Saturday, November 29, 2008

letting go

sometimes emotions and ego has a lot to do with the outcome of words from your mouth.

Yes! you got me right, i have done something wrong *well at least i know i have reached the limits and I crossed the line*

Somehow I am not entirely to be blamed on this situation.

A group of young people doing a project that includes a lot of teenagers. Going out every night singing carols to houses. Bringing out the joy and spreading it to the whole world.

The fun and enjoying part is totally nice but the managing part is totally NOT easy. Especially if you are not the leader of everything, but you gotta pick up the slacks because the so-called leader just doesn't REALLY know how to their job.

SO, someone has to do it. and I am the type who cannot see people slacking away without telling it right to their face. Well, at least I don't talk behind their backs right. Grow up la... Too harsh maybe? Yea, I do have people bitching about me right in front of me *trying their best to conceal it by speaking hua yu*

Am I not mad about this? Of course I am. I used to curse and swear on this kind of people, but since one incident that happen in this year as well, I learned to let go.

I apologized for my part, and I hope some people will learn about their mistakes.

Whatever happens next, I just have to let it go and forget. I have done my part, no regrets about that.


nyst.wysrt said...

macam sa kanal ja sepa tu urg...

Joan said...

haha, ya ka? diam2 ja la ah. pa bulih buat..gitu la tu tiap2 tahun.