Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A hot sexy nurse

a hot sexy nurse? which I am not...haha

I just have to jaga my sister's cat. which had turned into a semi vegetable state. so, i guess my job is more or less like a nurse also la. the cat just don't eat or play or drink...ok maybe drink water little bit onli la. the other day, I have to fetch the cat to the vet.


I think the vet doesnt even know what he is doing. he simply look-look at the cat only and give one jab and I dont even know what did he jab to my sis' cat. the syringe also was not even sterilized. Ewwwwwwwww...

Now, the cat still like that. Only a few hours after the injection the cat turned playful as usual. But later after that...a semivegetable state...Poor little thing.

My sis is even more sad now knowing that her cat is suffering. Somemore, I go and tell her that her cat might die if this situation prolong...Kesian

Well, I am just praying that the cat will be OK again...hopefully

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you do look good!