Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saat saat genting!!

For those people who are in Penang, one doesn't have to leave the state to be in a high altitude place with nice view, nice food, nice atmosphere (but minus the theme park la). Penang also have its own place to experience saat saat genting!

It is at Bukit Genting. Haha. *also don't ask me about the exact location I know how to tumpang people punya car only. Although this is nothing like Genting Higlands where you can "donate" your money to Uncle Lim, this Genting is still high up there (minus the freezing cold and the need to wear sweaters also la) The drive up to this place also very exciting, yet nothing can beat the goin down part. *whew. If you are not an experienced driver - Don't ever try to drive up to this Bukit. Later, the engine stalled and you will go down reversing all the way down. The slopes are very steep...No pixs for that anyway...tidak sempat ambil time naik bukit tu..memang saat genting la that time..

Somehow, once you reached up there and go and makan the dishes ala Thai there, you will forget about how steep was the bukit when you drove up earlier. Below is the picture of kerabu mangga. One of my fave dish. But tomyam there is just heavenly...hehe. Am I exaggerating? Confirm it by checking out the food here. No regrets :))

But, too bad we didnt bring the compass to determine the exact location of the sun setting. Yet the sight of the sky is still captivating as the girl inside the pix below...kekeke *perasan ni* And, there is Andre dreaming to be a spiderman in the future. Forget it my dear, you don't have to be Mr Spidey to do the spiderman kiss *eheks*

Some more pretty "view" *:)

That is a green star plant. The landscaping there quite nice for a cute little place up the hill. All in all the place is something very unique but if you want to visit Bukit Genting make sure you check the weather forecast for that day first. You wouldn't wanna spend the evening staring at rainy view and soaking wet right?

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