Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas this everyday

I am back at home just for 4 days but it doesn't get in the way to make full use of those very little precious moments. A midnight delayed flight on 22nd from Penang for almost 2 hours. (Huh..all for the sake of a RM1.99 flight- minus tax la, if not I won't be travelling this late!) Having to spend the night in LCCT freaking freezing cold airport. Luckily the 7am flight to KK was a-OK. I spent the 2hour and a half flight sleeping. Though there was some turbulence, I didn't even care d dat time. All I care was to really close my eyes and get some sleep. And being smart this time I travel with just hand luggage, I breezed through the arrival hall and straight to my dad's car...Where the rest of the passengers still waiting for their bags..

*See, suckers! Even though I was among the last to leave the plane, I was among the first to leave the airport...hahaha

So, briefly the christmas celebration at home are as dictated by these few pictures. Yeah, Picture speak louder than words as I am a lousy writer. Family gathering the best of all. And of course not only family la were there, friends as well. Manage to catch up stories with one another after a long-long-long time. It was a blast!
With "useless" bodyguards.
My cuzzies in church
Part of the family who came to the house
More face of my cuzzies
Cuzzie, sisters and frens
But, every good things must come to an end eventually..*sigh!. The day after Christmas I flew back to Penang right away. Having sensing there will be some bad things that will happen on that day. It came true. My 7.25 am flight to KL was retimed to 9.55am.

I was like...*O my..this is not gonna be real*

I arrived at the airport at 6 am and I have to wait another 2 hours or so for my flight. So, 9.55am it is. Just on time to arrive in KL and catch my next flight to Penang at 1340hrs.

But, to my horror, me and Astra (my friend) was still in the plane, on the ground, in KK after almost 2 hours.

We were cursing...%*&(&*())(&(*...toot..) to the cabin crew..Well, not only us la the other passengers as well. Now, for sure the next flight will be missed.

The rest of the story that happen in LCCT, fight with the crew there, running around the airport like Amazing Race Contestants (and now I know why they want to sponsor the show), with my voice like a mouse (because of sore throat), with no credit to call people and just a few hundred bucks in pocket...Huhu. I think it is better left untold for 26 december should be remembered as a date when Disaster Strucks.

p.s: I managed to reach Penang at the end of the day though after all the hassle and trouble. And I think Airasia should change their tagline to Now Everyone Can Get Delayed instead of Now Everyone Can Fly and their site from AirAsia.Com to AirAsia.Comot

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bet y'all never seen this before!

Apa itu oh?
Ranting kayu?

A kulit kayu? no... So, what is this thing??

It is a praying mantis...Amazing huh? the camouflage is so-very-effective! Pics taken by my sis, she saw this animal on our window grill at home.

Unfortunately, it is dead already.

I am home for Christmas!

One thing that is really great in this year's Christmas celebration is that I am at home this time around. Extra special treat this year, we have a family gathering and of course can see most of my family members again.

*Well, more pixs and stories to be posted*

Just wait ok..

Oh...I would like to wish everyone a VERY MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS . hope this year's christmas will bring joy and happiness to one and all.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Montoku or Lihing?

Imagine an air stewardess on a flight asking you with their best air-stewardess-so-called-full-of-hospitality voice asking you "Montoku or Lihing, sir?" instead of the normal "coffee or tea?" on board of a flight.

Wouldn't be some kind of joke!

Yes...indeed it is. I am just wondering if it ever happen like that. How would one react to that? hehe

I saja terfikir this kind of thing because the other day when I was about to board my flight in LCCT goin to Penang, I kena tahan by the police at the boarding hall. After they scan my bag of la course! *cis!*

*because inside my bag got 4 bottles of montoku and lihing...hehe (2 each la) *

Adui..malunya have to take out and show it to them. and in my head also I was really thinking what to answer them.

Policewoman: Miss, boleh tengok apa isi botol dalam beg tu tak?

Me: O Oh...boleh..* stupid it's just liquid la..dat wan oso wanna see*

Policeman: (upon seeing the clear liquid in the bottle - Montoku la that) Eh, ini air apa ni ? Jernih je.

Me: Oh..air minuman la.

Policewoman: Air minuman apa?

Me: Minuman tradisional *pening already dunno what to answer*

Policewoman: Buat ubat ke?

Me: *Ok, now the best chance to get away* A ah, ye la buat ubat.

Policeman: Ok la, kalau cam tu tak pe la.

Hahahaha..if only they now what Montoku can do to you. *wink*

P/S: First time drinker of Montoku, don't underestimate the strength...ada "kick" tau. Later jadi like my other half...hehe..KO trus!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

O come Divine Messiah! of the nicest month of the year. Yes, it is the Yuletide season. It feel so good to be back and meet old friends. (Though this cuti I didn't manage to see my friends except those residing nearby). Yet, it is better than nothing.

Joan & Joan

And one of the nicest and fun thing to do before Christmas is CAROLLING! This year, it had been 8 years that I joined the youth group to sing from house to house for 2 weeks straight - before the Christmas day la dat. and I think the youth group had been handled by several batches of youth whom many of them who joined in the past years have retired and are not Youth (belia) anymore but can be called "Beliau" already...haha

8 years, not that long compared to my other friends but it is long enough to make me feel very old in the group. Average age those who join the carolling group now is 13-17. And need to say. I started my "carolling career" when I was 14. So, you do the maths yourself.

Yet, all the blood and sweat, the tears and joy for the past years can never be traded with anything. At each house, of course the christmas carols is the crucial part- But, the makan time after that, is still the best.Makan until perut full and almost can't walk. The tapau part oso very nice. Then, at the end of the night, we can compare who got the most "pendapatan" or who is the most prosperous one. Carolling group at someone's house with the leader (plus his round stomach -too much eating)

With all the heavy food consumption for 14 consecutive days and makan oso during the night. *though not all house will give food* but one can really gain weight. But, last time when "masa muda-muda", all these was not a problem at all. Metabolism rate still very high, now "tua" a bit already. Aiyo, really naik 2kilo la!

Not too mention the part when we have to go in the jungle to go to the far-far hidden house. walk summore. Rain lagi.December always rain kan..huhhuhuhu. Nothing can be exchanged for that. Then, come the spooky tales. Being followed by spirits or whatever it is. Sightings of black figures. Sounds of footsteps behind or even someone tugging on your shirt where no one actually is at your back. Whistling sounds like calling you from the bushes and trees. It was all there. Stories that can never finished to be told.

But the most amazing part is when the main purpose of the singing of Christmas carols really touch someone on their heart. I have seen some people whom we visited shed some tears because of His presence through the carols. And that is one miracle, one ought to see.

So, maybe for some of the new faces may never understand what is the essence of serving through this way. *as I did last time*. But, if you really know how to utilise God's gift to you, and share it with other people, miracles can happen. Either directly or indirectly to you or other people.

To all out there also, try and make some difference this season. After all, Christmas is the coming of the Savior. This advent, prepare ourselves to welcome Him.

Happy Christmas..

And here are some pictures of my journey with the group this year.
This buyung and kilol... *bah kamu dua bila lagi mo tunang ~ banyak sindrom bertunang ni skarang..hehehe
The rest of the group * see all budak lagi*
That's me there ( Joan. Joan. Qede. Pepeng)
Makan time! Dig in people....
The rest of the group also
Cheers.... *oops, zombie di siring

The tale of two rivals

The love and hate relationship between two furry animals that lived under the same roof.

This is Yellow Cat
Yellow Cat : Hmmm..stupid Cat-parazzi taking my pics!

Yellow Cat : Ok, i'll be nice...Here one pose for you

And here is Miawtut (the more senior Cat in the house or shud I say "warga emas")

Miawtut: Arrrr...why take gambar curi? No one shud know that i have a bike!

and below is the two different ways these furry animals having a good time on a lazy sunday noon.

The fighting scene have to be excluded, for the benefit of under-aged viewers...hehe..too ganas :P

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How tight is "TIGHT"?

TIGHT. means ketat. Tight fitting clothes? Tight situation? Tight? I guess everyone knows what tight means and I leave it to your own imagination on how you want to define and explain the term TIGHT.

Somehow, how do you want to gauge the tightness of something? ... Hmmm..

Tightness of ones clothes...Is there a certain unit or system that could be used to measure that?

Quoting from the STAR paper -

She said the ruling was a reflection of a narrow mindset and she was wondering if they would stop their nonsense only when the women became invisible.

Josiah said everyone had the freedom to wear clothes of their choice, and that no one should dictate what a person should wear, certainly not the MPKB.

“I would like to know what is the (acceptable) level of tightness of a pair of pants or jeans, and what happens to those of us who have larger buttocks? Is the MPKB saying that we cannot wear pants or jeans as it will emphasise the buttocks?'' she asked when contacted yesterday.

Tight jeans...Tight mini-skirt..tight shirt. Yet how do you determine that it is tight?

If anyone had read today's STAR. You could be laughing about the Kelantan government's decision to fine those who are not "decently clothed"...but how the decent is decent * again*


Now, I can imagine the whole Kelantan nobody wear tight fitting clothes. All wear baju kurung to be safe.

BUT...if anyone pernah wear the baju kurung they will surely noticed that this baju kurung will also hug your body sometimes. It is not that safe to hide your body under that attire.

When you are walking, the fabric of the baju kurung itself is quite soft therefore when there is movement it tend to cling on your body as well. Although it is not all the time body-hugging but still it is not the safest attire to be decent. *at least for me I think that way*.

If in the first place the Government of Kelantan wanted to impose this ruling to avoid all the molest and rape cases from happening. I think it just doesnt work that way.

You see... the baju kurung also has its own appeal to some men. I think most men and furthermore the majority of people in Kelantan is-you-know-who la. So, as I said the fabric is quite soft and tend to cling on your body though it wont be all the time la, this will create more anticipation and leave more space for the men to fantasize what is underneath.

*yeah, underneath your clothes by Shakira - " Underneath your clothes, there's an endless story"...hehe*

I remember last time, one of my guy friend once said to me about his comments about a girl who wear baju kurung.

"That girl really have the body of a Malay girl behind the baju kurung".

See...people can be as pervert as they want to be without even taking in the factor of the clothes.

If everything is not safe then wear what? Wear apa pun if you are seen by a pervert, a pervert still a pervert.

If dressing decently will lower the sex crime then how that can explain the rise of child rape and molest cases?

Nothing is safe la. I think for the Kelantanese there, if takut kena fine then just wear huge box. For example the box that can store a refrigerator. Take that box. Cut the bottom part for your two legs. One hole at the top for the head and two holes on each side for the hands. This way, nothing can be an issue anymore.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I am not a big fan of her. Somehow, this pix of her is kinda cool. Wish can take picture like that in future *wink*. Too much flab on me these days

What is there in a picture?

Holidays now. Term break. Next month back to Penang to finish up my final sem. After that, ...let the story unfold by itself. Plans are there but am too scared to tell. Not to mention even carryin it out.

Been browsing through the net seeing pictures of people located in different place. Especially on friendster and other sites which people can upload their pics. I am just so curious on what lies behind those smiles those people flashed on the pics. Especially those who are abroad.

Malaysian abroad. either studying or working.

One of my friend said the travels and sight-seeing that they went is the only consolation that they had while abroad. Apart from the priceless experience and memories that no one could exchange with money. Life abroad is not as easy as one may have thought. I think it is quite true also la.A lot of challenges and culture differences. Not too mention the financial problem that one may face. (but for the well paid job and students with hefty sum of financial support, these wouldnt be a problem)

Hmmm...there are pros and cons la. I am proud to have lived and experienced my life in our local soil for 21 years. Somehow, I still felt like a loser compared to those who have seen the world. I just wanted to see more of the world

A hot sexy nurse

a hot sexy nurse? which I am not...haha

I just have to jaga my sister's cat. which had turned into a semi vegetable state. so, i guess my job is more or less like a nurse also la. the cat just don't eat or play or drink...ok maybe drink water little bit onli la. the other day, I have to fetch the cat to the vet.


I think the vet doesnt even know what he is doing. he simply look-look at the cat only and give one jab and I dont even know what did he jab to my sis' cat. the syringe also was not even sterilized. Ewwwwwwwww...

Now, the cat still like that. Only a few hours after the injection the cat turned playful as usual. But later after that...a semivegetable state...Poor little thing.

My sis is even more sad now knowing that her cat is suffering. Somemore, I go and tell her that her cat might die if this situation prolong...Kesian

Well, I am just praying that the cat will be OK again...hopefully

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Odoi Dogo!

Odoi had been quite a while I didn't say that two words (Well, not interacting with a lot o people that doesnt speak my usual language will make me feel this way)


But, actually...*voice now turns lower~ I don't really know the exact meaning of that phrase...hehe, forgive me for being a very ignorant sabahan language user and being a sabahan myself.

I know how to use it in my sentences yet if there is anyone would like to know the exact meaning of that phrase...I can't give them an accurate answer.

I think it means something like



...Oh my God!

Eheks..betul ka tu? Anyone can clarify on this Odoi-Dogo's-meaning issue?

Friday, November 10, 2006



Finally I am at home. (not to mention the story about how I greeted sabah with my knees)

Finally I could compose a new blog (this dial up connection REALLY SUCKS) I dunno how many was I could spell sucks but waiting really is agonizing. It took me more than 5 minutes to wait for this page to load. *sigh*

and do not ask me how and why I did not apply for streamyx..ask my dad for that one.

Straight to the story how I greet Sabah on my knees. I landed on the soil of sabah half an hour after midnite. So you can imagine how someone will look like around midnite..Sleepy + Cranky + Tired. Long wait at LCCT. Long flight to KK as well.

Now.. I was walking gracefully while balancing the two bags on my shoulder..halfway down the stairs going down from the flight. I tripped on my own jeans. *yeah, thanx to my gorgeous high heels and flare jeans*.

Of course when I tripped, I fell down. But , I didn't tumble down like HUmpty Dumpty la. Lucky, I got my hands on the railing and it saved me form greeting Sabah's soil with my head. *I can't imagine what a scene I will cause if I ever did that*

People were trying to help but before they did, I was up on my two feet again and walked confidently as nothing had happened. * pretend to be cool la konon, tapi my left knee was bruised and I am trying hard not to limp*. I was also hoping no one perasan about what had happened. Because it happened late at night ma..

Mana tau...

got someone from the back tegur me

and say : Mengantuk ka ko mandak? (Sleepy is it, young lady?)

I just nod and walked to the terminal building. There can see some eyes were on me. with the look *yea, that's the girl who tripped just now*

Punya la...Yea, I know I had done a very memorable landing. Better and more skillful than the pilot did

Finally, I did it..haha

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Resume tersohor...

Name: Bogus Beggar
Date of Birth:Unknown (but could be in the 1960's..he looks in his late 40's)
Place of Birth: Unknown as well..maybe in Penang. but for sure in Malaysia. He looks Malaysian. *from what I see la.
~Great Actor
+Superb in faking illness or deformities
+Facial expressions and persuasive skill to beg for money is excellent (though not many will fall for it)
+Able to dress shabbily and pretend to be helpless for long hours

~Weather and heat proof
+Could lie down on the pavement all day long
+Can stand the smoke, heat and noise from the traffic next to the pavement he is lying down
+Wont complain because of the weather change

~More expertise can be seen if observed from far.

Usually at the main entrance of Prangin Mall nearby yellow bus station. Because that place is very strategic for gaining pity from naive passerbys.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Penangites, if you have ome across this man, don't layan him. He is a great pretender. I saw him regularly in front of the Prangin Mall entrance. But yesterday, when I was walking in Komtar with my sis, we saw this man happily eating Mcdonalds and at that time he was walking. Yes he could walk.
Though the stick that is always with him was there that time , he didn't use it. He is a very normal man. But don't know why he decided to be for a living.
So, beware. Donate with descretion. These days bogus beggar are everywhere. One moment they will be cacat and begging for money..after the money cukup they will go and buy Mcdonalds or KFC or whatever food. With the great talent that they had, some of them may earn lot more than those people doing odd jobs to live.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stories of rain and rats

Basically that' s what I found when I went to Taiping recently. Being the wettest place in Malaysia, it rain almost everyday and an umbrella will be your best friend there. The lush green hills (apa nama the hills that..urm Maxwell Hills ka I think) is a refreshing sight. I remember I passed the MRSM Taiping located at the foothills area. They are just so lucky to have a very nice place to study. I remember my days in MRSM Kuching 5 years back, the place is most of the time panas - not to mention the constant attack of haze from the neighbouring country. *Cough-COugh

The Lake Gardens also very "CANTIKKKKK" *say the word with stress on K.- say it like a sabahan. :) *. Really memang cantik. Audrey, if you are reading this...I suggest to you to take your wedding picture at that place since its your town. hehe.

Somehow, if go jalan malam-malam, this place sleep so early la. By 10 something, nothing much is happening already. I think there everybody stay at home la at night. Except for the rats, they are practically everywhere. Gemuk gemuk lagi all that. Taiping people really feed their rats well.

Ok, penat wanna type...The rest just check out the pixs la.
and below pixs, I don't even know why should it be taken like that. That was after sunset mass in Taiping church. ~Find me!~
Below, the great mouse deer in Taiping zoo. Unlike it's name, the size of the animal is very small. *macam kucing basar I think* Mini. Cute. Petite. But the most prominent characteristics that captured my attention is the tusk that this animal has. Had to try many shots to capture the sight of the cute tusk. This little thing just can't stop moving.

Me and Andre at Lake Gardens paddling the boat with our feet. Macam buduh ja. It was fun though. Hehe
Was asked to take this pix with this lembu. My so-called long lost relative. *but why I don't have horns?*
WOGOK!! BABI HUTAN in zoo. Seriously, I don't know why this thing should be displayed in the zoo. It should be slaughtered and roasted even better. Try wild boar bak kut teh pun ok. haha. WOGOK!
Another sight of "animals". :))

Below is the pix of a very green pool which reminds me of Labuan sports complex pool. haha. Though this one is green, it's totally free of chlorine. No chlorine smell but you are swimming with algae.

Below, Burmese pool. *bah* What a name? It is not a pool also. Sungai yang mengalir deras saja.
This one really interesting, a red phone box. Like the ones in UK. too bad this one only for display. That's me and Aunty Cecilia posing in front of the phone booth.
Oh...and this one...The otters in Taiping zoo. They are so cute especially when they are eating the fishes given to them. They can hold it and start gnawing the fish from its tail to the head. Finishing it bit by bit, the chewing part is the cutest. They have to hold their head up to make sure they can swallow the food better.
That's all la...sleepy and wet town. reminds me of my own place though. but Tamparuli teda zoo la and we are much smaller. Btw peeps, I am coming home this berjaga-jaga la, Sabah menanti kepulangan one of its fairest lass. *again perasan*

From Taiping with love ;)

Saat saat genting!!

For those people who are in Penang, one doesn't have to leave the state to be in a high altitude place with nice view, nice food, nice atmosphere (but minus the theme park la). Penang also have its own place to experience saat saat genting!

It is at Bukit Genting. Haha. *also don't ask me about the exact location I know how to tumpang people punya car only. Although this is nothing like Genting Higlands where you can "donate" your money to Uncle Lim, this Genting is still high up there (minus the freezing cold and the need to wear sweaters also la) The drive up to this place also very exciting, yet nothing can beat the goin down part. *whew. If you are not an experienced driver - Don't ever try to drive up to this Bukit. Later, the engine stalled and you will go down reversing all the way down. The slopes are very steep...No pixs for that anyway...tidak sempat ambil time naik bukit tu..memang saat genting la that time..

Somehow, once you reached up there and go and makan the dishes ala Thai there, you will forget about how steep was the bukit when you drove up earlier. Below is the picture of kerabu mangga. One of my fave dish. But tomyam there is just heavenly...hehe. Am I exaggerating? Confirm it by checking out the food here. No regrets :))

But, too bad we didnt bring the compass to determine the exact location of the sun setting. Yet the sight of the sky is still captivating as the girl inside the pix below...kekeke *perasan ni* And, there is Andre dreaming to be a spiderman in the future. Forget it my dear, you don't have to be Mr Spidey to do the spiderman kiss *eheks*

Some more pretty "view" *:)

That is a green star plant. The landscaping there quite nice for a cute little place up the hill. All in all the place is something very unique but if you want to visit Bukit Genting make sure you check the weather forecast for that day first. You wouldn't wanna spend the evening staring at rainy view and soaking wet right?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I wanna come home

Still here "ampai-ampai" in Penang. I just dont feel I belong anywhere even if I am back at home. I guess that is the effect of growing up far away from home. I spent my early teenage years back at home. *ah..those were the days.. but after that at 15 years old I left hometown and are all over different place.

It was the wanna-be years. Most of the time me and my girls will be in singing competitions or dance competitions or gigs. Practising, dancing and singing. Not to mention the "bitching" rivalries between other all girls group. But, too bad. All of the years were not properly documented. Not much pixs or vids taken. *Not in my possesion la-I guess my other girl friends do have it...if not everything should remain in memories only

Somehow, if I could see myself at that time. Oh no...malunya. *blush* A teenage girl desperately trying to be a superstar. Well, for a small town like Tamparuli, things like that will be quite a scene back then. I remember one junior from my same hometown who attend the same boarding school with me in Kuching told me that my Spice Girls years made me and my girls to be the talk of the town's youngsters. * that a compliment or what? Hmmm..dunno

Anyway, here is the tribute for the pop-music-icon. SPICE GIRLS who shaped the life of many teenage girls in the mid and late 90s...Hail the spices of our lives...hehe

I guess almost evry girl who was a teenager in the mid-late 90s worship this group and tried their best to be them. Platform shoe, funky colored outfits, hairstyles to be exactly like them. YEs, it is indeed a scary-ginger-sporty-baby-posh looking combo- SO IN then, but now its really funny and embarassing. Haha

Anyway, for my girls who used to live the days with the GIRL POWER statement on their foreheads..hehe. Thanx for the friendship and memories though evryone now has different path of life already

*girl power*