Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yeah, kajian tindakan punya pasal. Huru hara kepala saya fikir semua barang. Ini hari malas taip Bahasa Inggeris.

Betul-betul macam balik sekolah oh bila pigi kursus. Kursus untuk kajian tindakan penyelidikan MBMMBI lagi tu. Baiklah.

Ini la ni terpaksa praktis Bahasa Melayu lagi.

Tapi yang lucu ini hari, masa ada bengkel sikit tadi pagi. Sibuk la ni cikgu yang duduk barisan belakang tekun dengan komputer riba dia ni.

Saya terpandang la skrin dia masa dia pigi tampal kerja bengkel dia di dinding. Oooh , patut lah khusyuk. Sibuk dia meninguk tu video-video seks yang kena dakwa Anwar jadi pelakon utama tu.

Alahai patut lah.

Marilah kita bersama-sama memartabatkan bahasa kita.

Malaysians just love scandals don't they? ( Hahaha, last2 surrender juga. nda tahan taip full dalam Bahasa Melayu ni )

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diplomacy and ethics

One thing that irks me a lot on facebook these days especially when there's a beauty pageant photos posted; for example the Unduk Ngadau contestants' photos; mula lah tu komen yang nda patut-patut.
I mean come on la. You have the right to say anything but kesian la bah tu contestants juga kan. You have to know it takes a whole lot of confidence, self esteem and courage to be up on the stage smiling to the crowd. Let alone walking with great poise and what not. Just ask anyone who has joined this event. Betul kan Chegu Carol and Amanda ?

Ini suka-suka saja dorang komen.

i) comment negatively and openly
ii) with no sense of diplomacy and tu punya badan ada kana tag lagi di gambar itu
iii) sekali klik tu profile tu manusia yang pigi komen nda berlapik tu...( aduyaiiiii...hahaha, saya pun tidak tau macam mana mau cakap muka dia ) --> kalau dia pigi komen tu gambar, dia bilang gigi tu sumandak bertabur. ni manusia punya gigi also equally bertabur and even worse mata dia kicik sabalah lagi..HAHAHA.

Tinguk la bah dulu cermin tu sebelum komen lebih2 kan. Nyahahahaha!

Somehow on the flip side, people are free to express their thoughts and being a contestant for such competition, one has to be mentally ready to be hurled with mean words and what other nonsense that you can get. I have tasted that before and I can't complain much, it does hurt but it definitely don't kill you.

At the end of the day, when May passed and everyone carried on with their lives. It will pass as well. One just have to live with it if one are involved in this kind of event. And as a matter of fact, it is one of the things that really made me so thick-faced juga lah. Haha. So ok la tu kan.

So, to the ladies who are joining in the fun for Unduk Ngadau this coming May. Keep your heads up.

What doesn't kill you always make you stronger.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

almost end of april

and I am super duper busy.
one of the many things that I need to do. the last week's thursday to sunday was agonizing. Come Monday and its a working day. I was totally defeated. Patah!

Anyway along the way, new experience gained.

The event that I co-emcee-ed on Sunday evening went well. The best part of the evening, I think was the voting of Miss Popular.

Some aunties were really running up to the stage to give the flowers.
But at the end of the evening, only 16 lovely ladies were selected to be on the stage on 1st May. It is in conjunction of the opening of state level Kaamatan celebration. Tuaran is the host this year.

Those who want to know who will be crowned Unduk Ngadau Tuaran this year do come to the Dewan Tun Hamdan in Tamparuli on the 1st. Various activities will be held in conjunction of the Kaamatan celebration as well.

On another note, mau patah my kaki cos I was standing almost the whole event. Kasut tinggi mau mampus cos tidak mau kalah with the contestants ( talk about being kiasu )

Also, really kecewa that memang tidak kena my ticket for the lucky draws. There were 6 plasma TV given away that night. But I think I am destined not to have luck for lucky draws lah.

p.s: Many were asking where did I get those big-spade-like earrings. Its courtesy of Style Bites Fashion House and the makeup, hair and dress are courtesy of the Unduk Ngadau Organizing Committee.

Photos courtesy of Lolee Lim and David Chg also Tuaran Kaamatan page.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enter the Triidum celebration

Maundy Thursday today.

A long evening at church. Tomorrow is the day for way of the cross. Need to wake up early.

I will rise with the sun. This the weekend to immerse myself in the triidum celebration.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

whoa whoa slow down!

Things are taking off in a pace that it travels so fast, my brain just can't catch up.

Just when things are getting hot with the Unduk Ngadau stuff, then came the complaints and saya-tidak-puas-hati remarks/comments/luahan hati. Some even contacted me because I am part of the ajk. I am just the emcee, spare me from all the hatred. Please.

Suck it up people, Unduk Ngadau is fast becoming "another" beauty pageant contest. And just face the fact that beauty pageant contest are based on subjective evaluation.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder remember.

Face the music, or just don't bother to be part of the "crazy" world. I have tasted the bitter part of everything, I survived.

So, bottom line is suck it up!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The fever is on!

Unduk Ngadau it is. Kaamatan is next month and Tuaran is the place for the pelancaran of Kaamatan for the state level this year.

Also, everything also must be grand lah kan.

The selection for the top 26 this year was held at Dewan Tun Hamdan Tamparuli on 17th of April. Good turnout it was. ( Yeah, usually only 16 are selected, this time more contestants are being selected ) . The pictures of the top 26 you can check out at the official page of Kaamatan Tuaran 2011 on facebook.

Then the final 16 will be selected on the Sodop Unduk Ngadau on this coming 24th April. Can't wait to see everyone got dolled up during that time. Make up FTW!!! hehe.

Some people are really waiting to check up on my wall on my facebook page for the pictures. Sorry this year I wont be taking anymore pictures. I have been doing it like almost every year since 2008 kan, retired sudah tu profession. Saya ada career baru sudah. Hehehe. ( Besides tidak tahan ni ramai mo add jadi friend semata-mata mau view pics, belum lagi yang suka hati pigi remove watermark and curi the gambar and claim its theirs; intellectual property tu tau )

So I will be the emcee for both the Sodop Unduk Ngadau and the real Kaamatan event on the 1st of May. ( Begini la bah kalau pindik kan, jadi emcee saja lah. hahaha )

For those who are fans of Unduk Ngadau or just anyone who had caught the fever, do check out the official Kaamatan Tuaran 2011 page okay. I am sure the page for other district's Kaamatan will be popping out everywhere anytime soon.

Some of the faces from the TOP 26... kalau mo tinguk banyak lagi pigi sana lah page dia. ^_^

officially not in a good mood

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sun. Stadium. Sot

MSSG Barat. Hmmm. Another day not in paradise. Two days to be exact. The same post again; the-not-qualified-physiotherapist.

But most of the time, I will be sitting at the grandstand and watch the day pass by because the job wasn't as hectic during the first athletic meet where there were more students with multiple events. Multiple events always equals to injuries.

Anyway. Check out my SPF ( Sun Protection Factor ). Smart kan?

Jadi hantu bungkus bah. Haha. Long sleeve lagi baju tu. Nasib angin kuat juga kalau nda. Sauna habis.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The fine line

I got this call at 645am.

" Joan, ko nda pigi skul kah? "

And I was like WTF???? I am afternoon session bah, kenapa pula I have to be at school at that un-Godly hour?

" Ko bertugas ikut kontijen Sofbol "

And again WTF????

" Eh, kenapa saya tidak tahu ni " fighting off the grogginess.

" Ada nama ko tu. Datang ah "

Me ...... " mmmm..okay "

Sambung tidur. Sa pura pura lupa la tu.

I am actually looking forward for my Monday focusing on my task. MY TASK.

That phone call this morning is one of the things that is NOT MY TASK. And furthermore its always out of favour.

Tulung ah..tulung ah..tulung ah...

I have been helping them diligently for the past few years. The athletics team pun macam itu. The netball team pun macam itu. The badminton pun macam itu. Haiya mati la bah!

Ni lagi pagi pagi kana telefon suruh pigi karaja, teda angin teda ribut teda surat teda notis awal. Main suka hati saja tunjuk saya sebab

a) rumah dia dakat sikul bah sinang ja dia datang sikul tu
b) dia sikul patang bah bukan ada ajar kelas peperiksaan tu
c) masih bujang bah bukan ada anak mo dijaga
d) dia okay bah tu rajin jak

Hmmmm.. I take the last part as a compliment but there's always a fine line between helping out and being a slave.

I choose to be a bitch today and ignore the call. Sorry! Saya pun ada kerja saya sendiri.

Happy Monday everyone!

Monday, April 04, 2011

That coverall!

I seriously do not know what's wrong back then.

When did coverall had been the "in" fashion ah? 1998.
I can only say OMAIGAD when I saw this photo. This was taken during one of the competition held at school.

I thought those Spice Girls years langsung teda gambar. Ada rupanya. Ahhhh, now you all may have the pictorial history.


Photo courtesy of Flora ( my other bandmates..akakaka )

p.s: and funny enough, the row of classes behind us in the photo is where I teach now. Adui, kalau ada student sa nampak ni, confirm kana blackmail.

Picking up the pieces

I am gonna wash my hair and have it blow dried today.

Will doll myself up to work and put my best smile for the world.

Even it is not for everyday and I hope this aren't merely words.

Something has to change and it should start from today.