Monday, June 15, 2009

Out and About

Where have I gone into hiding? I have been neglecting my blog since my last post about my delayed flight.

Wanted to blog from down under but it was just too cold to do any extra activities after the whole day of touring and walking. It was around 5 to 10 degrees during my stay there. Thank God it's only early winter, can't imagine during middle of winter next month. It was freezing enough already.

Oh, and also my skin cracked under the dry and cold weather *again~ just like China trip also*. It's just that I am smarter this time, to wear moisturizer and makeup like everytime I go out to the cold. The damage wasn't so bad then.

Anyway, I am enjoying the cool and chilly weather with tours like The Great Ocean Road.
Beautiful places and scenery along the way. Plus the heli ride. It was awesome. Check out more pics in my facebook page.

Yeah, and the trip to Australia isn't complete without seeing a Koala.
Well, not that Koala though... the real one la of course. This marsupials sleep MOST of the time. They practically sleep and eat only. Oh, what a beautiful life!

Cute right? But, if you are thinking to touch one. Think twice or maybe more than that. One thing that you should remember that they are wild and hey! check out the claws that they have...Just imagine ~ imagine ~ imagine.
Definitely cute and adorable but really not all nice and cute when you touch them.

Australia is really well known for their unique animals, an isolated continent and island it is, made it very special. From kangaroos to wallabies to wombats. Platypus also is something not to be missed.

Anyway, see this one..

OMG, this fella looked freaking real man! We *stupidly* had to poke that fella several times with our umbrella just to make sure that it is fake. Haha, thinking about it made me laugh. *Buduh oh, imagine two people walking around a statue while poking that poor thing with an umbrella*

And the surroundings and scenery are just marvellous. I give two thumbs up for the scenery I saw but people say that New Zealand is far more nicer than Australia. Jadi macam mana la mo bagi thumbs up for New Zealand la nanti? Guna ibu jari kaki la mangkali kan..
The Melbourne city itself also are full of historical values and vibes and the incorporation of modern and historical elements in the city is just WOW. Let the pictures do the talking. More pictures on facebook.

Melbourne also is a cultural and arts hub. Definitely! Bridges are designed creatively, they have splendid graffitis, refined architecture, nice galleries. It is a city with a flowing creativity energy and vibe.

One should see the contemporary arts section in the National Gallery of Victoria, there are very "stupid". Too bad cannot take picture. I say it's very stupid because there is one painting which is just a black square hung on the wall and there's a label written at the side

Title: Secret Painting
This artwork has a secret picture that is only known by its painter.

Awwww.. WTH???

Contemporary arts are plainly ridiculous sometimes. We were laughing our heads off in the gallery until the penjaga there look at us one kind. Miahahaha

Check out the toilet with an artwork inside it. This is called THE THRONE and it can be used as usual. Ada juga sa pi guna tu tandas tau. hehe

All in all, from 4th to 10th June, my days *or rather our ~ me and my other half* in Melbourne was filled with an awesome experience and so much fun.

Not too mention that, the moment I touched down in KL from Melbourne, I had a slight fever and coughing and blocked nose.

I just hope it is not H1N1...

p.s: People, I already went to see doctor okay...Doc said it's normal flu, so don't look at me one kind okay?


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all in all, i like the toilet..hahahaa