Saturday, November 29, 2008

just doing the forgotten ones

Carmel & Sheila, I owe you two this tag right?

1) Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW!.
2) DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.
Didn't touch any or change any okay, just adjust my webcam to take my pic in front of the laptop
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
yep. no edits. me and my pillows on my bed *ugh, ugly, me big nose*
4) Post these instruction with your picture.
sure had..
5)Tag 10 people to do this..
huuu...not in the mood of tagging people, it seems everybody has done this

the handbag tag I remember also but I have so many handbags and each of it has so many isi. So, I am so lazy to take pictures of the handbags..huuu

letting go

sometimes emotions and ego has a lot to do with the outcome of words from your mouth.

Yes! you got me right, i have done something wrong *well at least i know i have reached the limits and I crossed the line*

Somehow I am not entirely to be blamed on this situation.

A group of young people doing a project that includes a lot of teenagers. Going out every night singing carols to houses. Bringing out the joy and spreading it to the whole world.

The fun and enjoying part is totally nice but the managing part is totally NOT easy. Especially if you are not the leader of everything, but you gotta pick up the slacks because the so-called leader just doesn't REALLY know how to their job.

SO, someone has to do it. and I am the type who cannot see people slacking away without telling it right to their face. Well, at least I don't talk behind their backs right. Grow up la... Too harsh maybe? Yea, I do have people bitching about me right in front of me *trying their best to conceal it by speaking hua yu*

Am I not mad about this? Of course I am. I used to curse and swear on this kind of people, but since one incident that happen in this year as well, I learned to let go.

I apologized for my part, and I hope some people will learn about their mistakes.

Whatever happens next, I just have to let it go and forget. I have done my part, no regrets about that.

phew! at last

I have been quite busy, this couple of days back *or rather week*. Been giving practice and training for the church caroling group. It was certainly not easy given some of the new faces just having problems with their tempo while singing and producing the right sound for the newly-learned songs. Patience tested, voice had been raised and what not. Luckily the 3 weeks long practice has come to an end and we will start the caroling on 1st of dec till err.. the 19. Quite long eh? Tell me about it. Last year we covered like 200-300 houses. This year is most likely to be the same.

and I finally manage to change my layout to have more christmas spirit. I don't really like the outcome. But can do la. Not inspired enough maybe. Too many things in my head. Lucky it is the school holiday anyway, then I have more time to do other 'projects' aka baking, knitting and what not. At the same time, I am also busy with my online store. Quite happy that our limited edition range got a good response from people. Yes, limited edition as in one of a kind. One piece made exclusively without having a duplicate in the whole wide world. :)

On another note, talking about christmas and clothing. I remember the times *dulu-dulu la*, when december comes, I have to think *like really think* what to wear during christmas. And have to really hunt for the clothes that I want. MUST be new, CANNOT recycle style, MUST make sure people won't wear the same style like me. So that can stand out among the crowd. Peh! SO childish...haha. MUST drag my parents to shop cos they are the bank. Haha!

That time I often wonder why do my parents especially my dad doesn't want to have something necessarily new during christmas.
Why don't want new baju, christmas what?? Same ol baju wear again, boring la. why don't want baju baru like us??
Those were the thoughts that were playing inside my head

Last year, I didn't really shop anymore. This year, I don't feel like shopping for christmas at all. I guess I have grown up la...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

what will you do when

...your patience is being tested to the limits?

...things doesn't turn out what you want it to be? can't let out the rage and anger inside? have to pick up the pieces when someone is slacking?

...need to satisfy almost everyone's needs but not yours?

...tangled in a situation that you can't run away from?

A listening ear is a need, but most of the time it is not the solution.

I am in so much hatred and anger that my hands are shaking because of it today. Unlike trembling because of fear, this is totally the opposite.

Seriously in need of anger management. Damn!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

just when

yeah, I am totally enjoying the time off from work, but not to the fullest. Sigh! There are some things or rather a hell lot of things that occupy my mind right at this moment.

This is totally not the holiday that I wanted, I want a relaxing one yet I got a boring one. Nevertheless, I kept myself busy with knitting, sewing, baking and more boring stuff that you can list down.

Limited social interactions, crazy hormones, emo most of the time.

I am on the way to major meltdown

I want a nice holiday!!!!

of weddings and knitting

attended two weddings at the same place today. heh. attended the mass actually, two couples getting married, and both couples are my friends.

it has been a long day, but I still can't sleep.

and now I am knitting.

Yes, you got me right!

I am knitting, a new found hobby cum school holidays project,

yeah, I am so like a granny.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

TARA ended!


sigh! The Malaysian team didn't win ... But it was a light moment to watch them just having fun compared to the other two teams.

But, I am happy also because that Geoff and Tish didn't win first place.. hahahaha.. Karma happens.

Congrats to the HK boys anyway

anxiety go away

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

much chaos on a piece of fabric

I know some people may hate me for blogging about this but I think I am entitled to my opinion.

I was very much amused by the so-called chaos reported in TV3 about the "pattern" on the Malaysian football team jerseys.

So I googled up this matter to find the pictureand frankly saying that I am just VERY surprised that some people could really THINK OUT OF THE BOX on this stupid jersey matter but they never think outside their own comfort zone for matters like not to be so hypocrite about their stand on religion, culture and sensitivity.

but frankly speaking that jersey is just nothing.

If they really wanna think out of the box and be amazed on how creative they thinking and observation can be.....let's try to see this

Why do people never complain about this?courtesy of

or maybe this?
pic courtesy of

or maybe even this?
pic courtesy of

haha! now what do you think?

so, stop bitching about the pattern ....wearing that jersey won't kill them anyway because the level of Malaysian football now is *toot-toot* also. Hahahaha.

I assume that the real issue is not solely on the pattern itself but more to the ketat-ness of the new aerodynamic jersey..*giggles* ~ doi ni gambar shooting macam model tapi pakai selipar jipun lagi tu...

Monday, November 17, 2008

can you here the echo...oh oh oh

i have not been posting stuff that is truly worth reading for quite some time. *as if I ever did, haha*. Anyway, mostly were random musings of my everyday life which people often found it to be quite redundant. Blergh!


shitty friendster *in a very sympathetical manner la*, I think ~think only la~ their rivals *you know what I mean* has attacked their system. Around the globe, people are losing friends. This is major! ahahaha, I mean losing friends on friendster not in real life la.

My friends list has gone from 600+ to 95 people only. Well, it seems that it is so weird that you do have friends that ramai. But others have till 1000, so I am normal. *giggles*. My sister's friends list has gone completely, I guess that'e even worse.

Friendster had their 'scheduled maintenance' a few days back and after that this happen.

Hmmm.. I guess I just have to utilise facebook for the time being. Though, friendster is kinda old skool now, but some people are only reach-able through that old skool medium.

So, friendster don't die on me.

poll poll poll

a little publicity on my online store

a survey is ongoing, very simple Q&A. Do visit ya! click the image above

Sunday, November 16, 2008

switching to holiday mode

for most people who are in the education line, these few days will be like a transition period from crazy hectic last day of work to a more laid back one.

a lot of people often get the fact wrong that, educators in public school really do have long holidays. well, actually it is not. as a matter of fact, educators a.k.a teachers still have to do things throughout the school hols. preparing of new timetables for next term, projects that need to be done before the school open on January, weekly duty at school during school hols and the list go on.

not all teachers la have to do work, some may happily pretend and ignore the task. but I belong to the category who tried to ignore the task but can't run because if it is not done before the school hols end late December, I am sure gonna be in a lot of trouble.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

how time flies

we were once...and now we are colleagues at work.

Welcome to the club girlfriend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

tako attack!

having developed the fear of octopus and its tentacles, I managed to force my sis to eat the baby octopus sushi. and that pic is my sis during the whole ordeal.

and I was laughing my heads off while cheering for her. She almost puked and the fella at sushi king rushed to our table to fill up our cups with more green tea. hahaha.

Happy 22nd birthday sis! *apa bulih buat la kan kena paksa makan anak bayi sotong*


Monday, November 10, 2008

twas a hectic weekend

Saturday: My friend's wedding

Then rushed to Lembaga Tabung Haji for a course
Late afternoon rushed to Tang Dynasty Hotel to do final settings for the Annual Dinner
The event went well but the food is TRULLY dissapointing!

Home by almost midnight.
Sunday: Attended a wedding reception in Pacific Sutera. Here the food was nice. Puas hati.

For the vain part of this posting, here's what I wear on the Sunday and Saturday dinner.
Haha, can't help not to post those pics. Sorry people. Saja mau mintapuji

Friday, November 07, 2008

for it is a stressful week

The volcano in me had erupted, I snapped at someone *quite rudely* in the staff room today.

Well, what to do, it's the tension, stress and temperature rising because if the oh-so-many things to do on the last day of school as well as on the eve of one of the biggest event that the committee I am in have to organize. HAVE to organize and it was definitely not an option.

As I said in my previous post about the finance thingy, that alone was a troublemaker. But today. Argh! I bottled up everything at the workplace and at the brink of emotional eruption, I yelled at some people. Which I think is not the appropriate thing to do given my status as a newbie at that place.

The whole afternoon have to run around again doing the last minute duty and not too mention gotta do one task because some people just have 'project' to do and can't complete it. Project:Moginum. Given the fact of the whole situation to be like that, I did not really regret to my action of snapping at people earlier on. Maybe some people deserved it. *the devil speaking*

Tomorrow is the event. Huuuhhh..! Need lots of rest now. So am going to dreamland asap because now I am basically running on adrenaline only.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

buduh ba kau!

-sila jangan baca-

ni la ba yang nda siok ni. berabis kunun menjaga tu imbangan akaun duit yang sa jaga, last2 ada juga yang terkorban sebab 'short'. silaka la butul2. ni yang bikin sa miskin membayar balik.

jadi salah siapa tu, memang salah sa la. tapi kalo tu urang2 lain yang membagi dan meminta duit tu ada toleransi sikit sama tau mo kasi sinang karja sa, nda juga ba sa mau sot memikir itu 'short'. bagi duit jan men bagi2 ja kalo teda label. ni sa termisplace sudah. sekarang cakap ada pula bayar, tiada sudah tu duit ntah pi mana. sa terguna sudah kali atau memang teda terbagi sa tu duit. ni la ni. salah sa lagi ba kan. tapi kalo time mebagi tu duit ada label and peringatan nda apa ba kan. ni main bagi2 ja. sa 'hot' ni sekarang sebab sa papa kedana sudah.

tulung2 la ba kawan kadang2 kalo hal2 begini. jangan main buang2 tau salah sa tu. tapi...ish nda payah cakap sudah la. kusung sudah akaun bank sa ni.

-nda paham? sudah cakap jangan baca kan. ko baca kenapa?-

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


after a few days being down and uncomfortable with gastritis, am so grateful that today, I am officially not in discomfort anymore. I just can't figure out what triggers the gastric pain to happen. What did I eat? Did I skip meals? Or did I not eat on time? Maybe it was stress related?


The final week of school and next week the school holidays will start *unofficially la*. The official one will only start on 15 Nov. One thing that I know, it is not even the 10th of this month yet but the funds in the bank had dwindled to the minimum amount. *yikes*. How am gonna fill up for petrol to mobilize myself till the next payday? *damn it*. But I am quite relieved to know that this is kinda normal for low-paid government servant like me, fresh ones. My friend related her situation to mine, so I know that someone out there is as broke as me. I guess no new dress for my attending my friends' wedding la this month.

Talking about wedding again. As usual, once school holidays kicked in, the aramai-ti [let's drink and be merry] mode suddenly switched on. Yeah. And pockets are burning too because angpou-s to the newlyweds must give also ma. Huhuhu.

This coming weekend. 8 & 9 Nov. Both of my seniors in uni [Cheryl and Guz] is getting married.

The next weekend. 15 Nov. My senior in high school [Sylvester] getting married also.

The next next weekend. 22 Nov. My schoolmates [ Jayrol and Nortty] and also my friend [Jerry] will be celebrating their big day as well. For this weekend, two weddings must go.

Wah. banyaknya! Anyway, I am so happy to see these people are happy with their lives now and stepping into a another stage of my life must be very exciting to them la I think.

On another note, I want to savour the moment of solitude in my room and enjoying the melancholic atmosphere here. Hmmm..I felt that I am missing someone/something/some...*dunno la*

Saturday, November 01, 2008

lonely saturday

It is the end of a stressful week. no need to elaborate on that matter. my brain is somehow damaged by the excessive crap given by my students on their exam locus definition . They are supposed to draw the line that shows the movement of the swing. An arc. Very simple...and they give me this?

Argh..never mind about that. I have done marking the papers. Enough said.

Anyway, today is a Saturday. I started my day by doing housework, drove to the city, caught in a jam in lintas area. *Sempit place, limited parking, lotsa human~damn*. went to likas sports complex for PC fair but didn't even make it to the parking place *lotsa human~again*. So went 1borneo instead and had these for lunch.

I used to hate miso sup and cringe at the sight of it but I guess I was too hungry that it tasted nice today. Or maybe this time the sushi king's miso soup has gotten better. Salmon fair now. but am not a salmon lover like my other half. So just one plate if salmon sushi.

Bridal fair at the centre atrium but it's not that cheerful but am loving the deco though. And to complete the visit to 1borneo; Daiso is a must.

And there's the driving back home trip. Enjoying the sunny day on Saturday.

No one at home since morning so I did all this just by my own.

A little alone time could also be good sometime *reminds me a lot of my uni days but that time the alone moments was a bit too much that I got bored most of the time*

Okay. Nap time now..