Wednesday, November 05, 2008


after a few days being down and uncomfortable with gastritis, am so grateful that today, I am officially not in discomfort anymore. I just can't figure out what triggers the gastric pain to happen. What did I eat? Did I skip meals? Or did I not eat on time? Maybe it was stress related?


The final week of school and next week the school holidays will start *unofficially la*. The official one will only start on 15 Nov. One thing that I know, it is not even the 10th of this month yet but the funds in the bank had dwindled to the minimum amount. *yikes*. How am gonna fill up for petrol to mobilize myself till the next payday? *damn it*. But I am quite relieved to know that this is kinda normal for low-paid government servant like me, fresh ones. My friend related her situation to mine, so I know that someone out there is as broke as me. I guess no new dress for my attending my friends' wedding la this month.

Talking about wedding again. As usual, once school holidays kicked in, the aramai-ti [let's drink and be merry] mode suddenly switched on. Yeah. And pockets are burning too because angpou-s to the newlyweds must give also ma. Huhuhu.

This coming weekend. 8 & 9 Nov. Both of my seniors in uni [Cheryl and Guz] is getting married.

The next weekend. 15 Nov. My senior in high school [Sylvester] getting married also.

The next next weekend. 22 Nov. My schoolmates [ Jayrol and Nortty] and also my friend [Jerry] will be celebrating their big day as well. For this weekend, two weddings must go.

Wah. banyaknya! Anyway, I am so happy to see these people are happy with their lives now and stepping into a another stage of my life must be very exciting to them la I think.

On another note, I want to savour the moment of solitude in my room and enjoying the melancholic atmosphere here. Hmmm..I felt that I am missing someone/something/some...*dunno la*


sHeiLa said... rindu koooooooooooo..huhuhuhuhu

chegu carol said...

oh i lurveeeee weddings especially friends' weddings. forget the big hole in the pocket...tutup mata ja dulu mo beli dresses..hehe

happy holiday...which is very soon :0

Lett said...

You miss me or you miss your bf?