home using my dad's old car. She had her business for a very long time until she had to retire because age is catching up on her. It has been more than 10 years since she retired and I guess it had been that long since she had visited her former workplace.

Since it was Mother's Day two weeks ago, so I think it's best to bring her jalan-jalan. Sometimes my uncle will bring her to KK but mostly in the evening. The view from Tamparuli to KK is different during the day. She get to see more things along the way.

I am so glad that she get to see some familiar faces there at the Pasar. Catching up with old friends although it was only for a while. I am happy to see my grandma's face lit up when she see her old friends. The funny thing when we first arrive at the Pasar is that she can't find her former gerai when we use the front door. My grandma insisted on using the usual way to her gerai in which using the back entrance ( from the pasar ikan side ). So cute!

And on Sunday, I needed my monthly dose of visit to this place. Hahaha. Do you know where is this?

Yea... Kaison! Suka bah jalan-jalan here even if there's nothing to buy. Saja! 

Oooh! I saw this at a bookshop in 1Borneo. I never thought that there is Harvest Festival cards. Hahaha. I am being very sakai, I just had to take this photo.

Ooh, and last Friday was also Teacher's day. I thought am not gonna get anything from my students. Maklum la cikgu garang. Ada pula juga. Hahaha. Thank you kids!

How was your weekend?

I am hoping for a productive week ahead.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Unduk Ngadau emcee

Yes, I did it for the 2014 edition. Emceed the Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Tuaran level and also the Gala Night before that.

Since I might be relocating some time this year, so this might be my last Unduk Ngadau emceeing gig here in Tuaran. May more doors will be open for me in the future. Yes and I do emceeing for weddings too. Email me for quotation. ^_^

For the gala night, I have my dress sponsored by Rosman Raimun. Loving the red ethnic inspired dress. It is made from the material to make the Sundi/ Sigah.

I did my hair and make up at Razak Sindu Saloon in Centre Point. He is the same MUA for my wedding too.

photo by Harry Lai

Since I have been doing this for more than 3 years for the same job, sometimes it feels a bit redundant when it comes to the script. You know it will be like

" Diperkenalkan peserta bernombor ...., Cik ..... berumur..... Hobi beliau pada masa lapang ialah ..... dan bercita-cita untuk menjadi ... "

And the biodata to be read also are all very DRY. I prefer it to be something very exciting like the hobby is like carving ice sculptures ka, menulis novel seram. Or perhaps an ambition to be a Datin ka. Hahaha.

Anyway, I did my own make up for the Unduk Ngadau competition. Couldn't be bothered to do my hair, I just tied it up into a ponytail.

Thank God that the Tun Hamdan hall in Tamparuli is fully air-conditioned, it wasn't that sticky and humid throughout the event.

Congratulations to Miss Hemy Manjadi for winning the crown ( she will be representing Tuaran to the state level ) and Miss Frederica Fabian as the 1st runner up ( she will be representing Tamparuli to the state level )

Good luck girls!

selfie is a must! LOL

Borneo International Marathon 2014

Another backlog post. When May started, the first two weeks went like BAM BAM BAM and now its already coming into the 3rd week.

And so, this is my first running event. (hey, this is the sport of the people in their almost 30s and 30s.. haha look here -> check out number 3)

Indeed the force fourth was with me. I didn't train at all for this event. I am just relying on the Zumba sessions that I do every week.

Collecting the race pack does feel funny to me. I never thought in a million years that I would join a running event. Walaupun 10km saja. Frankly, I prefer swimming to running.

But I seriously think running is good. Number 1 exercise to do cardio and maintain weight. Need to lose more, run more. Besides, seeing my other blogger friends run, it is very motivating and my source of inspiration.

Indeed running is liberating.

I almost give up during the last 2km when the sun is shining to my face. Damn! I hate the sun. Nevertheless, I completed my run. Buruk2 timing pun habis juga kan. Hehe.

So, next event maybe I want to run for the Putrajaya Night Run. Harap belum tutup penyertaan. See now it's addictive pula. Haha.

Get to run our first running event together too! Yeay. Good job sisters

10K pun mau pingsan sudah. I seriously don't know how they completed 21K and also the FULL marathon 42K.  

Goodbye Jem2

This is a long overdue post. Jem2 was our pet dog. He went missing just a week after the MH370 incident. That's why we say he is pulling the MH370 stunt to us. Huhu. We really hope that he would come back. Because he usually do.

A month passed and there were still no news about him. We were still positive that he will eventually find his way home.

Early May, a neighbour managed to talk to my mom and told us about what had happened to Jem2.

Apparently, he got hit by a lorry at a nearby lorry parking space. A contractor loaned the place to park his lorries. And Jem2 died there. It was unsure whether the pilaks who drove the lorries there, buried Jem2 or ate him.


Whatever it is, now we have a closure for Jem2. Goodbye Jem2. You came to our lives back in 2009 and 6 years later your life ended.

You have been a good dog Jem2. We gonna miss you! It's painful though to know there were no proper goodbyes. Huhu.

That diamond on your forehead Jem2. It stays. Jem2 like a diamond. RIP Jem2.