Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Resume tersohor...

Name: Bogus Beggar
Date of Birth:Unknown (but could be in the 1960's..he looks in his late 40's)
Place of Birth: Unknown as well..maybe in Penang. but for sure in Malaysia. He looks Malaysian. *from what I see la.
~Great Actor
+Superb in faking illness or deformities
+Facial expressions and persuasive skill to beg for money is excellent (though not many will fall for it)
+Able to dress shabbily and pretend to be helpless for long hours

~Weather and heat proof
+Could lie down on the pavement all day long
+Can stand the smoke, heat and noise from the traffic next to the pavement he is lying down
+Wont complain because of the weather change

~More expertise can be seen if observed from far.

Usually at the main entrance of Prangin Mall nearby yellow bus station. Because that place is very strategic for gaining pity from naive passerbys.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Penangites, if you have ome across this man, don't layan him. He is a great pretender. I saw him regularly in front of the Prangin Mall entrance. But yesterday, when I was walking in Komtar with my sis, we saw this man happily eating Mcdonalds and at that time he was walking. Yes he could walk.
Though the stick that is always with him was there that time , he didn't use it. He is a very normal man. But don't know why he decided to be for a living.
So, beware. Donate with descretion. These days bogus beggar are everywhere. One moment they will be cacat and begging for money..after the money cukup they will go and buy Mcdonalds or KFC or whatever food. With the great talent that they had, some of them may earn lot more than those people doing odd jobs to live.

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