Monday, July 09, 2007

why o why?

A trip to KK used to be breezy and easy. But now if i were to take the normal jalan from Tamparuli to KK..aiyo sakit kepala o..not onli dat the road is not smooth. the unexpected bumps and holes is SO agonizing. When its just about time I hit the gas pedal to go on 80km/h and more, suddenly I have to hit the break cos of the constructions. Kesian my tender breast (well thanks to the hormone cycle of women) sakit cos of the bumpy road. . . terumbang ambing to maintain its inertia..haha. .and summore where you can find somewhere that they call "highway" but there's a gravel patch somwhere and can make ur car shake as if there earth is moving on a Richter Scale...Why O Why? The road construction that is supposed to be finished by next month doesnt look like it gonna finish on time..and could prolong the agony of road users along Jalan Tuaran...

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