Sunday, November 16, 2008

switching to holiday mode

for most people who are in the education line, these few days will be like a transition period from crazy hectic last day of work to a more laid back one.

a lot of people often get the fact wrong that, educators in public school really do have long holidays. well, actually it is not. as a matter of fact, educators a.k.a teachers still have to do things throughout the school hols. preparing of new timetables for next term, projects that need to be done before the school open on January, weekly duty at school during school hols and the list go on.

not all teachers la have to do work, some may happily pretend and ignore the task. but I belong to the category who tried to ignore the task but can't run because if it is not done before the school hols end late December, I am sure gonna be in a lot of trouble.

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