Friday, May 30, 2014

Teacher's day celebration at school

This is definitely a celebration to remember. As the ex students who are now teachers have to dress up as students again. Thank God for having younger sisters who went to the same school as you. The perks, they still keep their school uniforms. Hahaha. And Thank God I still can fit into their form 5 sizes. Ahahaha. Some of my colleagues even took the hassle to go and BUY the uniform for themselves.

School shirt ( checked )
School skirt ( checked )
Neck tie ( checked )
Socks ( checked )
Shoes ( checked )
Name tag ( double checked )

So, when we entered the school hall in one big group of teachers of course all you can hear were laughter and loud cheers. Malu juga la. But it was fun though. We had a standing ovation from the rest of the school.

A few tear jerker moment was when the students brought out flowers while one of the Special Need kid was singing some "terima kasih" cikgu song. Then the moment when the Principal led all the teachers to sing "Biar ku menjadi lilin". Punya la. Mengalir la air mata. Cesssss.

It just dawned on me that this might be the last time I celebrate this kind of event in this school. That was the main reason why all the tears can flow freely. T_T

Anyway, it was a fun day. A group photo aka class photo for the cikgu-cikgu with identity crisis is a must!

Memorable teacher's day celebration. Thank you to the Students' Body and Prefect Board for organizing it. ^_^

Anyway, sa ada menang award. Award guru paling sempoi. Apa kah erti sempoi tu. Haha. Sa pun nda paham.

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