Tuesday, August 28, 2007

makan makan sampai gumuk

If anyone asked me about what is SO memorable during my stay in Penang. for a short term or a long term, it will definitely be the FOOD experience. and I am a loyal eater for certain food, a must, and cannot be left out of the routine.

Every sunday, during my college years, after church this stall will never be missed. I ordered the usuals every weekend for years until the uncle yang jual the fried rice know me already. Fried rice from this stall really goes well with the Teh C ping there also. When I went back Sabah after I finished my studies a few months back and only came back there recently the uncle tanya where I had gone. huhuhu... Now, he will be missing one loyal customer la ..hehe

and this one, near my campus, the famous kerabu rice stall in mandarin cafe at sungai dua. throughout my four years in usm this stall practically fed me for all the years. am a regular also for the stall, as well as my friends la. and as my friend said we are like the anak angkat for the aunty selling the nice thai food at this stall. one should really try the tomyam *can send your brain to the sky they said* they serve here. I never did try the tomyam tho *being a loyal kerabu rice eater this*...
oooo..penang food I miss you all..huhuhu

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