Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How many rejections can you handle in one day?

Oh God, I was at the brink of shouting to a colleague, scratching a colleague's car in broad daylight and slapping a colleague in front of everyone.

This could be due to my PMS also lah, I guess. I have a very short fuse especially today.

I reached school saja then realized I forgot to bring the exam papers that I helped my colleague to staple. ( See, this is the first time my colleague singlehandedly took care of the exam papers , saya kesian then help lah ) Then, kena bagi pressure lagi tu suruh cepat. Adui. Hati ku mendidih!

Then no parking lagi, shitty morning session teachers some no brain; hog the 2 parking lots with one car only. I purposely park lagi behind the car yang parking tidak senonoh. I was literally in the middle of the road blocking everyone. Nah! Rasakan biar SEMUA orang susah. Padan muka.

Of course, after that my phone rang repeatedly to ask me to move my car. Sambil kena marah2, I just say SORRY then give my piece of mind to the owner of the car who hogs the parking lot. Yeah, let everyone get the shit. Now, we are equal.

Lain lagi I have to singlehandedly took care of a club activity which is supposed to be handled together by all the teachers under the club. Grrrrr! "Ko pigi jumpa dia ah/ ko pigi bincang sama dia ah/ saya ketua penasihat tapi ko ketua operasi". Banyak kerja ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Whatever lah. I just lost my willpower to withstand the rejection when I have to go face to face with people asking for donations to send our students for an exchange program to Korea.

Sakit hati when people don't support to buy my CD Single still okay. I can handle that. But today, sakit hati because I can't sell the tickets to raise funds for the kids to join the cultural exchange in Korea.

Itu sakit wehhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Macam la saya singaja mo minta my colleagues money for nothing. Silaka.


Clare Rachel said...

hi joan...sabar.
sy faham sangat2 itu perasaan cos I've been in the same situation..sy lagi la..berfacebook pun sampai kn pggl oleh boss n diberi amaran..tidak bgus untuk murid2 kunun...be strong k..cabaran ini. God bless.

TaQuiLa said...

bikin panas juga ni orang2 sana tu..heh! no consideration, ni la kalau mengambil kesempatan jak dorang ba