Monday, April 09, 2012

Mint Green

I am seeing Green this Monday. A Green Monday ( although I really had Monday Blues today ). I hate to wake up facing the fact that today is a Monday.

When my mom knocked on my door to wake me up this morning, I really thought that I have to go to church. Then I came to my senses and knocked myself silly with the fact that today is a working day. Dang!

Again I am seeing green. I am currently hooked to one shade of green = MINT GREEN. I have never been a fan of green before. But I am, now, actually considering to have this blog layout to be in mint green instead of pink all the way. Oh well, maybe a combo of some pretty pastels then. ( I can never sacrifice my pink ). Hehehehe.

Ahhh..can't get enough of the mint green shades. And now I feel like having a peppermint ice cream. Hmmmm. Better sleep soon before I am craving more of sweet stuff because am seeing too many sweet colors around.


chegu carol said...

Anything pastel is pretty to me :)

TaQuiLa said...

mengapa tinguk2 kaler suda ni? mengapa mengapa? hahahaa

ok ba green mix with fuschia! voila :P

Joan said...

Chegu..pastels are sweet kan? ^_^

Sheila..mengapa? mengapa? mengapa? hehehehe..