Monday, June 22, 2009

government hospital

It was kinda funny at the moment when I entered the doc's room, I was greeted by a thumbs up and a question-mark face from the doctor.


I replied with a thumb up gesture also.

*Doctor good mood la I assume, nda marah-marah lagi* Well, who can blame them.

Government hospital. Alahai. It is a place that I want to avoid.

Reached there around 8am. My turn to see the doctor only come around 10am. 2 hours of misery of waiting. A lot of people also. Almost all are sick looking ones. I can't imagine how the doctors and nurses are coping with this. Their passion and calling maybe. Thank God I changed my mind last time and chose to be a teacher now.

Anyway, after the routine check up. I am officially healthy now. Hehehe. *note the officially word ah*.

Ooh, I hope people don't start calling me names like H1N1 or selsema babi at work. Because my friends are teasing me with names now.


Gallivanter said...

Thumbs up. :-)


TaQuiLa said...

doktor ensom tu ka?hikhikhihk

chegu carol said...


I related your stories about meeting the ppl at the clinic and hospital (the first meet up when u caught the flu) to my husband and in-laws. Semua ketawa ni abis kalau x mention psl ko br balik dr OZ, tida la bah kena peduli kan. Hehe...but anyways, thats how it is. Priority case always comes first.

Did u know that if you come at almost 10 am, you might not be waiting for 2 hrs. Thats how I always did if I have review with the doctor. You are asked to come register at 8 but the doctors only come in at 9-9.30am cos they have to do their morning rounds at the ward first. Well, that works for me la everytime. :D

Joan said...

daniel...two thumbs up :)

sheila: ya bah doktor ensom. good mood dia ni ja tanya dia ada facebook ka nda..tapi nda berani..wahahaha. sot oh

carol: oh, i must learn from you that oh... terasa juga mo pulang dulu after ambil nombor but malas sa ni drive dua kali pi sana..