Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i killed cupid

for some strange reasons these days, I hate to see pictures of couples in love.

Especially the mushy wushy lovey dovey type.

Be it weddings or just for fun. I just don't like it. *Sorry, no hard feelings to whom I know personally*

It's so cheesy...sorry again.

It's not you, it's just me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

memburu ikan dan kentang

Remember my cravings on fish and chips?

I was not satisfied until I get to sink my teeth on one of those tasty dory fish..adui.

So, on saturday, during my outing with my colleagues. I ordered fish and chips for supper.

Okay la, it looked like fish and chips.
But the taste is way off..

Tidak puas hati then the hunt continues on Sunday. Miahahaha.

Manhattan Fish Market at 1Borneo.

Manhattan Fish and Chips. Spicy Version. New Recipe.

The verdict: That dory fish taste is a yay! But much to my dissapointment the spicy version doesn't match up to my tastebuds expectation.

Oooh..and they don't have tartar sauce there. :(
Nonetheless, the hunt ends today. LOL! I am not gonna eat fish and chips for quite some time now I guess.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

sony came to help

Been having a love and hate relationship with my A200 for over a year. Now only, Sony came between us and put us on a therapy.

The therapy took place at Sipadan Room, Marina Court on one Saturday morning. The impact was tremendous and we finally get to know each other better. :)

Better late than never right?

Some visual evidences of the therapy..
Aperture experiment

White balance... need to practice
and look who I met during my therapy session
Jacq, nice to meet you there

Friday, July 24, 2009

gue laparrrrrrrrr

kepingin Fish and Chips...
the deep fried fish, crispy and juicy , topped up with that lime and heavenly tartar sauce..


Thursday, July 23, 2009

inter-religion relations

After breakfast, I turned on the tv and pressed TV3 on the remote control. As usual, that Ally Iskandar fella's face is on TV again. Hmmm..

Anyway, what caught my attention was the guest that they were having on air. The background of the guest is very interesting. He was a former catholic, a catholic priest to be exact and now he is a preacher for Islam. His name is Idris Tawfiq, British by nationality and he is in Malaysia to launch his new book. Google up his name to find out more.

Usually, I won't pay so much attention to this kind of people on TV especially in Malaysia because I know the views and discussions will definitely be biased. Somehow, to my surprise this was something different. I really respected his views on inter-religious relations. A man with a lot of wisdom on different religions.

Two things that really stuck in my head throughout the whole interview were:

1) He stated that he give talks around the world usually about his journey in Islam, he made a point to say that if there is anyone who came to his talk hoping to listen he saying bad things about his former religion, then his talk is not the place to be

2) Islam is a gentle and sweet religion yet it is a strong one. Every Muslim should live to be a Muslim then only they will be respected and diplomacy as well as respect to others is important.

I strongly agree on both. Not only for Islam, other religions in the world should be practiced according the their own teachings and the people should not let greed, jealousy or other worldly feelings to overcome their judgement in practicing their religion.

Respect and diplomacy are the words.

But human being human, we are always here to err. ~Sigh

emo-ing alone

A smile shines through the dark clouds,
Radiating across the empty sky
A smile stronger than one can applaud,
Echoing through out the whole play
What you see is always what you get
Yet don't be fooled with the visual aid
What you thought is only a bet
A game that one play with an aide
Because a smile can always be a fake.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trading Spaces

Don't you hate it when life's getting to be a routine and it is hard to break the daily life cycle because you are too comfortable with it.

My day always starts like this.

: completely waken up and ready for breakfast *snoozing time is from 7am - 8am. LOL*
: morning tv for a while and then just tune in to Hitz.fm
: housechores and just waste time online

1030 am
: MUST make sure housework done and cooking lunch starts

1130 am
: MUST make sure am ready to go to school but somehow I will leave home like 5mins before noon ~la la la la..hehe

: Home again, will workout if rajin but lately I am so de-motivated

Evening is just having dinner, prime time news for a while and then waste time online again until I feel sleepy.

And the same thing happen tomorrow. Monday to Friday almost the same, weekends nothing much happening either.

Where is the excitement to live life everyday? It seems everything is so redundant now. Stagnant.

I started to play guitar again just to do something than the usuals of wasting my time online. This past few days, I have been pondering a lot about what are the things that I can do to make my life more exciting and there's something to look forward to.

Hmmmmm....anyone wanting a routine lifestyle? Care to trade place with me?


Anyway, here's a video that certainly brighten up my dull my moments. Watch until the end, you will surely find yourself smiling alone ;p

Expecto Patronum

It was an emotionally draining day today. At work especially.

The chapter that I am teaching now for the students is also not my forte as well. I rather be explaining about some leaf structure than telling how a locus can be formed from a fixed point. Oh, when can I have the chance to teach my own subject? And this locus stuff needs a lot of explanation and the students just yawn in front of me because it is so boring.. ~sigh!

While I was teaching that chapter also, memories suddenly flashed back. Just in an instant. That was the among the last conversation that I had with the late friend of mine who died last year. We were talking about that particular chapter in the form two text book.

Not to mention that today I had to confront a student about his attitude of not wanting to study and just sleep in the class. A motivator again. Also, I get to know that two of the girls in the class that I taught had a fight and one of the girls tried to stab the other girl's eye with a lollipop stick. Lucky she didn't go blind and according to witnesses, the girl (victim) eye bled a bit. Must get to know the real story tomorrow. That was bad enough. Troubled kids.


These are among the other things that happen today.

I just need someone to talk to or just a listener.

No one is online for chats now and texts and calls are so unappropriate when it is 40 mins past midnight.

Monday, July 20, 2009

when I can't sleep

Usually posting something very personal on this blog of mine was not a very big deal last time. * I think ~ not many people that I know in real life are reading it *. Now, uhm..contents meant to be filtered, so as not to spill too much beans. konon-as if ramai yang baca..kui kui kui

When I can't sleep my mind wanders. The thing with having sleepless nights is that I also dreamed quite a lot. A dreamer and a light sleeper I am made the slumber time of mine is such an unpleasant one. Good dreams are hard to come by but nightmares always do. ~ Sigh. Too much negativity in my head maybe.

One recurrent issue in my dream lately can always be summarized as fear of commitments *I guess* I dreamt that I had to be engaged with someone and I decided otherwise during the event itself. I dreamt I cried seeing someone I like have to leave me because that person gotta be with someone else. That were some of the dreams that I remembered. Some I can't remember.

This year, a lot of people that I know and close friends also cousins are taking another step in their life. Either its being engaged or getting married. I am happy for them but it started to freak me out. Well, not freaked as in really freaked out but my thoughts gone berserk. I can't imagine myself being in their shoes.

If I were to be them, what will I do? Is that the person that I am gonna spend my whole life with? What if I suddenly changed my mind? Is this a mistake? So many questions. Not that I am any near to that level right now but it just get me thinking.
Behind those beautiful events of joining two hearts together, there is a bigger picture behind it.

The deep thoughts in your head really reflects in your dreams. I do not know about other people. But, for me.. it is. The interaction of thoughts and what is happening around me made the drama seems so real in the dreams.
pic courtesy of tiffanyliu.com

I admit it.

I am scared of a lifelong commitment *period*

saya batuk lagi

Yesterday ( Sunday ), I thought was a working day. Why? Because I have to accompany students for a dance show somewhere in Gayang, Tuaran. It was a long torturing event of waiting for the VIP. Since the school dance team is doing a sambut tamu dance, so we gotta wait...and wait...and wait...until the VIP sampai. Oh, siapalah kami ini kan?

Look what one of my students did to do wall because she got so bored waiting.

"Thank you for the time VIP", maybe someone needs to get him a very big watch to remind him of the time.

Anyway... today ( Monday ), I thought is a Sunday pula. Haish. Why? I didn't go to school but I went to play netball somewhere in Putatan today.

Disasterous game it was. Nothing much can be told. We got fourth place. Yay!

4th out of four teams..ahahaha.


On another note, I am coughing again. This warm night is not helping much either. Uncomfortable is just the word of the evening.

Taking my break from editing pictures now.

Editing pictures is exhausting also la...because ~I don't really know how to do it. Susahnya kehidupan.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I wonder

Watch both the clips below and judge for yourself..

Nominee #1: Greek short film

Nominee #2: Local ad

I wonder whose idea was the original one... Siapa tiru siapa ni?

What's your say?...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a newbie I am

the photoshoot project of a good friend of mine, who is also a well-known make up artist, Boy Razak at Everlasting Studio in Penampang last night.

The invite that I almost tolak because I totally have zero knowledge in working with those kind of lights. Mati la bah. Thanks to Roy also for being the penyelamat. Ahahaha. For now, I just prefer being the watak sampingan saja. I have so much to learn some more.

Besides, being a Sony Alpha user made me a real loner. Can't pinjam much stuff from the Canon and Nikon people. ~Sigh. Should I jump ship now?

All in all, it was a traumatizing experience. Hehe. In a good way la. I wanna thank you Boy again for the opportunity and the fellow photogs who were generous to part some knowledge to the budak baru belajar. Hehe.

Monday, July 13, 2009


so the weekend is over and another new week is here...

usually, I will be so moody when Monday arrives but this week it's different. I am stoked. There's so much to anticipate. Hehe

Anyway, the weekend was full of plans but none were executed. I ended up at home and spend more "me' time and more online as well.

Bah, lain cerita..

The 14 year olds-to-be story....

KUALA TERENGGANU: A 13-year-old girl has lodged a police report saying she was attacked by a friend jealous of her good looks.

The girl was allegedly scratched on her face by the friend at the compound of a surau in Ketengah Jaya, Dungun, at 2.30pm on June 18. A classmate recorded the fight on her handphone.

from www.thestar.com.my

Jealousy rules this days eh? These ruled-by-emotion kids really need serious help.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

This bring me to tears

I have nothing against people saying things about each other religion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs. After all this is Malaysia and we should have that respect towards each other. For me, to appreciate all the difference yet can live harmoniously together is something very special here.

But the fact that some random so-called religious investigator spat out the holy communion to be one of the things reported in the article for the magazine, I am beyond speechless.

God, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.
My anger turned to sadness and eventually tears. You ignorant and selfish people just don't know what is the significance of the "roti putih".

It is just so sad. Very.

So much of the 1Malaysia propaganda.

I just hope that we can live in harmony. Why this?

Friday, July 10, 2009

friday to do list

1) wake up early ~ fail

2) jog in the morning ~ i did..in my dreams..LOL

3) have proper breakfast ~ maggi mee, proper enough? hehe

4) cuci pinggan mangkuk gelas periuk sudu garpu ~ not done because I am blogging this now

5) clean my room also the house ~ yawn**

6) wash and vacuum the car ~ ooh, dang I have to do this today?

7) mark ALL test papers by the end of the day ~ haven't start one class pun. aiya, malas

8) badminton session after school ~ finally get to burn some kcal..

9) plan the coming saturday and sunday ~ i like this part

10) plan my next weekend, which is the neeeexxtt saturday and sunday ~ miahahahaha...

Anyway, TGIF!!


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

the tuesday and wednesday too

...3 things to blog about today...


Went to SIFF finale night last night. It was entertaining but nothing spectacular. I guess first timers to this event won't be so bored but if you had watched the event two years ago, last night was a bit dissapointing then.

Nonetheless, the unique cultural dances was there to be seen. Each is different. I especially love the dances from Indonesia (Jakarta and Kalimantan to be exact). One is very precise and full of character the latter is simply haunting. Not much pics taken. Not really in the mood to take lotsa pictures. Some will be uploaded on my fb though.

And the winner of SIFF 4th edition is from the Phillipines. First timer for this event and they won. Congratulations.

2) In memory of Michael Jackson

I have not blog anything about him yet. Nothing moved me so much to blog about his death until I saw the family eulogy on the net and on tv today. Especially the moment the daughter spoke about him. My prayers will be with the soul and also the family.

Michael was such a talented and brave man. He beat the odds with his originality and his image and music lives on forever. He really touched lives through his music. God bless you MJ, now you really can live in peace.

On another note, people are talking about how the different the kids of MJ looked like. Screw the genetic or facial resemblance, the love that the children felt from the day that they were born made all the difference. Even if they are adopted or not, MJ played his role as a father and he will be remembered for that.

3) 14 year olds again

Yeah, I caught two students outside the school today going home before the school end. With fake MC they lied to my face that the PK allowed them to go home. Hmmm, I should have brought them back to school that instant but I was not bothered to call my PK for confirmation. because that time I was at the side of the road in my car and I got things to settle.

And I had a long day today. Screaming at the top of my lungs to talk with one of the class I taught today. Gosh! When will I stop this. Each day I promise to be nicer and choose better words to communicate with the kids. But I just can't. Help me ! I don't want my students to learn the bad manners that I am showing to them.

Btw, that PPSMI thingy I am reserving that topic for another post. Berapi-api ni my thoughts. Hehe..

Monday, July 06, 2009

this is so true

goin gaga after this

pic courtesy of http://www.jasonshankey.co.uk

pink ghd IV styler features:

  • New rounder barrel so it's even easier to create perfect curls, waves or flicks, as well as the perfect straight.
  • Sleep mode is a built in safety feature that gives you peace of mind by turning off if the ghd IV styler is left unattended for 30 minutes.
  • Now with universal voltage for optimum performance wherever you travel.
  • Unique digital technology means that the temperature is automatically controlled even quicker for even better styling.
  • Advanced ceramic heaters and aluminium plates - The ultimate styling surface for smooth, static free shine.

Tapi mahal...ohohoho.. 119.99 . Not USD lagi tu but in pounds sterling . Argh! Benci...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

disco heaven

another week to unfold coming. Looking forward to it? Hmm. not really.

But the SIFF finale is one of the things that I really anticipate. And it is this coming Tuesday. Ooh..siok tu! The last event held two years ago was a blast and I expect this year it could be better.

Anyway talking about fest and cultural extravaganza, the much anticipated RWMF will gonna be on the next weekend. Me? Not goin. :( Initially I wanted to but I decided otherwise. Nevermind la, the next one I am so goin.

So, to emily and chegu and other people who are goin. Don't forget to blog about it yea. Pictures is a must too! Jangan lupa tu.


Feeling so bloated now, masuk angin, terlampau kenyang and everything. Hohoho. Don't feel like doing anything but I can't sleep either because I took my power nap this afternoon a "little" too long. 3 hours actually. Haha

Maybe I will just lie down on my bed and look at the spinning fan la.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

sandy saturday

When was the last time you sat on a swing and just enjoy every moment of it?

Wind through your hair...

and the momentum of every swing is just gratifying. Up, up and away.

Yes, I guess it's everyone fave childhood moment. Reality check, things were not like last time huh.

*Credit card bills, loans and mortgage, career building and so on. ~ blergh!

One thing that I realize is.. the more mail and envelopes that come to you each month shows how much has you age. hehe.

Because when I was in primary school, the only mails that I received is from my penpals and best friend far away studying.

Now, I have mails that I don't wanna open especially at the end of the month. sigh!

I wanna be on the swing forever...

Friday, July 03, 2009

more pink stuff

Ooh. This shall be a short post.


I changed my blog layout. It is a lot of pink. I know!

Sorry if you don't like it. Too girly. Yeah, maybe but looks can be deceiving. Haha.

Sweetness in disguise~ perhaps.

Anyway, I wanna sleep now. Nothing nice to blog about these days. Hmmm.

Thursday, July 02, 2009