Friday, November 07, 2008

for it is a stressful week

The volcano in me had erupted, I snapped at someone *quite rudely* in the staff room today.

Well, what to do, it's the tension, stress and temperature rising because if the oh-so-many things to do on the last day of school as well as on the eve of one of the biggest event that the committee I am in have to organize. HAVE to organize and it was definitely not an option.

As I said in my previous post about the finance thingy, that alone was a troublemaker. But today. Argh! I bottled up everything at the workplace and at the brink of emotional eruption, I yelled at some people. Which I think is not the appropriate thing to do given my status as a newbie at that place.

The whole afternoon have to run around again doing the last minute duty and not too mention gotta do one task because some people just have 'project' to do and can't complete it. Project:Moginum. Given the fact of the whole situation to be like that, I did not really regret to my action of snapping at people earlier on. Maybe some people deserved it. *the devil speaking*

Tomorrow is the event. Huuuhhh..! Need lots of rest now. So am going to dreamland asap because now I am basically running on adrenaline only.

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