Friday, May 29, 2009

This is awful

Mum reverses car into toddler

KUALA LUMPUR: A three-year-old girl was killed when her mother, who was driving her car out of a car park in Desa Sri Hartamas, knocked into the child who was outside the vehicle.

Isabel Cheong died on the spot after suffering head injuries when her 29-year-old mother reversed the car.

She did not notice that her child was behind the car yesterday at Jalan 25/70A, acting city traffic police chief Deputy Supt Ng Fook Long said.

“The mother only realised she had run over her child after hearing her cries. She immediately got down to check what had happened.

“Passers-by tried to help pull the child out, but by the time she was dislodged from under the car, she had died,” he said.

The body was sent to Kuala Lumpur Hospital for a post-mortem.


I always have this thought at the back of my head when reversing my car from the garage. What if I didn't see and I ran over something / someone. i.e: my dogs, my cat....or palis-palis urang..doi!!

This is ultimately scary and as for the case above, I can't imagine the mom's feelings at the sight of the daughter pinned under the car like that. To make things worse, it was done by her.



All for the sake of Sodop Unduk Ngadau, I left work early today. Curi-curi lagi tu. Thanks to my colleague who is willing to help *punch out card la, apa lagi.hehe*

Anyway, tidak apa juga la bah kan, I don't have any class also today. 

Okay back to the Sodop Unduk Ngadau. We were seated at the back of the hall. Meja yang di hujung sudah bah. Didn't get a good spot to take pictures. Besides my mom keep on complaining about my dress. *Owh! Annoying at times*
At the end of the night. The two subsidiary titles go to

Tati Tosuau ~ Miss Friendly : Miss Beaufort * Dunno her name oh, sorry! *
Tati Topiodo ~ Miss Natural Beauty : Miss Tamparuli * Oh yeah, Tati Flina Rutum bah itu *
Sorry no pics during the prize giving ceremony. No mood already to take picture that time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i broke my nail

bowling disaster.

My nails are not even long but curse on the bowling ball, not only it hurt my fingers...Patah bah my kuku.

Oooh. Kalah lagi tu sampai numbur uncit for 2 consecutive games. But I had fun though.

Hoho. Tidak apa, we shall have a rematch. Next month...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

no sleep no rest

Sunday 0100 hours , and I am still awake. I am sure gonna be a zombie when I go to school later in another 6 to 7 hours. Yes, I have to go to school on a Sunday. It is open day for my school. All are welcome. Hehe.

To make myself sleepy, I browse through the net, my other blogs and other utter nonsense that I can do on the net. But my old friendster blog really caught my attention back again *and this didn't make me any sleepy at all*. 

I changed a lot over the past few years. Who don't right? 
Yeah, I changed. To my utmost surprise, I changed by a lot and I didn't even realize it.

There is no need to elaborate on what way did I change *physically not counted la, because that one surely can see~hehe*. My old blog also a perfect reference of things that happened in the past since I don't really keep a journal. One thing that is very different is about the things that I write on my blog.

Last time, I don't really choose the things that I wanted to blog about. Anything goes. No censorship and what not. Now, it's different. I tend to be careful with what I blog about scared that I might reveal some stuff that might be sensitive to others... and only after reading my old blog I realized that being too careful equates to boring stuff. Seriously.

One of my old blog post.... A long post that I rarely do now. Read if you want, close the window now if this bore you ;p

I am who I am, but the problem is – Who am I?

It never occurred to me that having a unique name (as I would like to define my name) could cause a total confusion especially to those who are not familiar with my situation. I think it is not only because of my name, I think it’s partly because of my race and the look that I have. Well, as you read this I may not be making any sense right? Let me tell you in the simplest way that I can simplify this.

I went to update my so-called smart card name tag in the USM student hall today, and of course the officer in charge has to scan my card and check my details on the computer. When he saw my details, I can see the bewildered look on his face which I can most of the time see when I came to a situation like this. Then he asked, “Dari Sabah ye?” I was like – “Duh! Can’t you see it? It’s all in the database in front of you”. But I just replied with a smile, “Yes”. Well, I might seem to be doing a shallow judgment on a situation like this but this is not the first time I was in this kind of situation. Sometimes people even asked why I have the ‘BINTI’ in my name and I am not Malay. And even in some case they even asked “You convert ke?” Another one is when they saw my name and say “Kenapa nama macam Melayu tapi muka cina?”Aiyo! Hello??? JOAN VIVIENNE is not a Malay name ok…It is just the existence of the BINTI there made me look Malay (by name only la).Why la people are so shallow? The BINTI have existed there because of the stupid policy that Sabah Government had during the 80’s but I am curious also why some of my friends doesn’t have the BIN or BINTI- and all my sisters don’t have also. I have been planning to remove the BINTI all this while but hasn’t got the time to do it.

Another case is that I have been always being mistaken to be a Chinese. Well, anyway I can’t blame those people because they might be deceived by the looks. I am not totally a non-Chinese anyway. By mathematical calculation (heheheh) I am ¼ Chinese and the rest is the mixture of Dusun and Dusun Lotud.(there might be Kadazan also somewhere but I just don’t care because KDM somehow share the same root). But almost half of my lifetime I have been made to believe that I am ½ Chinese (But that one is another story) and since now I am not living in my hometown I am still defining myself as half Chinese since it is easier to explain to people like that. Not too mention having one of the rarest surname is also another problem. Wu (meaning witch or doctor) when pronounced in Hakka is Moo. It is just recently I know how to write my own family name (forgot to mention here- I am not Chinese educated and I didn’t grow up in an environment that I can learn to speak and write Chinese). And I guess this should be enough to explain why I can’t converse in Chinese when one started asking questions.

These are only the “surface” stories of my undefined identity. There have been a lot of incidents that made people to question my name, my looks, my race, my language, my dialect, and the list goes on. I do not need people to understand me especially my identity because each and every one of us is of course unique and we should respect and tolerate each other for that especially in our country that has a plural society. But please la…do not ask people “Dari Sabah ye?” as if Sabah is not part of Malaysia. Segregation is not good.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

latissimus dorsi

it is some muscle name on the back area. Oh damn you lactic acid! I have aching back, aching gluteus maximus, aching what not...

Alahai, I sounded like some old lady already. All this was caused by ... *refer my previous entry*

Anyway, on a lazy saturday *I slept again after breakfast this morning, tee hee!*

Okay, on a lazy saturday...

I managed to attend my colleague/high school senior (Nurul) & neighbour/ex-colleague/uncle ~haha (Oyong) engagement at KB this afternoon.

Congrats to both of you.
from left: Mak Andam, Busybody, the newly engaged girl

Friday, May 22, 2009

i am beaten

the moment i reached home at 730pm just now, I just lie down flat on the floor.

*pengsan* I am just too tired.

*beaten* My mind is still working but my body just can't respond anymore (correctly)

this is the result of Teacher's Day week of games.

Tuesday: Futsal in the evening ~ okay, wasn't that bad

Wednesday: Badminton + netball in the afternoon ~ my leg muscle was aching already

Thursday: Badminton + volleyball in the afternoon ~ argh! Pay-Nut!!!

Friday: Badminton (Semi Final & Final) in the morning + Volleyball in the afternoon ~ gila!!!

Mind you, throughout this week, classes are as usual. No MCs allowed, No skipping of class to teach.

After volleyball just now, I joined my family at the town hall for 3 sets of badminton some more.

And now, I am hungry, tired and I almost can't finish typing this post. . . Help!

Monday, May 18, 2009

thank god for the rain

It has been quite some time, or should I say ages since I can sleep with the blanket on and without the fan buzzing above my head.

I am so gonna tuck in myself to bed now, under the blanket. Minus the fan. Without sweating and swearing why the weather is so hot. 

Tonight is just nice. Raindrops still can be heard on the roof.

Oooh my comfy bed.

good night people!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2009 Results

Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2009 : Fredericka Camilla Richard ~ No.8 

1st runner up: Flina Rutum ~ No.5 
2nd runner up: Myra Rosnita ~ No.13 
4th place: Lydia Lijua ~ No.12 
5th place: Dianni Murni Kayar ~ No.10

So, Miss Fredericka will be representing Tuaran and Miss Flina Rutum will be representing Tamparuli for the state level at the end of the month. Congratulations!

Friday, May 15, 2009

mixed emotions

life is hectic these days. and so it gonna be this weekend. I am so planning to take an mc on monday. 

bottom line is i have mixed emotions right now.indecisive and most of all, down self esteem attack.

hope everything will go well this weekend.

on another note, saw this awesome bed divan at a new bedding store in city mall. Not an everyday thing that I can afford just like that~ But I love it! . It matches perfectly with my room curtain now. haha..*mau start menabung la ni sebab mau beli katil cam ni*

Monday, May 11, 2009

shine like star

biatches, backstabbers, liars, life's like that..

Dream a dream...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

jalan-jalan on a sunday

see the picture.

guess what is that on the floor?

A) Sampah
B) Baju-baju berlonggok
C) Anak Patung yang jatuh
D) Budak tengok movie

Answer: *No need to tell la*

Hehehe. You know what is it right? Saw this at Wisma Merdeka today during my retail therapy session. 

I simply love the I-Dont-Care attitude by the little boy. He just lie down on the floor on a shopping complex and it is not somewhere secluded. It is actually the walkway. 

Memang itu jalan bapa dia punya la.

This really made my day. Live as carefree as you can while you can still do it. Hehe.

Siapa la bah punya anak tu?

Btw, Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers around the world!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

viva oh viva

My viva is jade-green

My viva is not clean. Hey it rhymes la!


Need some washing and some vacuuming actions.

My viva's door always patah. 3 out of 4 doors had been repaired due to irresponsible hands damaging the door. Well, not really on purpose I think because the door handle seems to be very fragile. Yet, none of this ever happen on me. Other people broke it.

Thank GOD for the warranty still. If not I can see money flying off with invisible wings.

I just don't know why Perodua cars especially Viva very fragile. But funny thing is other Viva owners doesn't seem to complain about the door handle problems.

Or maybe it is because of the ganas hands handling my viva

Friday, May 08, 2009

word of the day


butterflies in the stomach. huhu

I hope I can control this and be calm just for tonight's event

Sunday, May 03, 2009

panas + malas + bikin panas

semuanya di sini.

atui..malas la mo beringlish-inglish ni kali.

sa sangat kepanasan dan teda mood ni. baru makan dan kenyang, mau tidur tapi bilik sa bersepah.macam taik betul.

aa.. tulung. ada lipas mati lagi sana, sa mau pi sapu dulu. cilaka punya lipas pi mati di tengah jalan.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

and the fever is on

Yes. Norikot di bulan lima. It is May indeed!!

Today was the selection for Tuaran Unduk Ngadau 2009 @ Dewan Bersatu Tuaran. was there as a pics all with harsh lighting~sorry for that. No money to buy external flash

Okay2...enough of me stories.

So... Around 20+ girls came, overwhelming participation. Unfortunately only 16 will be selected to the finals. 

Finals will be on May 16th.

Presenting the top 16 of Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2009


Contestant No.1: Arlinah Wellis (22yo)

Contestant No.2: Leny Marlia Lokut (22yo)

Contestant No.3: Sanatah bt. Suan (21yo)

Contestant No.4: Janette Paulinus (24yo)

Contestant No. 5: Flina Rutum (24yo)

Contestant No.6: Deffny Pearl Tanggar (20yo)

Contestant No.7: Jaennica Sipin (19yo)

Contestant No.8: Fredericka Camilla Richard Daut (20yo)

Contestant No.9: Audrey Odell Joseph (20yo)

Contestant No.10: Dianni Murni Kayar (23yo)

Contestant No.11: Priscilla Edwin (24yo)

Contestant No.12: Lydia Anthony Lijua (23yo)

Contestant No.13: Myra Rosnita Janeh (20yo)

Contestant No.14: Philicica Tong (25yo)

Contestant No.15: Reccyka Bonar (21yo)

Contestant No.16: Sarina Arna Saidin (18yo)
So, whose your pick? Any faves? hehehe..

Friday, May 01, 2009

selamat hari buruh

Happy labour day people.

A "bahagia" day for me. Sleeping time now *again~hehehe*

p/s: Siapa ada tinguk OIAM tadi, kenapa la kunun si Tomok manang tu. Aduhai. Panat ja sa sms si Esther. huhu