Wednesday, May 25, 2011

knock knock

no one's here. Joan has gone fishing.

Nah, seriously I have lotsa things under my hands now. Am all tied up. Even friends from west Malaysia came over for their holiday also I can't spare some time to entertain them.

I even forgot to eat. And thats not good. Thats TOO BUSY for me. Joan never forgets her mealtime.

24th: Due date to submit exam analysis, audit report

and I am way behind schedule, yes I know

25th: Make up for dance team for Teachers Day celebration, see producer to get more CDs

26th: Update the school documents before hols

27th-28th: Rehearsals and Preparing the students for KDCA-ISCEP Concert

29th: Morn rehearsal and evening, emceeing an event

30th: Somebody's wedding to attend

31st: Kaamatan!!!

June's schedule awaits. And more singing practice.

Argh!!!!!!!! Tolong.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Facts

my physique
is never like the above or it will ever be ( i think )




i am more like this

cute and cuddly ( minus the fur lah )

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

mood nda bagus

the more i try to find the reason to keep the foundation strong, the more reason i found that it doesn't make me smile.

damn it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unduk Ngadau everywhere

Have you got a copy of me and my sisters latest CD Single. Support la ah. RM6 saja tu.

Anyone who wants it, let me know ah!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How many rejections can you handle in one day?

Oh God, I was at the brink of shouting to a colleague, scratching a colleague's car in broad daylight and slapping a colleague in front of everyone.

This could be due to my PMS also lah, I guess. I have a very short fuse especially today.

I reached school saja then realized I forgot to bring the exam papers that I helped my colleague to staple. ( See, this is the first time my colleague singlehandedly took care of the exam papers , saya kesian then help lah ) Then, kena bagi pressure lagi tu suruh cepat. Adui. Hati ku mendidih!

Then no parking lagi, shitty morning session teachers some no brain; hog the 2 parking lots with one car only. I purposely park lagi behind the car yang parking tidak senonoh. I was literally in the middle of the road blocking everyone. Nah! Rasakan biar SEMUA orang susah. Padan muka.

Of course, after that my phone rang repeatedly to ask me to move my car. Sambil kena marah2, I just say SORRY then give my piece of mind to the owner of the car who hogs the parking lot. Yeah, let everyone get the shit. Now, we are equal.

Lain lagi I have to singlehandedly took care of a club activity which is supposed to be handled together by all the teachers under the club. Grrrrr! "Ko pigi jumpa dia ah/ ko pigi bincang sama dia ah/ saya ketua penasihat tapi ko ketua operasi". Banyak kerja ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Whatever lah. I just lost my willpower to withstand the rejection when I have to go face to face with people asking for donations to send our students for an exchange program to Korea.

Sakit hati when people don't support to buy my CD Single still okay. I can handle that. But today, sakit hati because I can't sell the tickets to raise funds for the kids to join the cultural exchange in Korea.

Itu sakit wehhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Macam la saya singaja mo minta my colleagues money for nothing. Silaka.

Monday, May 09, 2011


I just get to discover this new store at Karamunsing Complex. I have been walking pass the store before but I never realized its a makeup store. I only saw the Maybank ATM machine next to it. Ah, how funny!

Anyway, it was only recently that we got a makeover at this shop. Thanks to the boss, the beautiful Ms Irene Zaman. ( Mother of two mind you and she is still looking hot - punya siok if can maintain like that ). She did my make up.
Frankly speaking, I thought this is another local brand make up yang you know like one of those plenty branching out in the market these days. But, its actually a makeup brand from Istanbul and this branch here in KK, I think its the first.

The outcome. I am satisfied. I did one makeover with Bodyshop last time but I felt that the make up didn't last long compared to MAC ( the brand that I used a lot ). Anyway, this FCC make up last long and the quality bagus like MAC. And the best part is its AFFORDABLE! Unlike MAC, it will surely burn your pocket. FCC punya price range macam Maybelline, Loreal, ZA gitu.
According to the boss, the makeup is manufactured in the same factory like MAC, thats why the quality is the same but of course different branding, the price also differs. Well, I will surely try more of their products. Also according to her, a lot of the AirAsia stewardess are also using this makeup.

Nice...but I dont think I want to wear make up as heavy as them to work. Pengsan my students.

The first thing that I bought at the store is this one. I am not a fan of lipstick, am more to a gloss person but I hate the fact that gloss doesnt really give the color that you want. But hey this is a liquid lipstick. Its like a gloss, but its a lipstick. Liquid in a tube, so it gives the color that you want but its still as light as a gloss. lupa lah. But its around RM35 saja.

Just sharing sharing saja ni. Am not paid to this post. Hehe. Bah, siapa senang drop by at FCC store ( Karamunsing Complex, ground floor, next to Maybank ATM )

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

and again

this is straight to the soul

just maybe

just maybe ..

just maybe if you want to walk away. just maybe. or it's only a matter of time.

if you were to walk away. i may have regrets and i just don't know how to fix it.

i have no one to blame but me.

but there's no use of pointing fingers around. tears flowed but it will run dry eventually.

and everything just will reach a stop when one stop trying.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Kotobian Tadau Tagayo do Kaamatan

And the Kaamatan has officially been launched. Everything kicked off in Tuaran.

It was indeed a long day. I am dehydrated and my feet hurts like hell. ( again talk about being kiasu )

See the tall girls who won.
From left to right : Miss Caroline ( Unduk Ngadau Tuaran, First Place ), *yours truly-saya bukan contestant ah..LOL* , Miss Jovenea ( Unduk Ngadau Tamparuli, 2nd Place ) and Miss Lydianna ( 3rd place )

Congratulations to the winners and stop that thought of 'eh, rendah juga si Joan ni'. Haha. I know I am pindik.

Pindik tapi chumil! Nyahahaha