Wednesday, August 08, 2007

i will survive...

if anyone had watch Alladin and the magic lamp before, you must remember the genie who can really grant your wish. But be careful...your thoughts in your head is as powerful as the wish that you asked the genie to fullfill.

Thinking of the bad things that might come your way wont do u any good as to avoid these things. Morever, if there is any contemplation and hesitation that you had in making any decision, STICK to your FIRST choice.

The last time i change my mind to make a decision at the last time almost took away my life and I might not be able to share this with you all now.

The decision made to go out that night made just five minutes before my friends suppose to pick me up. Earlier I had hesitated and told them that I don't wanna join them because my instinct just wouldn't let me but my mind says I need to loosen up and let my hair down that night. So, eventually I went. I still remember that Gold Perdana. 5 people inside *well I only know one of them only and the rest is the friends of my friend- and at upper Penang Road, we meet up with a few more people.

Well, everything was fine that night. Fun, Loud, as usual. A few drinks won't kill. But I am very sober *just don't feel to be intoxicated*.Almost dawn, my friends suppose to fetch me back first but due to so many excuses their want to detour the journey back so we end up using another road. the drama part begins.

I sat at the back in the middle of the car, I am in between my two friends. The driver I do not know what was his problem...*conclusion-he is driving recklessly*.The car tend to swerve from the lane that we are suppose to be on; and the driver is busy on his phone. Thinking that everthing will still be ok, none of us really did remind the driver to be careful ; *WELL..that was a BIG mistake!

At one traffic light, the driver overtook a car and speed up the hill like mad. The last thing that I saw before the crash was a sequence of Sharp Corner sign...then all of us thrown to the left as the car swerve at the 90 degree corner to the right*no brakes!..the car was SO fast* the end of the corner there was a concrete wall as the next corner is turning left..Can you imagine we goin straight to the wall! I thought it was the end of my life if it was a head on impact..But the driver manage to swerve the car to the other direction and to our horror the car is goin straight to people's house.

Just about to crash, the car hit the road divider, flew and terbalik...landed hard, made the roof to cave in upon us...cermin pecah...with such momentum the car still moved forward despite it had turn turtle. I can only hear the screeching sound of metal against the road..And lastly one big crash on the someone's concrete fence. Everything went black.


When I open my eyes, I just felt my forehead and bridge of my nose painful. Touch it, felt wet. Then I only saw one opening with blood drops and kaca lying around. I thought I was trapped inside but when I try to move and go out through the opening. At that moment, I thought I was a spirit already but THANK GOD.. I survived..and the blood drops i saw earlier wasnt mine, my friend's- she was a little unfortunate. Everyone survived though. Damn, I hate the driver so much now! I hope he was the one got injured and not my friend...innocent people kena.

The next drama about going to the hospital and trauma of post accident no need to be told la. To those who read this remember...

1) It is really worthy to stay alert in a car even though you are a passenger. Be cautious as though you are the driver * It saved my life because I braced myself before the impact*

2) Do wear seatbelts even you are sitting at the back, you will never know when you will be in such situation

3) If the driver is driving recklessly, tell the driver and ask to drive carefully..or let someone else fitter to drive...or if no solution..just get down from the car. Your life is only one..Don't put it at risk.


Earthy Emily said...

You really have to be careful with whom you go out with. My cousin died in an accident because the driver was a reckless dude. Glad to know you're ok.

Joan said...

thanx..reckless drivers will harm more to others than themselves