Thursday, June 19, 2008

Veronita Stephen (1983-2008), we gonna miss you

I heard the tragic news on the evening of 16 June. I almost pengsan hearing the news. Time just froze and I can't move.
" si Kojer accident, macam tiada harapan lagi.."

It was just that Sunday night, I spoke to her after the Miss Taekwondo. I said goodbye to everyone there before I left. I remember asking her when she is going back to Ranau to teach. She told me it is gonna be on Monday and will start teaching on Tuesday. I told her to be careful while going back, as usual la tu.

The Miss Taekwondo detailed preparations started two weeks prior to the last weekend. Me and the other contestants as well as the other organizers have been together almost every evening. We joked, had fun, serious times but it's definitely taking a lot of our energy and time. She even told me that she is quite worried because she has to take leave from school for one week. *that was last week*. As there are only two of us, who are teachers in the whole Miss Taekwondo event, so I understand well what are her worries.*this is the only picture I had taken of her during the Ms Tkdo and given this was my last time seeing her, I just felt so sad to reminded of this event.*

Little did I know, the last time I bid goodbye to her on late Sunday evening was my last goodbye to her...forever.

On the day, I received the news of her death, I just can't accept the fact that she is gone. All of us actually is trying to swallow the fact. But it is definitely not easy. Everything is just not easy. I wanted to go to her house after the news but it seems that everyone is heading to KB hospital that time for her body was there.

No one knew exactly what happened, because everytime I asked about what happened, it will surely gonna be a different version of story. But, according to the police she tried to overtake but didn't manage to get in her lane back and opted to just hit the guard rail but tidak sempat because her car rammed into the express bus. Eyewitness said that 70% of her kancil was under the bus. Police took some time to get there because of the location of the place and the firemen took quite some time to get her out. But given the situation, no one in the car could survive the impact. She was taken to KB hospital just for the declaration of death by doctor.The injuries that she sustained is VERY bad. Some of my friends who went to the hospital saw but I prefer to remember her as a beautiful person. She was indeed a very beautiful person and I don't want the images post-accident erased that memories of her in my head.

The funeral was yesterday and everyone felt her loss. and it was just the first week of June she turned 25. I i am not mistaken her birthday was on the 6 or 8 of June.

Veronita a.k.a Kojer
You were one beautiful and strong woman
Intelligent and also always confident
A great friend, good sister and daughter to your family
Your achievements and quality made us so proud
Yet God loves you more.
It is hard to accept that but we know that you are now definitely safe with HIM

Rest in peace my friend, no amount of tears could explain our sadness

We all gonna miss you


fie the elf said...

sorry to read this about your friend..

Rest in Peace


re5c said...

SORRY to read this...even i never meet her but as a tuaran people i do feel very sad about her..
i know the accident also.i knew it b4 i heard that she was my 'boy' ex-clasmate.dat tym, my boy otw from ranau for BTN, they were on their way while the accident happen, he saw the acident and messaging me that a bus was crushed wif a kancil and the kancil was really bad condition,he also said dat the kancil's drover seem to be no more life..and a few hours after he smsing me, he make me a call and told me dat very sad story...later i know dat she was the previous 2003 miss Tuaran..may GOD bless her soul...everybody feels sorry for her.

keemanxp said...

Sorry to read this as well.

May God blesses her soul.

P/s: Just lost my close friend due to accident as well last week.

Dazeree said...

Sorry to read this...

So i heard of this thru a friend smsed me if i knew Veronita.. apparently i don't. Still it's sad n shocking to know of a friend's life to end so tragically.

Pai said...

ive lost a lot of friends since last year due to car accident as well.. :(

may her soul rest in peace..

eShanne Online Money | Create Money Online said...

Great to know there's a lots of kojer friends here, thank u for the support and thank you very much for the kindness of delivering the sad but tru stories of her..

lots of them are cry and the tears wont stop till today, there's a lots of memories with her, lots of laughter and lots of things ..

This is her -

The way we lived our life..
Veronita stephen cousin.

ApoCalypto said...

Hi blog owner,

May I know where is her final resting place so that I can pay her a visit when I'm around? She was (and will always be) my adik angkat in KML. I've lost contact with her since 2002 and been tracking her since then not knowing she already 'left'. :( Rest in peace Vee and know that abang will always remember your laughter and love you.

Joan said...

Hello ApoCalypto

Her final resting place is at the cemetery in Kampung Tambalugu. You can visit her grave there.