Tuesday, August 28, 2007

makan makan sampai gumuk

If anyone asked me about what is SO memorable during my stay in Penang. for a short term or a long term, it will definitely be the FOOD experience. and I am a loyal eater for certain food, a must, and cannot be left out of the routine.

Every sunday, during my college years, after church this stall will never be missed. I ordered the usuals every weekend for years until the uncle yang jual the fried rice know me already. Fried rice from this stall really goes well with the Teh C ping there also. When I went back Sabah after I finished my studies a few months back and only came back there recently the uncle tanya where I had gone. huhuhu... Now, he will be missing one loyal customer la ..hehe

and this one, near my campus, the famous kerabu rice stall in mandarin cafe at sungai dua. throughout my four years in usm this stall practically fed me for all the years. am a regular also for the stall, as well as my friends la. and as my friend said we are like the anak angkat for the aunty selling the nice thai food at this stall. one should really try the tomyam *can send your brain to the sky they said* they serve here. I never did try the tomyam tho *being a loyal kerabu rice eater this*...
oooo..penang food I miss you all..huhuhu

four poster beds

My latest obsession...I do not know why, but I just love the relaxing effect that the design have on me. Very casual and should I say therapeutic as well. A nice bed is one key to great happiness..haha. am I exaggerating here?

Well, someone actually did promise me to give me this kind of bed...buy, build, or curi . I don't mind just as long I get one. hahahaha :))


oooo..i am so sakai

My last day in Penang the other day I spent jalan2 at Gurney Drive. Enjoyed the food that I missed for the last 3 months at Gurney Drive hawker stalls. Then jalan2 at Gurney Plaza...and later me and my friends hairan ni wat building built beside Gurney Plaza. Half a year ago this place was still under construction...Hmmm. Then to our amazement the deco inside was so modern and stylish. I am totally mesmerized by the lights on the ceiling of the main entrance. Buli tukar kaler ooo...Oooo I am so sakai...akakaka. *I have great interest in interior design that have superb lighting effects...and this one wows me*

We jadi sakai in front of the hotel sign... COOL "g"...Dunno what does it mean maybe derived from Gurney...I am just assumingShot over looking the modern hotel lobby...If you happen to be there next time, check out the stylish design of the furniture there.
Smart kan... How I wish my house can be decorated like this. *Contemporary design lover

Inside the toilet also MUST take picture...cool toilets...nice cubicle. and man I love mirrors so much. The effect made the restroom so big. and not to mention lighting also played a big part here...m lovin' it!

and these are the hotel rooms...akakaka..nda sempat ba masuk the rooms..too mesmerized by the lobby onli.hehe..this pics I got from this site

sleek design, minimum deco , monochromatic colors, bold contrast, creative lighting...It works nicely ...MAGIC!
On top of all that, I love this one so much...the open concept bathroom...haha..mandi2 boleh tengok orang on the bed... SIOK ooo *heheehe

But this one is the most important part...the rates..check out yourself ...it is not that expensive considering the location and the comfort. You will be living IN and WITH style.. Standard room goin for 85 only...USD!!! akakakakaAnyone wanna belanja me to stay here?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

the moments...last part

and the after party..haha..as if. it was raining when we came out from the hall...So, the camera war that was usually so 'hebat' had been dampened by the rain. huhu..kenapa la ba hujan dat day.. Blessing in disguise mangkali tu..

so peeps, this is the last of the 3 parts. enjoy. me and my friends...juniors as well
cath, aren *si budak kecil in red, and me
me and me mum at the entrance of usm...a must have shot for every graduate this...
science in education graduates...teachers of tomorrow kunun ni
me and my family outside the hall...damn it was so jammed up out there..some more with the rain..gosh!
more teachers to be
this is me and debbie..she won the pingat emas for sains pendidikan (best student la ba tu)...Both of us were the only SHELL scholar in our course...but me and her so different...she is SO bright and me...uhm..hehe
sisters with flowers...
me and my parents
and lastly...we were once the three stooges of our time but now we are all teachers of the future... :)

the moments...part two

looking good is the key of every good picture..akaka..what a nonsense. it's the story behind each shot that counts..

these two shots; my penyibuk sister took..go and kacau me in the midst of everything

voila..ready to go...
me and cath before entering the hallme mum and my sis waiting outside...*panas dat tyme i guess*
graduates in the hall
the stage...i made a total fool out of myself that day..when I received my scroll the Tan Sri said congratulations but very soft. Then I tot he was asking me something.. I stood there a bit longer than we all should be with my face looking like a dumb girl...question marks all over...blergh..malunya...hohoho..On stage photo buruk!! Lucky the studio shot was OK...Phew..nasib baik

Saturday, August 25, 2007

the moments...part one

since my sidang was the last one for the whole convocation...my friends turn came earlier to receive their scrolls. not to mention the advantage of gud wether to capture great pictures....

and the camera session begins!

goretti and I looking very old-skul here

the dancers of perkasa (perkumpulan anak sarawak) during the convo fair

and here is my ex-roomie, Irene...*major transformation Irene, why ar?* and her bestie (left)

friends forever...another old-skul pose

more friends...teachers to be as well...
this is shirley , me and dicky...wind through our hair

ada gaya model ka? lina me and mel...fyi, my cap tu topi pinjam tu...bad hair day dat day

congrats to all..all the best for your future undertakings...bah, if got pictures that don't la forget to share

Friday, August 24, 2007

I got tagged..

Just playing along..ni si milai la suruh ni

*Food I hate : What can I say I LOVE FOOD..can't say no

* Fruit I hate : FOOD = FRUIT...still don't get it ka?

* Veggies I hate : Ini lagi la... FOOD = FRUIT = VEGGIE...all edible makanan la tu, what is there to be hated?

* Celebrities/People that I hate : Erm..let me see..dis one so many..ehehehe..

* Event/Situation/Incident that I hate : Feeling helpless..stuck nowhere to go. Can't stay but not wanting to leave kinda situation..I just don't like losing control over anything.

* TV shows/movies that I hate : Considering the amount of TV time that I had for the past 3 months.. I love TV. haha

* Music I hate : Sorry, I am not a racist but I don't like Tamil Songs...they are just *erm....noisy I guess

* Household chores that I hate : Sweeping my house...susah ni if large area have to cover

* Things that you hate around the world : People being shallow, not being able to live harmoniously

* Things that you hate about yourself : hmmmm....my height.but everything about me make me ME...hehe..I love myself

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

don't be fooled

take off the bra and the a new perspective come to light...*akakakakaka..buduh ooo*

fun at the peak!

Click to enlarge

some parts of the theme park

Click to enlarge
up on the cable car

Click to enlarge
a view from high up

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love this shot..fresh!

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that silly vintage car...pollute air

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the flying coaster..superb ride..bikin buduh sikit la. this is not me inside la but while i was on the ride i terlepas the tempat pegang and it resulted of me being spin around inside like in a washing machine..btw tinguk the guy extreme right..macam gud looking oo

Click to enlarge
call me call me...akaka..booty call? NOT!!

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m off on that red bus...konon la..

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trying to be calm kunun..tinguk senyuman pun tau sudah...nebes!

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...wind through my hair..weeeeeee

and more cool pixs and scene
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no shots on extreme rides...nda teringat mo amik gambar..video ada la..tapi damn..i look silly in all those shots...