Friday, April 27, 2012

grown ups kunun

have you done yours? after the tax and now moving on to bills. The monthly salary won't stay very long in the bank account for sure. It's meant for paying this and that.

This is definitely a Friday full of errands. Thank God for online transactions and such. Yeay, for skipping the queue.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kusut masai

Kamu tau ka perasaan yang kusut masai macam mana? I just can't describe it in proper words. I just can see a mess of tangled strings of events and tasks altogether. Practically feeling helpless and having no idea where to start.

Well, first of all, my room is already in a mess with all the files and books piled up on the floor. Kept bringing things home but ended up not doing any. Sounds familiar to any teachers?

Yesterday, I sort of "sumpah" my student saying "saya harap ko mati". Because he kept giving excuses for not going to school that he is sick maka kedapatan melepak in town with his gang. Still, after the rage subsides, I tried to talk to him nicely and let him know that he needs to be in school for his future.

And today, more drama, during class, a student wanted to go out saying that he need to find the compass (jangka lukis) because am teaching the topic. Half an hour passed and he is still not in and one of the friend saw he was loitering around at the nearby block. So, when he finally came in; all hell break loose.

I shouted and threw a duster to him. The penolong kanan petang was teaching at the block opposite so I can see he was looking at my class. I asked the student to tell the PK petang why he left my class for so long but he opt not too. So I halau him from the kelas. I just don't care anymore.

Sometimes, I wonder why I can't be nice to these students. I felt sorry for them. They may have their own side of stories for everything but today is just not the time for this. Maybe this is PMS or maybe this is a burnout syndrome. At times, I felt like taking a break from teaching and just do something else.

I guess being human sometimes you need a break or at least motivation to get going. At this point, I really need supportive colleagues to get me going for only they know how's the school environment is. Telling this kind of things to others will be slightly different because they don't feel the situation.

Sigh! And the lists of things still unchecked. I need to return this call like two days ago but haven't got the time to do it.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I wonder why this sport is called fencing. Fencing, fence = pagar, so fencing is berpagar? Haha. But being one of the advisor teacher for the fencing club am obliged to be at the fencing centre when there's a tournament; just like today.

I learned a bit about this "alien" sport just because my sisters are so into this sport. I have never tried it myself but I know the sport is not cheap. It is such a privilege to have the club in school because the students from my area (luar bandar) could have a taste of a more "urban" kind of sport. I guess my school is one of the few school in Sabah to have this Fencing Club in our school.

But somehow being at this centre, of course, one could see why we should feel inferior towards the "city" counterparts. They came to the tournament with their own sword, own attire, own mask and we have to borrow the soiled ones provided by the centre. Well, beggars can't be choosers right.

Somehow these "beggars" have showed potential and some of my ex students even have made it or almost made it to the Sukma team representing Sabah. Hoping that the spirit to try and be at par with others will continue to go on and hope the coaches from this centre will continue to guide the kids from my school.

This is my sisters warming up for the event later. Haha. The attire looks funny right? Oh, another long day sitting here and watching -_-

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Safe and Sound

When I woke up this morning, this song is playing in my head. It was kinda weird to have a song playing in my head the moment I opened my eyes from a good night sleep.

Must do a cover of this song one of these days.

It's almost 9 am already. At 10.30am, I have extra class to teach. Anyway, other than waking up to a song auto-playing in my head, it is so good to know that my bestie, Sheila, has safely delivered her baby. Baby boy! Terharu sa dengar tu news oh. Congrats and get well soon moi! Hope you and the baby is doing well.

Have a safe and sound day people! Tomorrow will be Friday, so kerja la rajin-rajin today. Hehehe

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Voice

I saw Adam Levine on TV today and the news about his break up with the girlfriend suddenly came to my mind. YEAY! He is back on the market. HAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, read on the net that the cause of their break up is that Adam is not ready to go down the aisle with the girlfriend. Hmmm. Well, I can understand why Adam is not ready. He is waiting for me. Ahahaha. No lah, but still marriage is a big thing and it is a commitment. 

I hope when the time comes for me it won't be a problem or a matter of not being ready. 

Adam, it's okay that you don't want to walk down the aisle, I still love you.

Adam, y u so yummy?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This was taken at the end of the show. Felt so privileged to be featured as one of the opening acts alongside with the talented Abang Jon and Alvin MY. Kinda felt small, so the experience also equally nerve wrecking.

Party Play was the venue. Kinda small but it was very happening. And the for the first time, there's people who can understand the words in our song ALONE IN SEOUL. Words like " Oppa " is familiar to the crowd since most of them are KPOP lovers and they are exposed to the Korean words. Ah, thank God because most of the time that we performed this song somewhere else it would be more likely a puzzled look was given to us. And of course the oppa from Redsoul find it very aegyo. Ngehehehe!

Anyway, back to the event. I guess KK is the most happening showcase that they had and I think KK crowd really made the boys from Redsoul feels like superstars. Although the setting was pretty much humble compared to the ones in KL but everyone really did have a good time that evening. Yes, including me!

Since BigBang or 2PM are rather expensive to bring here, the boys from Redsoul is equally good in their own acapella way. Cool right? Bought their CD too and I can say there are quite some fantastic songs in the list.

In a nutshell, KK is more awesome and made these oppa remember us forever. Don't believe me. Do watch these videos and judge yourself.

Redsoul at the Media Listening Event in KL

Redsoul at their Showcase in KL

Redsoul at their Showcase in KK

Fantastic Baby!

Kapas is now Kupas

I have a puppy and his name is Kapas. But he is not as fluffy as a kapas anymore because his kepala already terkupas.
This was yesterday when we went to the vet to clean the wound

 This particular dog has been a frequent visitor to the vet. Within 6 months he has been there in like 5 times, sampai the vet pun very kenal with him. So many problems. But the recent problem was caused by being too friendly and innocent to the neighbor dog that he was bitten in the head by a crazy bigger dog

Aiyo kapas, kapas! Suka cari penyakit bah kau!
Now since the gash on his head tidak boleh jahit already so just gonna let it heal and must clean it everyday for him. But the lalat is driving him up the wall, so mesti sedia the fan to drive away the lalat for him. First class betul. Hmppphh!

Ignore the messy shoes and sandals..hehehe

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Say Hello to Kitty!

I made this today. Sort of a DIY kind of thing but I guess it's merely decorating it with cute and fancy ornaments, not exactly categorized as DIY kan?

Anyway, comel kan? I am loving it so much but it's gonna be quite a challenge to handle it with care ( takut tercabut itu kepala Hello Kitty sana)

Reality Bites

Feeling a little dizzy while driving to 1Borneo just now, maybe I am a little too hungry I guess. So, me and my sis decided to have dinner at Marry Brown.

My sis ordered the new item advertised and sort of being glorified as the must order item. Besides its only RM5 each.

And so we got this

Atukoi punya lah disappointing. -_-

It doesn't taste that good either. So, if you happen to be tempted so much by the ad, remember... DON'T order this. Other items may taste better and look better.

Hmmm. Well, at least we know one thing really worked well and achieved its goal; the GLORIOUS advertisement.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Double Take

I am sure some of you will know who is Double Take. But to those who don't, they are the dynamic duo; Roger Wang & Mia Palencia. And they have been doing their music for the past 12 years.

Me and my sisters felt so honoured to be the opening act for their charity concert this evening. The show was great! Mia's jazzy vocals and Roger's exceptional guitar skills really set the stage on fire in a very jazzy way.

They are on tour now. The next two stops are JB and of course KL. Here's a photo of me and Mia. Gambar mahal ni, jarang2 dapat jumpa dia these days because she is based in Aussie.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Mint Green

I am seeing Green this Monday. A Green Monday ( although I really had Monday Blues today ). I hate to wake up facing the fact that today is a Monday.

When my mom knocked on my door to wake me up this morning, I really thought that I have to go to church. Then I came to my senses and knocked myself silly with the fact that today is a working day. Dang!

Again I am seeing green. I am currently hooked to one shade of green = MINT GREEN. I have never been a fan of green before. But I am, now, actually considering to have this blog layout to be in mint green instead of pink all the way. Oh well, maybe a combo of some pretty pastels then. ( I can never sacrifice my pink ). Hehehehe.

Ahhh..can't get enough of the mint green shades. And now I feel like having a peppermint ice cream. Hmmmm. Better sleep soon before I am craving more of sweet stuff because am seeing too many sweet colors around.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Holy week

Holy week is also the holiday. But the holiday will be spent mostly in church. I am quite hungry right now. Been here since before sunset and now it's almost 9pm. So much discussion and preparations to be done. I am working closely with the choir and have to coordinate with the rest of the other church members. Happy Holy Week all! Might be on hiatus for a while.

Monday, April 02, 2012

is it Monday today?

It sure feels good to have a very good workout everyday. Did Zumba today - at least it is a consolation for the rest of the not-so-good Monday that I am having.

I was at the TLDM Sepanggar Hangar today for the MSSB Barat Netball tournament. Our team, Tuaran, is totally the underdog. Been at the last place since like forever. Haha. But, it is my first time coaching the team for this year. I was given like a week to form a team with players from 4 different schools. So the result is kinda like a half-baked cake. Hmmppph.

One thing for sure that most of the players are lacking is the mental power to overcome their own fear and nerves inside the game. I told them numerous times " You are who you think you are, if you choose to feel scared the moment you step into the court, then you will be scared "

Ahhh. But not all will absorb it like a sponge. They continued to be scared and only one or two will listen to the coach and fight the battle of their own.

I believe in them to perform their best but the simplest thing to do for themselves, that is to believe that THEY CAN DO IT, they fail. Sigh!

We have one more game tomorrow against Ranau team. I am hoping the girls will find inspiration to believe in optimism in their sleep tonight.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fool, Fools!

It is April Fool day today. Anybody kena April-fooled?

Well, there's nothing much interesting about this April Fool day today except that my tweets timeline is a bit flooded with tweets about pranks and what nots. And some I can say are totally lame. It is well..uhm...very much expected sometimes.

So, the home phone rang around after dinner just now and it was a phone call for my mom. My nenek called. I can't really hear what my mom was saying over the phone. But, my sisters at the living room was laughing already because apparently my nenek called my mom to pull an April Fool prank. Adeh, my nenek lagi tu! That's the funniest part. Siapa lah yang ajar my nenek suruh kasi April Fool my mom ni. So cute though! ^___^


Funny oh! Then I remembered the conversation I had with my sisters and mom over a meal. Me and my sisters was saying something about Foursquare, checking in Foursquare and what other nonsense about Foursquare. Then, suddenly my mom said " Itu Foursquare jahat tu kan. Dia suka pukul orang tu kan."

Me and my sisters looked at each other puzzled ni. Semua ada ???? on our faces.

My mom added on, " Itu Foursquare bah yang kuning-kuning tu "


And we said " Mom, itu Spongebob lah!!!!!!! "