Monday, December 19, 2016

Brain can't function

In half hour, it will be Monday back again. I am supposed to submit the correction for my Proposal Defence in like 72 hours. Well, I set the dead line myself and my supervisor sort of expecting me to show her something soon. I am so dead! I haven't start anything. Mind you, my Proposal Defence was at the end of October. I have been slacking off way too much. WAY TOO MUCH!

Truth is, I have been away for Asia Zumba Conference at the end of November. A day upon touching down back to Malaysia, I have to fly back to my hometown to actually "urus" the opening of the drinks stall at the food court that I am managing back home.

Crazy days.

Like really crazy. Super crazy.

After almost two weeks of Asia Zumba Conference, travelling, setting up a new business. The fatigue was too much. The momentum is lost and I am basically back to square one with no mood to even start writing. I literally have to force myself to sit in front of my computer and also going to the library.




Now that Christmas is approaching. Lagi la teda mood. Tolong!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Been so busy!

OMG! I have been so busy and have to be at so many locations recently. And there's a little bit time to update this blog. Also, one thing after another, here I am organizing another event for the end of this month. Am I crazy or what? Hahaha.

Bukit Ruhiang View Food Court Open Mic