Friday, August 10, 2007


staying indoors down with flu + cough + fever provide me the perfect opportunity to accidentally being nostalgic. Yeah, who ain't? maybe only me la. Everyday I receive this postings of ICG and man, the commitee is certainly working hard towards making it a success.

for those who doesn't know what ICG is...It stands for Inter Campus Gathering, where it is where all the catholic university students all over peninsular Malaysia gather once for every two years. My first ICG was in Johor in 2003, that was a very good one.SUPERB! memorable things happen..*wink*..yeah and the second one was in PeaceHaven in 2005. another nice experience as well. tho ada kebuluran sikit that time.

Well, this year it will be held in Penang, and yes PCC is the organizer. Gosh! I have been waiting for years for this ICG to happen under PCC organization. Well, you know PCC have a good track record..hehe. and indeed there's the chance came up for me being a part of this big hoo-haa despite having left the campus. A temporary filler for the post of CMO Penang. As much as my heart wanted to serve and be part of the trials and tribulation of this whole happening, geographical factor came in as the biggest issue...*sigh*

The up and coming ICG will be on oct during raya time and I can't guarantee wether I can stay even until September. Say, if i ever accept the offer without thinking of others- it would be so easy but hiring-and-firing in any organisation will also use the same principle. Somehow, to be hired and serve for only a short period of time and may have to quit suddenly will only make things go complicated and no one will be in a win-win situation.

Sigh...uhuhuhuk...sakit jiwa ooo with this kind of coughing. My entire ribcage hurts...Well, back to the ICG matters. All I can do now is to pray for the success of the whole event and may God give the strength to each and every person that has dedicated their time and energy in making the event a successful one. As for me, I am back to square one, will be back where I stay and do temporary things which won't complicate so much things when another thing will come up for example the calling for my posting in school. I guess it is the best option that I should choose.....*sigh again, life is SO unpredictable*

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