Saturday, February 28, 2015

The CNY weekend

I just realized there's less blog post for February. So here, it is sort of a wrap up for February.

Reunion dinner at the in laws, marvelous as usual. Yours truly can't cook, WTH, who cares right. Next time maybe when it's time for me to prepare dinner, it's just gonna be super advance reservation at a restaurant for reunion dinner.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all! Happy Kambing year. 

And of course coming back to Penang means that hawker food tasting is a must. The Ayer Itam Laksa. The bomb! Super delish!

The apom balik with jagung and kacang inside. Can't go wrong with it!

It was a super sunny weekend after CNY, and we made a trip to the Penang Hot Air Baloon Festival. Lotsa people too.

Here you can see they are doing the cold air inflation for the huge balloon. Some people are allowed to go inside to take photos too. I couldn't care less. Not that I am interested.

Anyway, tinguk ba ni perempuan baru saja beli kasut dia. Harga saja sempat buka. Itu tag yang plastic tidak sempat gunting. Akakakakaka. My guess is she bought these boots from H&M. LOL!

A lot of sakai people behind me. 

The journey home to KL after the weekend was so torturing! 7.5 hours from Penang to KL. Seriously, it's not a joke!

Well, hello new life of joining the balik kampung rush every festive season. This is Peninsula Malaysia.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mood swings

I finally break the "no-fast-food" regime today. I manage to fullfill my promise to keep January off fast food. So bulan dua bulih la makan. Hehe. Maybe I should be a vegetarian during lent this year. Hmmmm. Maybe.

Prosperity burger (beef) tastes way better than the chicken version pula. I never knew. All this while I always opt for chicken. But it seems this year they are having beef only. 

And I am having some emotional swings today. I just don't know why. I feel like crying while watching entertainment news in the midst of chewing my burger. I guess I need a nap. 

I did my medical check up (again), for my studies registration (again). This changing of course for the sake of the scholarship is kinda troublesome. But it's worth it. I need the MONEY to live. Haha

RM300 for the pre-university medical check up. I did this at Kiara Medical Centre in Mont Kiara. Actually i don't know where should I do my medical check up because I did the last one in Sabah. 

Anyway after reading some blogs and research online, I found out PPUM (UM medical centre) don't offer medical check ups. I dread government hospitals medical check up actually. So not really an option there. A lot of nearby clinics offering medical check ups but most don't have X-Rays. So Kiara Medical Centre I went. 

The experience was pleasant. Everything was done quick and smooth. Staff also very helpful. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

January it was

More than half of my January was spent in Sabah. First week was the leftover of the Christmas break and thinking that I won't be able to be back to KK that soon so there was the extension of the vacation. 

Second week of January when the momentum for my Zumba classes started to take place then I got a letter telling me that I have to attend a course in KK for the final two weeks of January. So January was like dedicated for Sabah.

The course that I attended was a preparation course for the Cuti Belajar Bergaji Penuh that I managed to get. I never knew there was such thing until I intended to study two years back. Stayed at Kinabalu Daya Best Western Hotel in Gaya Street. The first week was the most boring week ever. Nothing much to do except sitting in the hall and listening to talks. Oh ya, and makan too.  After a week then the camaraderie and networking took place among the people in the course. I guess the whole objective of the course is to actually make you network among the other scholars dice this postgraduate study need one to really establish bridges everywhere.

And staying at the heart of KK for two weeks allowed me to catch up on my sunset moments which I have been deprived of when I am in KL. Yeay!! 

Ahhh. Nothing is more breathtaking than the picturesque view of the sunset in KK. Miss this a lot!

Before I come back to KL at the end of my two weeks course, I managed to attend my childhood friend engagement party too. Congrats Joan and Arthur!

And yeah of course mo selfie juga kami time makan. Hahaha. 

Ugh. My flat hair. Nvm. 

My January was awesome with the trip to Sabah. I truly miss my hometown. Adui. I can never believe I will say that o. Hahaha. Sebab all this while ampai -ampai saja di Tamparuli.