Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diplomacy and ethics

One thing that irks me a lot on facebook these days especially when there's a beauty pageant photos posted; for example the Unduk Ngadau contestants' photos; mula lah tu komen yang nda patut-patut.
I mean come on la. You have the right to say anything but kesian la bah tu contestants juga kan. You have to know it takes a whole lot of confidence, self esteem and courage to be up on the stage smiling to the crowd. Let alone walking with great poise and what not. Just ask anyone who has joined this event. Betul kan Chegu Carol and Amanda ?

Ini suka-suka saja dorang komen.

i) comment negatively and openly
ii) with no sense of diplomacy and tu punya badan ada kana tag lagi di gambar itu
iii) sekali klik tu profile tu manusia yang pigi komen nda berlapik tu...( aduyaiiiii...hahaha, saya pun tidak tau macam mana mau cakap muka dia ) --> kalau dia pigi komen tu gambar, dia bilang gigi tu sumandak bertabur. ni manusia punya gigi also equally bertabur and even worse mata dia kicik sabalah lagi..HAHAHA.

Tinguk la bah dulu cermin tu sebelum komen lebih2 kan. Nyahahahaha!

Somehow on the flip side, people are free to express their thoughts and being a contestant for such competition, one has to be mentally ready to be hurled with mean words and what other nonsense that you can get. I have tasted that before and I can't complain much, it does hurt but it definitely don't kill you.

At the end of the day, when May passed and everyone carried on with their lives. It will pass as well. One just have to live with it if one are involved in this kind of event. And as a matter of fact, it is one of the things that really made me so thick-faced juga lah. Haha. So ok la tu kan.

So, to the ladies who are joining in the fun for Unduk Ngadau this coming May. Keep your heads up.

What doesn't kill you always make you stronger.


Annie said...

Yabah. Think I know the comments you meant here. Punya buruk juga muka urang yang kasi comment yang dia bilang muka tagap, gigi berterabur etc. I was like, HELLOOOO woman can't you see your face w/out makeup pun sudah nampak tagap? Dan gigi pun ya ampun. Yeah itu mata lagi sebelah pun kicik. Wahaha.. Tulung la dia sedar diri sikit di sana.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

ya! sy ada nmpk to comment yg teda insuran tu..jahat ooo...sian! i was lucky my time belum lagi ada FB, if not memang sy pun nangis o kali...haha

Unknown said...

I guess once you signed up for something that allows yourself to be a public display, then you'll have to be ready for just about anything that the public will throw at you.

I do understand your concern about comments that are just too rude and harsh to be posted while the one who comment is not equal or worse than the one being commented.

After all the big bag of the reality tv show, now everyone is a critique...

Haha Kotobian tadau do kaamatan!

chegu carol said...

urg bilang, if u have nothing nice to say..diam2 ja la bah kan. Or kalau gatal juga mo ckp, cua kasi discreet sikit tu comment.

Clare Rachel said... npk tu komen tu.....kin panas kan...mcm dia bgs sgt