Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY Tuesdays : Fireflies in a jar

Dreamy times. It's already 30th of April! Also the deadline for filing in your income tax. I have done mine. How about you?

Here's a dreamy DIY project which I find very interesting. I gotta check it out here http://blog.idoityourself.com.au/2011/07/diy-project-glowing-firefly-jars.html

Monday, April 29, 2013

Parting ways

My whole weekend was devoted on having my bed removed and spring cleaning for my bedroom. It was such sad moment to part ways with my bed ( I have been using that bed since I was in year 5 or 6 like that ). Been through my high school years, hitting puberty, went to college and all the growing phases all with the journey together with the bed. At some point, it was hard letting go. But, life goes on. You really have to live.

Bye bye katil. You will serve better at your new place. ( My old bed will be at my other house; for rent ah. Iklan ni kijap. Kalau ada yang mencari rumah area Tamparuli, do contact me! )

After agonizing on spring cleaning ( gosh, it was so tiring! ) and now am bed-less. Kinda liking it; japanese style. It also reminds me of my experience with my host family back in Korea. Totally living the "ondol" style now. ( Wiki says - An ondol, also called gudeul, in Korean traditional architecture, is underfloor heating which uses direct heat transfer from wood smoke to the underside of a thick masonry floor. In modern usage it refers to any type of underfloor heating, or a hotel or sleeping room in Korean (as opposed to Western) style ). Well, minus the heater part lah my room now.

This is my messy bed

and my humble work station which I hope it can forever stay like this.  The tendency to get it  messy asap is so high

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pay day

Pay day for us yesterday and today is pay day to all the banks and bills what not. Money is a dynamic asset. It will only be in digital form these days. Thanks for online banking. YOU NEVER SEE YOUR MONEY PHYSICALLY. One minute the numbers showed you have this amount of money and the next thing you know after clicking a hell load of buttons. Voila!

No money anymore.



What in the world that I have signed up for. Damn you car loan. Damn you house loan. Damn you credit card bills. But in the end, who is to blame? it's yours truly anyway. Siapa suruh mo ada kereta, siapa suruh bili rumah that you don't even stay ( teda penyewa sekarang, in between mencari tenant, memang paling konsikang ni sekarang ), siapa suruh spend on credit card anyway. Siapa suruh???

Kesimpulannya, after tolak semua dan segala bagai.( savings nasib boleh juga ada sikit la ) Tinggal lah approximately RM500 bikin makan sama duit minyak ini bulan. Adui.

Anyway, I should be grateful. Some people could only get paid RM500 monthly and that is for everything (bills and what not). I should be GRATEFUL.

 And I have that RM500 to spend wisely.

p.s: mo cari kerja part time la ni. bah sepa mo cari emcee untuk kahwin or event. Contact me ok! :) Have a great Friday you all

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursdays : Things I like #2

On a beautiful day like this, I shall focus my energy on writing the good things that I like and should always be thankful for. Yeah, little things that we can often overlook just because it is always there

1) My handphone

It is an iphone 4s, 16GB. Macam menyesal pula settle down with the minimum memory. Now that I have been using for almost 3 years, itu memory macam nda cukup juga. Nooo...don't get the idea of me changing phones, am not keeping up with technology. If it is not for this phone being a Christmas gift, I guess I am still stuck with my old phone.

2) My viva

Even though, it has a lot of scars and scratch to it, my faithful Viva is still loyal to me. Gotta take care of her properly these days because she is aging too. Huhuhu. Ooops, next month time mo service itu Cik Bibah.

3) My Dell Laptop

Biarpun sa selalu marah2 dia for being lembab and all but kalau dia tiada maka porak peranda la dunia saya. Been serving me well until now since 2007. Good job lappy! Keep up the good work

4) The kipas in my room

Kipas paling berusaha di dunia. Several times, I have been advised to install air-con in my room but I guess the ceiling fan is good enough for me. My skin can't tolerate the dry cool air by the AC most of the time when I am at hotels and all. So yeah, kipas it is.

5) My red nike watch

I bought this with my first pay so it holds a BIG sentimental value for me. It reminds me of my journey being a teacher. Rain or shine this watch is always on my wrist. It used to be waterproof and I always swim with it but now the "getah" to seal the water from coming inside sudah sot2 sikit maka nda berapa waterproof la dia


So, there you have it the 5 (often over-looked) things in my life that I really can't live without.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

W - is for Wednesday ( Wedding Invites )

Wedding Wednesdays!  One of my fave thing to do now is browse for wedding invite samples. And then again, this is always a delicate matter on how the wording should be and such. Let alone the choice of fonts and what not. Hmmmm.

One thing for sure I am really sure that I don't want my wedding invite to have my photo on it. Nda tau la pula kenapa sa nda suka ni, maybe the thought of having the card to be thrown away anyway or it will just end up collecting dust in someone's house...I don't know. Saya nda mo muka sa kana conteng2. Haha ( ketara la time budak2 suka ni menconteng muka urang di kad kahwin )

Anyways, here's some wedding invites inspiration off the net

Dreamy flowers i like!


Doily as envelopes...Ahhh how charming!


Burnt orange ombre effects ~ so dramatic!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Frenzy

Cheers to a new week. How's everyone doing? It must felt "festive" on the roads these days that the political parties are goin all out with their campaign now. Some posters are really a nuisance though because it is placed at the junction on where you need to see the incoming cars. It's totally a hazard!

But I can remember the past election long ago, people can be very creative with their campaign and these days people are turning into the digital-creative era. Check this one out. It is so weirdly funny!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Recalling back a conversation I had with my cousin, who worked at the Eye Department in QEH K.K. She said that one of the common eye ailment being treated there is Pterygium.

Initially, I thought it's the growth like thingy that people said caused by "minyak" in badan. Yang macam isi tumbuh right at the corner of the eye.

But it is actually, a growth on the membrane of the eye.

Nah, gambar simulation saja saya berani pos. Geli pula kalau tinguk real case punya gambar
Usually people with this condition will be advised to see doctor for further treatment, but if the pterygium case belum sampai tahap "matang" lagi then the doctor bulum lagi mo treat.

It's because the treatment will be like "scraping" the growth part from the eye when your eyes are open and YES you are fully awake. Ada bius la mungkin. Or ubat. I am not sure. You go google about this or ask a doctor to know about this.

And it is important to know what is the cause of PTERYGIUM

*common among people living in the tropical region because we are exposed to UV lights like all year round. Cumulative UV exposure. ( that's why this condition is also known as surfer's eyes )
* it is important to protect your eyes with proper UV filtering sunglasses ( now only I understand why my cousin said why all the doctors at the Eye Dept have really expensive sunnies )
* severe cases can lead to trouble in seeing and if being left untreated can make you blind

Wait, doesn't computer screens also emit UV lights? oh no... camana la ni..

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursdays : Things I like! #1

Inspired by Teacups & Tantrums post, I wanna do my own Thursdays ( Things I like ) too!

1. White + Pink Bedroom

Or something like this. But am not sure whether the mister will approve of such girly color choices.

2. Paper Lanterns
This is so dreamy!!!

3. Cross Training Sport Shoes
I really need this because of my heel injury. Shoes with bad support made it even worse. Since my aerobic shoes doesn't provide enough support - I guess it's time to get a new one.

4. Chandeliers
Statement piece

5. Wedding Magazines
Really digging this mag as for now

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

W - is for Wednesday ( Hipster Wedding )

I can't help it. This is so cool! I just gotta share it with you all. Click to see a larger image.

Will my wedding will be a hipster wedding? Wait and see

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Surviving without a smartphone

Life now is practically having an extra limb growing at the palm of our hands. Yes, the smartphones is the extra limb these days. It's like forever there. I hate it myself to face the fact it is hard to part with these gadgets.

The first thing that you hold when you wake up is your phone and the last thing you put down before you close your eyes to sleep is your phone. Something that we ALL know isn't right but it is essential. We need to set our alarm clock before we sleep right? and hit the snooze button so many times before we wake up right.

And before each meal, we don't really say grace anymore but it's all about

A) taking picture of the food
B) taking picture of the food and you
C) taking picture of the food and you while eating

And after that it will be posted on instagram or facebook and notifications poured in like water as people "liked" and "commented" on your photo. One hand shoving spoonful of food to the mouth and the other one scrolling the phone. Eyes on the screen and dead silence on the dinner table.

No one talk to each other these days. Well, that's a lie - but its becoming less. Its surprising to see people who interact like nobody's business on facebook or other social media but are totally strangers when they are face to face. Betul bah.

I think we all need a day without smartphones. Just a break. If a day might be TOO hard maybe we all should start with a couple of hours without these gadgets ( sleeping hours not counted ).

Hmmm...saya pikir dulu, which day yang ngam for me without smartphone therapy day ni.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Punya lah Babi tahap cipan bin tapir alias mahathir.

I hate getting this kind of message. Mesti kamurang pun ada dapat ni kan? Imagine how much money they are spending on this stupid text messages. Use it for something better la. Please.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

W - is for Wednesday

W - is also for wedding. So it's a perfect day to talk about weddings.

#1 - totally in love with the soft and warm colour tones
#2 - I still love handmade paper flowers - oversized ones! It just feels like Alice in a Wonderland
#3 - A Thumbelina dream! Gotta love the stage with the banner like that. Am so gonna get one of those done for my band's cover videos... handpainted on white canvas. Great weekend project!
#4 - Love & Peace ( my attachment with paper flowers is unending )
#5 - Ombre is the word for it

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

March Round Up

I am taking forever to blog these days. Too much chaos. And it took a lot more time when I am now distracted with eating meat. Haha. Macam terus gain weight ni.

So, its 9 April today. If I were to be in the finals of this particular competition that I joined, I will be nervously waiting for my turn to do my thing. But I only reached the semifinals and that was the end of my journey. I was kinda pissed at first because I didn't get to the finals. Thinking I did better than the others. And perhaps am too fat or too short or not articulate enough. Oh well, I guess God has better plans for me and I gotta look at the bigger picture of life. Sulk a bit and smile after that. Life goes on. Gah! But, hey it was an experience to remember and opportunity to gain new friends.

All the best for the final six!

Also, it's quite a headache in choosing things for the event am planning. I seriously need to get myself to workout, I don't seem to fit in any of the "typical" size gowns and styles and most of the time I will be like blown up doll with super big chest. For example, I always dream to wear this cheongsam inspired gown like this. Tapi sudah pigi pernah try yang lebih kurang like this, I can't wear a cheongsam top and when it's white it magnifies everything on the chest. Huhu.
From Yes I Do Facebook page, am loving their gowns. Bride to be, do check out their fb page.  Share2 bah kita

Plus the trumpet or mermaid gown like this only made me look short and stocky. Damn you tall and lanky girls!
Come what may. Downsizing the dream gown expectation will definitely make a difference and am open to options now. Enough of the headaches and heartaches over gowns in March. Frankly, I fear gown fittings because it really hurts my self esteem.

Hmmm..what else, happen in March ah? the significant ones are only this two. Now, that the first quarter of the year has fly by, I am looking forward for another great adventure starting April onwards.

Also a note to my fellow teacher bloggers, I want to officially make a statement here. I HATE PBS! Macam betul teda guna itu barang, budak pun macam hey-whatever-sajalah punya attitude because they know there's no exam and can retest many many times. Hmmm...ok itu saja. Babai!

Monday, April 01, 2013

First bite

And lent is over aaaaannnndddd I can consume meat again. I posted on Instagram about my first meat meal, KFC chicken. Hmmmm, it seems that I don't miss it at all. Now I seem to prefer the coleslaw and mashed potato only.

It's already the second day into the normal diet time and I still cook the vegetarian char siew. I don't miss meats all that much anymore. Perhaps the 40 days no meat period really changed me. I also look at food menu in restaurants in a different way now. Last time I only look at chicken, beef or pork only. Seafood or vegetables are usually the last option seen.

And also I guess my body and my system is quite in a shock now. My face suddenly banyak jerawat ni. Aiya. Maybe the daging 'panas' di dalam badan. Gotta drink more water.

As for March round ups, will do it torrow then. Too tired now. Still not sleeping well these days.

But one thing for sure I really do miss pork a lot! Huru hara bah pigi mencari sasau.