Tuesday, July 10, 2007


One of the rooms...well, pink lovers ..eat your heart out! Pink in every corner...More on foxhotel.com


I bet you have never seen hotel rooms as nice as this. How nice if my room can be decorated as nice as these rooms..Those 3 rooms above were designed by one designer from Norway and I think his design is the coolest. I really LOVE the red room..Redrum

and figure this...
“…And heavy-hooded eyes inside her black hair / Shined at me from the depths of her hair deepest black / While my fingers pushed into her straight black hair / Pulling her black hair back from her happy heart-shaped face…”
“…To kiss her milk-white throat, a dark curtain of black hair / Smothered me, my lover with her beautiful black hair / The smell of it is heavy. It is charged with life / On my fingers the smell of her deep black hair…”-- Nick Cave”

Does the words fit the image of these rooms..creativity at work!

and I wonder who design this room...ahaha

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