Thursday, July 19, 2007

who is this girl?

who is this Aya Matsura? No matter what pixs i put she will be on top of the list.

interview interview..

Everyone got called by the government to go for interview. Teachers-to-be all are on their toes.. But I haven't got my letter yet. O Oh!

Keeping my fingers crossed so that tomorrow I will receive the most precious and anticipated letters for months....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Mood: Blank..totally empty as a vessel
State: Listening to El Impacto *torturing my eardrums with the heavy bass of latin inspired hip hop music*
What's in my head: Dilemma..dilemma ...dilemma..dilemma..
I dunno since when I can be like this. Just can't make up my mind over things.

Should I change my tics goin back to Penang from Sunday to next Friday?
Should I go and work here in Sabah or in KL?
Should I get a tattoo or not?
Should I this/ should I that....Blah!...So INdEcisIve..

This is totally a crossroad that is so easy to be faced on ..that is just make the damn decision. But I just can't stick to ONE. Will forever be changing it... ARGH!

GOD, Help me..or at least send someone to help me..

Friday, July 13, 2007

so not used to this...

What a hectic long day. Interview..meeting prospects..a workout session..I like it when I am busy..Also, to start my day...Went to have a hair cut *again* for the 3rd time in this few weeks. (I seem can't be satisfies with my hair now its REALLY short); I dunno how will i look like with the mortar board on my head in my graduation photo with super short hair...eeee. I'll look like a boy..dun wan dun wan! SO much for trying to achieve ala Rihanna-and-Victoria-Beckham bob...the inverted called "IN" hair style for summer according to mags...I ended up being halfway there...adui..conclusion..not so inverted bob i have, look more like a mushroom head...*sigh*/ Now just gotta wait to grow long la.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


One of the rooms...well, pink lovers your heart out! Pink in every corner...More on


I bet you have never seen hotel rooms as nice as this. How nice if my room can be decorated as nice as these rooms..Those 3 rooms above were designed by one designer from Norway and I think his design is the coolest. I really LOVE the red room..Redrum

and figure this...
“…And heavy-hooded eyes inside her black hair / Shined at me from the depths of her hair deepest black / While my fingers pushed into her straight black hair / Pulling her black hair back from her happy heart-shaped face…”
“…To kiss her milk-white throat, a dark curtain of black hair / Smothered me, my lover with her beautiful black hair / The smell of it is heavy. It is charged with life / On my fingers the smell of her deep black hair…”-- Nick Cave”

Does the words fit the image of these rooms..creativity at work!

and I wonder who design this room...ahaha

Monday, July 09, 2007

Mak Make Make-U Make Up!

Make up make up...u just dunno how these little wonders can do to you. Yeah, I mean it..just take a look at these pictures. Even if you are naked make up can dress you up (and down) hehe. Fyi, the make up used for these is MAC cosmetics.. MAC rules!
this is hot~ check out the smoldering eyes created! love the hair also
oooh..ooh..barbie barbie..I wanna be one..(yikes speaking like a b***h here)
and oh.. I dunno how many people are educated about the fact that TESTERS on make up counters...yes TESTERS. should not be tested on ur face.cos they are many ways to test make up by not putting on the face...because..of hygienic purposes.I mean imagine this, those testers or samples that were put on your precious skin especially on the face had been tested by not one but by many2 hands~and God only knows what those hand had been touching before...EWWWWWWW!

NOt onli dat, the other day I went Watson at CP, there is a bunch of girls putting on make up...well not using THEIR make up but using the tester in WAtSOn...dolling themselves up inside the shop WITH the testers...ewwwwww..and walk out with face full of contaminated make up...hahaha much of wanting to be BEAUTIFUL...they are also BACTERIA-full! hehehe

why o why?

A trip to KK used to be breezy and easy. But now if i were to take the normal jalan from Tamparuli to KK..aiyo sakit kepala o..not onli dat the road is not smooth. the unexpected bumps and holes is SO agonizing. When its just about time I hit the gas pedal to go on 80km/h and more, suddenly I have to hit the break cos of the constructions. Kesian my tender breast (well thanks to the hormone cycle of women) sakit cos of the bumpy road. . . terumbang ambing to maintain its inertia..haha. .and summore where you can find somewhere that they call "highway" but there's a gravel patch somwhere and can make ur car shake as if there earth is moving on a Richter Scale...Why O Why? The road construction that is supposed to be finished by next month doesnt look like it gonna finish on time..and could prolong the agony of road users along Jalan Tuaran...